Can we get a full scale tree rework?

The main base tree has abilities that need to be baseline like swift mend, innervate, stampeding roar, wild charge, hibernate, soothe, sunfire, and rejuvenation.

Lifebloom should be moved to the base tree and wild growth be moved to the specialization resto tree. Under the new life bloom node will dispel curse.

Incarnation, Adaptive Swarm, and Convoke, should all be in the base tree.

Tired of this awful setup of the trees its so disorganized and clunky. A perfect class tree that reflects this is the new paladin base tree and mage base tree and warrior tree. Covenant and signature abilities are blended in the base tree. This is totally a failure in the druid tree.

Take for example we all have to select incarnation and convoke in our spec tree. When nothing is unique about this! It is in every tree. This defeats the purpose of it being inside a specialized spec.

This is also shown through the adaptive swarm and soul of the forest.


Yes the tree is stupid. Having to put 3 points in to get dispell is awful. The whole tree is just things that should be baseline.


I don’t like being pushed into choosing balance abilities/passives in our base tree as the only viable path, unless it isn’t and I’ve missed something? I dropped the right side path everyone is taking and picked up the resto abilities/passives instead but not sure it’s viable.

I also don’t like the bear abilities/passives in the FERAL tree, dropped those too for the self sustain healing and other FERAL abilities/passives. Anyone tell me if this build I have is not a good setup or what I can do to get around both trees balance/bear nods and still be viable?

resto tree keeps getting nerfed almost every month, its so trash

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The CORE of the druid CLASS tree should not be specific skills/abilities that end up being limited or restrictively used only by the related spec. In this case balance and resto druids are rarely going to jump into bear and cat form to use their shapeshift specific skills, and feral and guardian druids, especially guardian, are not going to pop out of form to cast spells to heal or start sun-firing from afar.

There ARE cases where some skills/spells were done right and they are functional and usable to all forms. So things like Soothe, Mighty Bash, Renewal, are good examples of being situational, usable in any form, and don’t force a form change/shift or get in the way of what your main role is.

Some BAD examples of skills/abilities that detract from what your MAIN role is (by way for forcing form change to be used or stopping whatever your role is to do said thing) are things like:

Rip, iron fur, maim, rejuvenation, swift-mend, wild-growth, stampeding roar, etc etc.

You can see these skills all require you to be in the specific form to be used and that’s a problem for a CORE class tree that is supposed to be benefiting ALL specs.

The right side of the tree is pushed into boomkin/resto stuff that the guardian or feral cat form players are not going to jump out of form to start casting. and the left side of the tree has the cat/bear form stuff that your just not going to see a boomkin or resto druid drop what they are doing to go rip, maim, and build rage to iron fur mid combat.

What SHOULD have been done and what SHOULD be changed going forward is making the CORE druid class tree focused on universal skills or passives that impact EVERY spec or are usable REGARDLESS of form.

Yesera’s Gift was a perfect example of something usable by all. Flat damage reduction of bear skin or speed boost be feline quickness are great universals.

Many of the shadowlands skills were also universal like adaptive swarm, convoke the spirits. HOWEVER, those skills are in the SPEC of the tree and not the CORE of the tree which, conceding my bias, is dumb because those are PRIME examples of universal skills that should be in the CORE tree that one can opt to take.

My point being it’s dumb to play a druid spec when half the tree as designed “feels” wasted because whatever your main role is you get little or no benefit from taking said talents nodes in the tree.

TLDR: the core of the Druid class tree should be universal skills or passives that can benefit any spec and any form and not be restricted by said form.

The “CORE” of Druids is to be Shapeshifting. Having to shapeshift to use those abilities makes sense. Kinda out of place to be using Rip and Rake and Maim as a laser chicken or a tree eh?

The biggest issue is the negative side effects of shifting to use those abilities. Perhaps if HotW got revamped a little into a 1 or 2 min CD (with duration being changed to fit as well), it would be different.

Or to allow Guardians some way to retain their tanking abilities for a few seconds to shapeshift to throw out some heals or lasers or something.

I do it on pulls when I’m below 25 rage and want to top up.

If you were concerned with min-maxing, it was definitely a thing to do so last expansion.

But theyre not Druid core abilities. They’re covenant abilities. And the specifics of those abilities end up in the spec tree for the very specifics of what they do for that spec.

Would be entirely broken to be sitting in Bear form with Frenzied Regen, Survival Instincts, Wild Growth, Rejuv, Swiftmend, DoC, AtWF with absolutely no downsides

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How come all priests have Mind games in the class tree? Why cant all druids have Convoke/Swarm in class tree

All all paladins have Divine Toll in class tree.

I can see not having incarn in class tree, but convoke and AS should be there, even if a choice node, with the follow up being a node for the 1min CD Convoke or the 60% jump talent.

The Druid class tree is probably of all classes, the worst design.

The only spec that truly benefits from cat and balance talents is Resto because that’s how you get your dps as a healer… however, all of the other specs are shafted. There’s no reason for a Boomkin to delve into Feral for those talents, and vice versa. Guardian is the worst situation because it’s dangerous to shift out of bear form for anything at the expense of dying.

I’m not sure which would be the best way to deal with this for the other specs but Guardian could have a way to retain defensives for a couple of seconds after shifting forms. Enough to use one of those spells and shift back to bear.

Or rework Heart of the Wild to allow for use of other form’s spells and abilities without having to change forms for the duration, even if at reduced value.