15 years later and still no Ogres for the Horde

I wish they would use the original models for ogres and let them be playable. Don’t make ogre females beautiful and males ugly. This happens too much as is (in-game).

Bring Ogres to Horde it’s long over due Blizzard. They were in Warcraft 2 and help us many times. Yet why is it there is nothing about this in WoW. Bring them back to the horde as they are great comedy relief. Give us models to have either 2 heads or 1. Ogre magi are pretty dope too.

Bring them home to the horde!


Yes please. I support the Ogre allied race.

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Not all jared’s are that jared. Please get better jokes my man. Really.

Clearly its because of Horde bias. We obviously get everything we want, like Ogres

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Me and a friend were so stoked about the 2 headed ogre april fools before vanilla release. Where 2 people would play one 2 headed ogre and when one of them were offline the head be sleeping. We were young and totally fell for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Race changing my Warlock or Mage to a two-headed ogre would be a dream come true :wink:

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15 years later and still no gnome pallies.

Cus they can’t reach the Light.

They stated long ago that they were not happy with the female models they had come up with. Possibly due to making the females big, but with the new Kul’Tiran now being kinda big maybe they can revisit this idea.

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