15th Anniversary Server Blades, where are they?

(Ravens) #1

I was wondering whatever happened to the 15th Anniversary Server Blades? Or When will those who ordered one receive them?

With the change of the Blizzard Gear store, it makes it all the more confusing to check the status of the order, since inputting the order number into the new shop layout’s Check Order Status, doesn’t bring up any results.

but managed to find a link to log in with bnet account still, and that one still show that it is processing.

Hopefully didn’t forget about our orders with the change over… and with the 15th Anniversary event being here now, I figured they’d ship in time with the Anniversary Event.

(Amaelalin) #2

Hello Ravens, don’t forget:

Your order will ship by 12/30/19. We’ll send you a shipment confirmation via email, which will include an itemized receipt and your billing and shipping information.

(Source: Receipt. Italics mine.)

You can view your older orders at:

I recall also the shipping estimate for that product as being roughly four months from purchase. I imagine that’s the ship-by estimate, and so the carriers may also have an opinion.

I understand the excitement. I’m waiting for a blade myself. :slight_smile:


I am curious as well. I did finally find out how to see my order and I know they said by the end of the year. I am curious if this will be before or after Christmas. Any official update would be nice for us all that have purchased these blades.

(Ekon) #5

You’ll have to reach out to the Gear Store since it isn’t run by Blizzard. They’ll be able to give you an update, if one exists.


From what I could find the original page claims it will take 12-15 weeks for the Charity Blade to be shipped after final payment. I believe the quote Amaelalin provided is from her order page, so based on what is there, December 30th should be the latest it will ship by.

I’ve made some inquiries, but I believe the information on that page is as official as it gets. If I hear anything I’ll update this page.

Edit: Looks like before the end of the year is the best I can get.

Blizzard Gear Shop Purchase

So just curious, did anyone order a chassis to put it in?

(Teufelgott) #8

This line of discussion would probably be better suited to the General Discussion forum.


Explain to me how finding a thread regarding the exact topic I’m interested in and commenting to the other interested parties is off topic. I too want my server blade.

  1. It’s over two weeks old and most like the OP is long gone.
  2. The folks here can’t help with that.
  3. The CS forum is a help deck, not a place to find other people to ask about the same thing.
  4. You’ll have better luck in general to find folks who have more info.

(Teufelgott) #11

Well, since you asked…

This thread prior to your appearance was a number of people concerned about when or if their server blades had shipped.

Two weeks later, you pop in with a question about how people are planning to display their commemorative server. That isn’t a Customer Support issue.

That’s a General Discussion topic.