10 day automated ban need a BLUE

Hello, is calling someone a clown or idiot or anything like that a suspendable offense for 10 days? that seems absolutely wild to me. They just skipped my 24 hour ban, 72 hour ban, and went straight to a 10 day ban for saying something like that?? that is crazy to me, people are abusing these automated reports in battlegrounds for anyone who they dont like. I can almost guarentee you no actual blizzard employee even looked at my chat log, they just used the automated system to 10 day ban me im hoping someone here can review it because this is just toxic.

evidently, it is. i got hit with 7 days for calling some idiot the “r-word”.

i mean as much as i dont agree with it, i can understand the R word. but idiot? clown??? How could i possible be banned for 10 days for this. Im actually out of my mind right now im about to make reddit posts, forums posts, do anything i can to expose this awful automated system, and i bet ill get an “automated response from blizzard” saying sorry theres nothing we can do,but enjoy your time in azeroth!! :D:D:D


Yes. That was applied by a GM after reviewing the reports and your account history. This means you have at least had a Silence on the account before.

They are not doing the Silences anymore other than first offense, and Suspensions are not starting at a day anymore. They did that because people were not impacted by the lighter penalties.

This was not automated at all - a GM really did look at it. Now, could they make a mistake? Sure, but if you want to appeal you need to follow the link in the email to put in an appeal ticket.


and im just curious how you got a 7 day ban for calling some1 the r word, but they skipped 24 hour, 72 hour, and 7 day ban for me and went straight to 10 days, for a much less offensive word? i dont get it

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There is no set penalty escalation like that. Blizzard has had various penalty strategies over time and the suspension tiers like that is not one of them really. There is no guarantee of shorter suspensions first.


See, what a lot of people fail to understand is that people can report you day in and day out for any little thing. If you weren’t breaking the rules, absolutely nothing happens to you.

Something you said or did did break the rules, apparently something bad enough if you have never had a single sanction before now and jumped right into a ten day suspension.

Also, welcome to Customer Support, a forum for players to assist other players. There are no GMs here. The Blues that are here have nothing to do with tickets, sanctions or the investigations leading up to all of that. And you’re breaking the rules of the forum by demanding one in your title so you may want to edit that out.

Sounds like it was a legimate report and sanction then. If you cannot say something nice, best not to say it at all. That language and the abuse isn’t tolerated.


may depend on how many times you did it or how many reports. i just told the person that once.

The time makes it feel like this is not your first offense and you were warned before.


Either this wasn’t actually what you were suspended for, but you received a small sample of the conversations you had that was reported.

The reality is they are working to make all games less toxic, and have warned about this in various post and updates, under the new Social Contract, and are now proceeding with tougher penalties to enforce that this is not acceptable behavior.


well all the assumptionns you are making would be wrong, which is why this is so dumb. like i said above ive had “chat warnings” after battlegrounds where i havent said a single word. People are abusing the report system anytime they see someone not moving, or someone undergeard, or just for whatever reason they like.

that’s bull. i don’t care what side of the fence anyone’s on. sorry not sorry someone’s tinglies got hurt.

Trying to make the game less toxic huh? theyre making it more toxic by doing insanely dramatic ban hammers like this for the most small things like idiot and clown. What a world we live in

If you were standing around not participating you may have been reported. The warning IS automated. That is a new system designed to help players change behavior before they get a Silence or Suspension from a GM.

Are entered by other customers - other players who reported you. Nothing about the reporting is automated.


I guess you cant read or comprehend anything im Saying. me getting an INSTANT chat warning after a battleground in which i havent said a single word isnt automated huh?? lol ok buddy

Those are the rules you’ve agreed to with every expansion and revision of the EULA and/or TOS. Even before the social contract out, you agreed to just that.

These things should have always been coming down hard on people, but they’re finally correcting their previous mistakes and hitting people with some consistency these days. If you can’t find a way to curb your language and your abuse of other people, fair warning. Chat violations stack. Next time will be two weeks. Then a month. So on and so forth until they just outright ban the account - which they will do.


I will repeat what I said because I think you missed it.

The people doing the reporting is not automated. Further, those warnings don’t seem to be instant and can drop later than the activity for some reason. You can get reported on one char, then log into a game on another and the warning pops up. It even crosses between Classic and Retail.


so be it. i’ll do me.

I only play one character, and the chat warnings ARE instant. Ill say it again because i think you missed it, you said nothing about any of this is automated, Which is false again. When i exist a bg and immediatly have a chat warning less then 5 minutes later, on the same character im on, your trying to tell me thats not automated? lol. Yes the player reporting me isnt automated, OBVIOUSLY, but the chat warning is



Im gona be blunt were not allowed to discuss account action. The only thing you should do is apeal and let the dice roll either it will be upheald which u can apeal till they tell u to stop or it will lifted.