15 years later and still no Ogres for the Horde

It’s outright disrespectful

A race that could have been a launch Horde race still isn’t available as a playable race.

I wish warlords with all of its cut content at least would have given us this since it gave us nothing substantial.


ogre palladins!! why not


im sick of being an orc for my shrek roleplay


They got it right with the 4 launch races.

They could’ve added Ogres in TBC, but they needed to balance factions, so Blood Elves were the right choice then.

They could’ve added Ogres in Cata, but they felt Horde needed a physically-small race, so Goblins were an OK choice then.

So the real inexcusable error was adding Pandaren instead of Ogres. MoP turned out to be a pretty decent expansion but from a lore point of view it never should’ve happened.

I’m confident that they’ll add Ogres “soon” now that they have the Kul Tiran model to base them on.


This wasn’t needed. We’d be fine without blood elves, belf players are pretty much the mobile gamers of WoW.


I main Alliance, but if Horde got Ogres, I would make one ASAP.


Yeah the Alliance should have got pandas, the Horde ogres. For the pandas to be in the faction with Garrosh made zero sense.


Alliance was originally going to get pandas in BC, pandaria was literally described to be close to Teldrassil in the previous lore.


Is there even a female ogre model in game?

Or would it be like final fantasy where ogres would be a male only race?


i came up with a solution for how this could work.

first, implement a stat called carrying capacity. this is an stat enchant, and a stat found on gear, including bags. it works similarly to strength but doesnt increase any str except your ability to carry loot.

then, create 2 male and 2 female ogre types: the melee and the caster. first a bit of history–

the female ogre has hitherto been hidden away from the eyes of azerothians because they are very beautiful. how they get that way is part of ogre tradition.

ogre males are actually quite attractive till their rite of passage. they relinquish the parts of their dna that make them symmetrically appealing to look at, that is then ritually imparted to their chosen mate in a sacred silver mug of ale. the end result is they are often deprived of some of their intelligence as well. but not always, this is why some male ogres are melee and rather dumb and some are intelligent and casters.

and this also explains why the adult female ogres are extremely beautiful whereas their male counterparts are misshapen and grotesque. and why some females are beautiful and dumb, meleers or beautiful and diabolically smart, casters.

anyway, something happens… maybe the females decide they dont want to be hidden any more and stage a feminist style protest or the males decide the safety of azeroth over rules their need to hide their women folk from admiring onlookers.

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No but they could create one. There’s an entire ogre zone in Draenor that was never released to live. My head canon is they’re all there.

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Seeing what they did to female draenei, i’m sure female ogres would be hawt one eyed, two headed monster girls


You will have your twitch copypasta lazy effort races and YOU WILL LIKE IT.

Leave Ogres to their dirty loincloths and weird double headed fan wank stories…

Ogres would have been an amazing race to open the Horde up to the arcane.


Horde Ogres are my most wanted race and it is frustrating that there are three clans part of the Horde (Stonemaul, Dunemaul, and Gorien who in particular came with the Mag’Har Orcs from Draenor) and they have not been made playable.

Not to mention that they have not made much of a story appearance at all, considering all the threats to the world and the war with the Alliance going on. You’d think the Horde would utilize them more.

As it stands, the Dunemaul Clan, “recruited” by Megs Dreadshredder have been off doing unspecified things for her since Cataclysm, the Gorian Ogres have disappeared into fat air and are possibly off getting drunk and picking their noses, and the Stonemaul Clan, the most important clan with the most history with the Horde since Warcraft III, are either standing around wanting their home back in Dustwallow Marsh while not having done anything since Cataclysm or are standing around in Feralas to help take Dire Maul for the Horde and haven’t made much progress since then.

At this point, if Sylvanas were to attack Thunderbluff in retaliation for rescuing Baine, I would hope that the Stonemaul Clan, who aren’t too far away from Mulgore since they’re stationed in Dustwallow and Feralas, would come and help defend Thunder Bluff. Heck, if we’re going to overthrow Sylvanas, the Stonemaul Clan in particular owes the Horde A LOT and would be helpful in overthrowing her.

I do feel like Ogres are a manner of when and not if, and hopefully the Horde will remember they have Ogres within the ranks already and we’ll see them enter the storyline soon. There are a bunch of loose threads regarding them, but it’s easy to tidy it all up, in my opinion, when making them playable.


Ogres are huge, ugly, stupid, and inbred. Why in the world would anyone want to play one? Also, apparently there are no females which begs the question of how they reproduce.

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The Stonemaul ogres are definitely a part of the Horde. I’d love to play one.


They launched two new and stupid elves that no one knows and they ignore till this day the Ogres. Man I hate elves they destroy the lore of the game, word of elfcraft.


Ogres? What is next Hydras?

Get out of here with these nonsensical races.