1.12 AV is a huge, huge mistake

Yea I don’t remember AV games ever going like that but memory is a weird thing.

I’m gonna hope that this is just rumor but I’ve always suspected this was the case. It seems like the play for the WoW team is to somehow try to parley Classic into a revitalization of retail. Retail is their future after all.

I really don’t see how that could possibly happen though. Vanilla was such a good game it doesn’t seem like anyone could possibly prefer BfA.


As usual you are utterly and completely wrong.

I really wish we were getting the old versions. When teamwork was actually required…in a raid.


Can we get a response to this thread - or is an open dialogue too much to ask?

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Just saw this guy at Frostwolf Graveyard in BfA AV:

I think they’ve added back all the Commanders now. It’s going to be kinda sad if Modern AV eventually has a full return of the complete cast of NPCs and Classic AV does not.



Hello hello any blizzard response yet

What do you mean? Blizzard gave their response months ago…

Nono a response that doesnt blow. Do it right or dont do it at all. :slight_smile:

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Just because you don’t like the response doesn’t mean its not the one you’re getting.

Would you prefer no AV?

Wont play it nor will anyone else. I can do that on retail.

To answer tour question. Yes save time and dont bother with AV.


Cool. See you on August 27th in Classic, and May 2020 in AV.

More pvp in Arathi Highlands than in AV 1.12.


Depends what layer you are in.


A) a lot of people played AV 1.12 in vanilla, more than played earlier versions.

B) We’re not getting the retail version of AV.

A lot of people are obese, more than earlier generations.

1.12 AV is just as obese as retail AV.


Its 100% retail. Whatever it takes for you to rationalize that this isn’t the true classic. .

Sorry I hurt blizzards feelings but they cant even copy a game they made 15 years ago.


Well put man, thanks for sharing.

And? They gave a statement on loot trading and then changed it.



Within what, a couple of weeks? They made the AV announcement AND ran a test day, months ago.

Months. But the timeframe is irrelevant.


BTW they kept loot trading in they just modified it to work more in line with classic.

Whereas with AV we’re getting the authentic vanilla experience.