10 day automated ban need a BLUE

what are the odds of them lifting a suspension lmao id say slim to none. And your telling me i cant mention that i was suspended on the forums? even thats illegal? what is this communism?

Freedom of speech doesnt apply here all this back and forth is pointless also asking for a blue response in a situation they cant help with is against the forum coc.


Okay, so here is how it works. People can report you. They can report you for whatever their little hearts want. Warnings are sent out to ideally curb your behavior - those are automated. If you’re really not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. And I mean really not doing anything wrong. Not you don’t think what you’re doing or saying is really breaking the rules, but in reality - it is. So okay, warnings? Automated.

Squelches. Squelches are an automated but temporary silence on the account when enough reports of chat violations have met their metric. These, Automated.

Now, here is where it’s good to really start paying attention. At this point, a GM comes in to see what was reported that earned you that temporary squelch. A real live person looks over the reports and what you’ve been saying or doing. The GM will then decide one of two ways. If you weren’t breaking the rules and the reports are false? The temporary squelch is then manually lifted from your account.

If you are in fact, breaking the rules? Then this is where that same GM - a real live human being - decides to sanction your account. It may be a full on Silence penalty, where you can play the game, but you are locked out of all of the social aspects of the game.

If this wasn’t your first rodeo? Well. Then it is a suspension or all out ban.

So. In review. Warnings and Squelches, yes. They’re automated. But everything after that point? It is all handled by real live living and breathing humans that work for Blizzard. Not outsourced internationally or anything like that either, they’re al Blizzard employees in Blizzard’s own offices.


Asking for a blue to respond to me is against coc? lol what in the world are you talking about. Asking for a blue to help me is not against any code of conduct my dude you are just spewing nonsense now. woops let me be careful, nonsense might be a trigger word

Discussing Disciplinary Actions

This category includes:

  • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a player, including chat logs and email correspondence between a player and a Game Master (GM)
  • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a character or account on the forums

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be given a temporary ban from the forums, depending upon severity

If you have questions or concerns:

This being the CS forum, which serves as an Information Desk, they are a bit more lenient in that it is an opportunity to tell people how to appeal, explain policies, etc. Generally though, discussing disciplinary actions on the forums is not allowed. Esp not reposting whatever got a person in trouble or something that was removed by mods (not saying you did that - just covering all bases).

Asking for a Blue reply is also against the rules.

Using the words “Blizzard”, “Blue”, or any community team members’ name in a thread topic is frowned upon.

  • Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion.

Dude if you value your posting priveleges stop at the rate ur going ur gona get a forum vaction.


If they suddenly decided to then since it is their company, it is within their purview. That still doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to break the rules.

I will also note, sometimes the snippets of chat that they send to you about your suspension isn’t always the most accurate. What you said could have been from a week or more ago. You may well regret your decision to double down on breaking the rules if one of the SFAs do come in here to quickly disabuse you of the thought that you didn’t say anything too off-color.

And also, the fact that you are going on and on about automation but not even knowing what most folks do about the various processes or levels of things - whether they break the rules or not? Perhaps it would be wise to familiarize yourself with these things before slinging around things you aren’t so well-versed in.


It really depends on the word and the context.

None of us “know” what you said. Only you and blizzard.

Now, if the word was clown, you likely would have been silenced, but a 10 day ban indicates it is not a first offense, or clown was not the word.

IF you use a very racially charged word, or a very derogatory one, you can be suspended on first offense, and even banned.

Blizzards game, blizzards rules. Just like a company can trespass you in real life if you dont behave there. Just like in my taxi, start spouting racist stuff, out ya go, no warnings.

This may sound quite harsh, but if you dont like, or, cant follow the rules, the door is over there.



Depends on how many actions your account has had in the past. Warnings, silences, they all count, and they they never drop off.

There is nothing to say that is the direct path Blizzard uses, has used, or will continue to use. Silences, and even short suspensions, were not getting through to some players. So they are making it an actual punishment now.

Look at your case. You expected that you’d get a 24-hour suspension first, and that didn’t dissuade you. You got a 10-day suspension and it seems like it’s a better deterrent.

That said, there is an appeals system for a reason. You are welcome, even encouraged, to file an appeal. A different set of eyes will make sure the punishment was applied correctly.

That others may be breaking the rules does not mean you are allowed to do so. What others do has zero bearing on your actions.

Go for it. You’ll find a nice little community to offer you a shoulder to cry on. That doesn’t mean you didn’t violate the rules.

You can continue to pound this all day, but it’s false. There are two automated actions: one is the warnings you’ve seen, which is just a warning that others have reported you recently. It is not a penalty, and even the GM’s can’t see those warnings or know what triggered them.

Second is the squelch that comes from many people reporting your chat for spam. A GM reviews the squelch and either removes it, if it’s not a violation, or applies a silence if it was a violation.

No matter what, even if everything they do was automated, you still broke the rules, as you said above.

We are not making assumptions, you are. We know how the system works, and if an SFA comes in here, they will tell you the same thing. You can choose to believe it or not, that’s your cross to bear. But it doesn’t change that based on what you posted above, you violated the rules.

No, they just aren’t letting you (and others) get away with these things anymore. Toxicity will (eventually) be removed from this game, one way or another. Either you’ll realize that they aren’t tolerating it, and you’ll change the way you talk to others, or it’ll go a different way, and you won’t be in this game anymore.

Nothing about your suspension was automated. A pop-up warning is automated, but that is not an account action. It’s simply a warning that others have reported you recently, and you may want to change your behavior. If you did nothing wrong, so be it.

But don’t obfuscate the issue. You said things that violated the rules. I understand you don’t think they should violate the rules, but you don’t set the rules. You follow, or you don’t play.

I would agree. Because as you said above, you called people names, which is against the rules. And to editorialize a bit here: I sincerely doubt that was all you said. But taking you at your word, it was still a violation.


I assume you are looking at the sample chat which may be referenced when you appeal. When appealing the system takes a sample, usually from some of the first reports received in a given time period. Those aren’t the lines that resulted in the penalty.

Overall, name calling is considered toxic behavior, but that by itself calling someone a clown usually unlikely. Now using other disparaging comments and name calling, using inappropriate language, etc… that can.

I should note this isn’t the first violation I see on this account. There appears to have been one in March and May of this year.

Based on the chat you used, Jockoh, including a couple of 4 letter words, using disparaging name calling as you did, slim to none.


if i could make a suggestion, why not give us samples that are the reasoning behind the penalties? from personal experience, i’d love to know exactly what i do wrong in order not to do or say again… sample texts that may or may not even include what caused the issue to begin with doesn’t exactly help.

If blizzard did that players would try to weasle there way outa a ban or suspension just like they dont way what program triggers a ban or suspension. Also this isnt the forum for this suggestion u would want the ingame suggestion feature.


regardless, i was offering that suggestion to the blue, but anyways…

well, for one thing, if it’s not showing proof “i” said it, then how am i to know i actually said what “i’m” being reported for? this may help curb some of the frivolous reports, where it turns out nothing serious enough was done to warrant penalization. (kinda like one of my posts above that was reported and hidden, until it was looked over and reinstated.)

Heres the thing about offering suggestions or feedback they will get lost to the maw the blues dont pass along feedback or suggestions.


things get mentioned if it’s worthy enough.

No no they dont thats not there job.



When you post here, they don’t, unfortunately. This is literally the only forum where feedback and data is not collected and relayed on. Specifically because this forum is one for players to assist other players. The only Blues that come here are SFAs - they are not GMs, Devs, QA. They’re here as sort of an info desk and to keep us hoodlums in line.

If you want your suggestions and feedback to be properly heard? General Discussion would be the best forum, or through the in-game suggestions and feedback interface once your suspension is up.

While it’s not a perfect science, the e-mails people get are supposed to contain a small sampling of the reported chat. For whatever reason, sometimes it doesn’t populate. Other times, like with the OP, it has a small snippet but isn’t really the all-encompassing spectrum of what the OP is being sanctioned for as Vrak explained.

This seems to be counterintuitive?

Most things should be self-explanatory. It still doesn’t stop people from saying things and then them (not specifically meaning you in this specific statement after being pointed with our earlier exchange’s quote. I’m being general since we do see a lot of folks coming through here in similar positions) acting completely shell-shocked that they’re getting called on and in trouble for it.


Well, which do you want? A sample, or the exact thing? I don’t like to assume things, but maybe you meant “more than samples”?

At any rate, the reason is because there’s limited room in the e-mail. Most of the e-mail is a template to ensure that everyone gets the same information. Many times, it’s not just one line that gets people in trouble. If people are willing to use disparaging language, generally it happens more often than just one line.

In this scenario, it would seem that the OP received the “clown” line as a sample of the conversation. It’s not meant to necessarily be an exhaustive list, but a reminder of “Hey, remember when you had a conversation with this line of text in it? That’s the conversation that shouldn’t have happened.”

Quite frankly? That’s already given to you in the Code of Conduct. If you are having so many toxic conversations that you’re genuinely confused as to which one you were actioned for, then that shows a need to change how you speak to people overall.

The goal isn’t to pushing the line as far as you can without getting suspended. The goal is to be a positive influence on others, and not spread toxicity.


samples are exact lines of text. i used “samples” because that’s the terminology used in blizzard’s emails and such.

quite frankly? nah, show me the wrongdoing… 7 days from not being able to log in and play retail and classic seems a bit harsh just for calling someone the “r word,” along with other text samples that said things like, “jesus was a shaman; he ankh’ed.”

now shoo.