15 years later and still no Ogres for the Horde

Tbh i think goblins and ogres easily could have launched as vanilla horde races.

They bargain with everyone yes but the alliance are less prone to bargain with goblins due to their relationship with gnomes.


I use to blow trees up with them, lol.

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To who? To you, one player with an opinion?

Sigh. I guess this game was not designed for you (one player).

It’s disrespectful to the Horde faction as an entity.

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Funny you mention that, as in Cataclysm, Ogres were originally planned to be the new Horde race until Blizzard decided to go with Goblins. To be clear, I have nothing against Goblins (I’d be rooting for them if they weren’t playable still) and was happy to see them getting to be playable, but I’m frustrated generally that Ogres get the short end of the stick when new races get picked (specifically that they get considered and close to being playable and then dropped for some reason).

Rumors are they were originally going to be one of the core races at WoW’s launch and even more rumors came from them possibly being playable during WoD. I’d like to think because they’ve been considered a few times, they might be higher up on the choices for Horde races. All we Ogre fans can really do is hope and keep showing support in one way or another.

Lizard men are my favorite fantasy race, which is something WoW is lacking in the playable department. If you’re interested, I do run the Saurok megathread in support for them to be a playable race:

Saurok Megathread

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I wouldn’t say this. I wouldn’t mind them being added though.

I would hate for the Horde to have Ogres. I’m grateful they have never been added.

I loved the ogre models in WoD. Especially the ones in the Roman Centurion armor. Finally a race that looked cool in sandals. lol Also, please allow them to be rogues and have Dagg be their trainer. lol

People asking for a playable version of a race that’s existed in WoW since day one and they are handed ones that no one ever asked for or even thought of. One race has a tremendous amount of lore and the others have about enough to fill maybe a page. Of course they are going to complain. And rightly so.


This has been argued to death mate.

I love Ogres too, but their size is the key problem here. They are twice as big as Tauren. We’re talking massive clipping problems along issues with entering and leaving doorways and buildings.

What? You think overhauling the whole world is worth a race? Or perhaps you would settle for a mini ogre race.

Which is also the problem, I don’t want to play Ogre Lite.

I’m just going to throw out there that Rexxar has the same model as KTs.

Half ogres would be cool :sunglasses:


I thought that was the issue too, for the longest time, but I saw some pretty short ogres over in Stormsong Valley and they didn’t seem bad. I rather liked em and was surprised they were smaller than the mooks. I’ll have to look at em again more closely. The ones that used to be elite, and magically shrunk, over in Loch Modan do look too small.

LOL That made me laugh. I don’t blame ya. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting something unless it’s done right.

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I keep hearing this but I never seen Blizzard confirm it. Do you have a source?

I’m pretty sure Rex’s model was out there before BFA and it has been confirmed KT models are built from the ground up.

Before people were saying KT had the same skeleton as Male pandas and that was proven false.

I was just in Highmountain doing a quest and wondering why he was standing next to me. I remembered he was my bodyguard and must have left him out. Rexxar is a bada** model. I’d love one like his.

Just look, it’s the same skeleton:

Horde got all of the raiding instead.

It doesn’t take half a brain to understand the easy way to solve this is to give them an inner invisible model that the camera is tied too.

Area damage on the ground is literally coded in an invisible rabbit npcs.

Ogre model doesn’t have be completely “physical”

I’m well aware of that sir. I personally hate playing a Tauren in small hallways or buildings, especially places with human structures. Sometimes you have to pan the camera out so you can see more around you.

With a real size Ogre this would only be worse.

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its rly not

ogres by canon lore have avarage of 8ft while taurens hve 10ft, and zandalari trolls are bigger than both

they made Zandalari the same size as tauren, so they can esily do the same with ogres without any clipping problem.

then don’t play though, like it is said, we are waiting for 15 years, tauren size is perfectly reasonable


In Lore, vast majority of Ogres are roughly similar height to Taurens and even some Night Elves.

Male ogre heights range from 6’ to 12’[40] with an average of 8’[6] while the females stand at anywhere between 6’ and 10’.[8][41] The smallest of ogre children tend to stand at around 5 feet tall.[8]

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