15 years later and still no Ogres for the Horde

Hehe hehe :rofl:

Uhh, yeah… you didn’t see the KulTirans?


Sadly it seems that the tauren took over the ogres place in the Horde. Ogres when from the big bois of the Horde to the big bois of mob races.

A third faction made up of mob races like ogres, gnolls, quilboar, centaur, troggs, kobolds and murlocs would actually be pretty awesome.

We need Ogres. Horde have Ogres just chilling in Dustwallow and Tanaris (sorta) as well as Ogre allies in AU Draenor.


I didn’t get the race I wanted Waaaaaaaaa

All 6 people i bet miss them also. The horde has enough crap architecture.

Ogre architecture is amazing???

Its rocks… Just piles of rocks.

If horde can have ogres, can we have Vrykuls in the alliance, or is that something else we do not deserve because we already have fat sailors to occupy the slot?

When Ally suggests vrykul, they always say that they do not match with ally or that we did not ask for enough!

Maybe Horde is not asking enough for the Devs to consider feasible!

Only posting in this thread, because your post made me laugh. Nice one.

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I’d love to see the Ogre ladies be super beautiful and the dudes are like our normal Ogres. It would be fun :smile:

That is why all humans should be transformed into Forsakens.

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The same can be said for High Elf as well.

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Sign me up, I have requested Ogres for a long time. I even propositioned them before Pandaria being implemented as Horde Race while Pandaren were suggested as Alliance.

At this point I could even see them similar to Pandaren, as they are very mercenary like in Nature. I personally would see this far more appealing too, rather than reskinning some gnome or goblin.

As a side note Saurok appeal to me too. Anything Lizardmen related would be amazing (Warhammer Fantasy).

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And we will wait more and more for then, while races that just appear yesterday get to be added before.

Honestly i was losing hope already, until the kul’tirans came to be, they could use then at least with base

Our crusade btw: Megathread: Ogres as Playable Allied race

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Personally, I don’t mind which side gets Ogres, if ever. I’ll roll one, especially if I can make it look like High King Maulgar

Needs more it’s a slap in the face!

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

It’ll all be ogre soon.

Right blizzard is trying to get us short, furry goblins before they give us Ogres…

You know when they gave us Goblins I was thinking we should’ve gotten Ogres. And that the Goblins should’ve been neutral since they bargain with everyone.

Nah, Goblins have always leaned more towards Horde. They were even a “Horde” unit in Warcraft 2.

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