.07 Restoration Druid Talent Tree Changes

So far, I am not impressed with the changes. Practically being forced to take what could possibly be the worst talent ever (nourish) that should be baseline, and, we have to sacrifice way more. I am not sure why Blizzard is pushing nourish so much. It’s freaking garbage.

In the new tree, I have zero flexibility in my build now. I already couldn’t use unbridled swarm without significantly gimping my build, and now, I lose 1 min convoke. It’s really sad.

Buff other classes, don’t nerf good ones.


“we want to see nourish used more”

no one cares what you want blizz. you were more than free to take it on your resto druids

losing 1 min convoke is actually terrible and whoever reshuffled the tree should be ashamed


I really like this trend of forcing unpopular talents down our throats with tree design and tier bonuses instead of, you know, actually addressing the problems that make them unpopular.


i have a build that doesn’t include nourish…are you guys not taking invigorate? or did they change something on me? :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

on a serious note, i think they are wanting to test out how invigorate works, since nobody was taking it due to its odd location. we should give it a chance and help the dev out via feedback…i highly doubt this is the final version of our tree…as an experimental resto player, i’ve been wanting to take that talent for a while, so i’m semi-excited about the change for now.

im not running nourish
i usually defer to rdruids more qualified than me like roiben but theyre EU

torn between going deep focus or invigorate. not a huge fan of getting another button but i can see it being useful in a lot of situations

edit - you can drop spring blossoms for 1 min convoke BUT idk if its worth

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The impact for me in my M+ was that I had to give up convoke on a short CD to take a talent I don’t want so I could still get photosynthesis.

Why did we need this change?


i’m using both invigorate and deep focus. i just replaced convoke with invigorate. i dropped ysera’s…it just wasn’t enough for me to justify taking it in m+.

i’m kind of experienced with deep focus (thanks to shadowlands), so i’m hoping my dps there will make up for what convoke did.

we also got a small buff to protector again, so i’ll see what the numbers are before i start biting! :smirk_cat:

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i might consider this as well. are you grabbing tranquil mind instead?

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nope…i do want to try tranquil mind someday, especially if the more experience archdruids say it’s a must-have.

the only thing i changed was dropping convoke & ysera’s so that i could keep all the lifebloom build things (photo/undergrowth budding leaves).

I added deep focus & invigorate. so really i only lost 2 talents with the way i was playing. I was using convoke mostly as a heal cooldown anyway, so invigorate will cover that, and i think it’ll be a little stronger burst tbh, since you have more control over it.

i used convoke as a dps cooldown on single target (bosses or liutenants), but since we got deep focus, i’m hoping that’ll make up for the dmg lost. No idea how this will work, so if it sucks, i’ll let you know asap with a madge post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

i wish we could drop talents here so we could share our theorycrafting ideas with each other :nerd_face:

ohhhh did you drop waking dream you mean?
only way to get to tier 2 if you skip yseras is taking tm so thats why i was asking lol
big problems since the change are at the bottom of the tree anyway. only feasible way to keep all the talents needed for the lifebloom build and grab 1 min convoke is to drop blossoms. it feels kind of bad but a lot of healing is built into efflo anyway so maybe its not quite as abysmal?

can also drop unbridled swarm but that seems absolutely cooked



i used to take ysera’s gift but i dropped it completely, it freed a talent spot at the bottom fo the tree for me. i justified this because it was making up a very small percentage of my healing in dungeons.

If you really want to keep convoke, you’re going to run into that wall though. :broken_heart:

i think the only reason i can take the lifebloom build is because i’m okay with not using convoke for now…if drought wasn’t on our tree i’d be very unhappy atm.

share your builds plz so i can see what you guys are doing…will copy the correct homework :eyes:

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ok, with the goal of making my build as similar as it was before the changes (lifebloom + 1min convoke) this is what ive thunk up
ignore class side

1/2 budding leaves, seems a popular alternative -

no blossoms -

fewer bugs (absolutely fried take but its a possibility) -

a couple flex point in tiers 1/2 as usual but main concern is bottom tier.

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right?! If they want us to use nourish so bad, how about at least putting some nourish effect on the Tier set

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Yea, I just gave up the shorter convoke and will see how it goes. Primarily I use it for dps, so I’ll just do less of that. It’s not like it really matters. In low keys it’s a drop in the bucket (since I play the balance side of the class tree) and in high keys I find I’m too busy healing anyway!

Also, while Ysera probably isn’t much, I like the extra HoT proc from Grove Tending since I think that meshes with Photo, doesn’t it (ie, more lb procs)?

Meh. This isn’t the end of the world, but definitely a downgrade to the druid tree that nobody asked for.

If they swapped budding leaves and invigorate I could give up deep focus, have 2/2 for budding leaves, and then take Cenarius to unlock Undergrowth.

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i figured giving up 1 min convoke would be more disruptive than dropping something like blossoms or 1 rank of budding leaves
since i count on having it often for fights like hyrja, tempest, vex
it also has a higher chance of proccing flourish if you take 1 min iirc

ideal situation would be i dont have to sacrafice anything but
cant unspill spilt milk


Ah true… still a throughput sacrifice though :frowning:

Nope, but we can sure cry over it :smiley:

For real though, I didn’t mind the nerfs and balancing tweaks that Blizzard made. Fair enough to be honest, but this change just makes our talent trees more annoying, and they are already pretty annoying. Honestly, I really dislike this new system, it feels like a step backwards. I feel like it would have been far better to take the same customization options they give us with these trees and put them into the old previous system where you either select more talents, or blocks of talents with sub-selections inside them.

Every time I want to explore the talents of this new system, I get annoyed at the interface resetting everything and just go copy/paste a build off the internet.

Sorry, venting. I’ll get over it… maybe.

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theyve done it with other specs including dps where instead of doing blanket number nerfs they nerf playstyles
which feels terrible


Yeah. I think one of the reasons I am so upset about it is because I use convoke as a healing CD with Vigil.

TBH, I don’t even know what they did with innervate, because I just figured it was probably something stupid anyways, so I haven’t even followed up on it. LOL.

I haven’t really touched my druid since the changes because I am getting tired of them putting us in a really good place, then tweaking us “for the better” by giving us an improvement and then shooting us in the foot someplace else… an old school Blizzard move.


The problem is …

1.) Adaptive Swarm, Convoke, Soul of the Forest, and Incarnation should not be even a thing in the specialization tree.

2.) Nourish should be scrapped and replaced with double swift mend.

3.) HoTs healing increases and the mana cost is cut in half for Rejuvenation and Life bloom. As well as reduced by 25% for Wild Growth and Efflorescence.

HoTs should mean something and mana management should not be dependent on alchemist stone trinkets and a chugging portion of chilled clarity.



nonono that makes too much sense and would be too enjoyable
we’re more likely to see them put nourish where lifebloom is now

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