Druid healing Spells Fix

Rejuvenation & Germination:

  • Healing Increase

It should not be healing 2,500 at 404 ilvl. It should be healing at 6,000. An evoker Reversion is healing this amount. This is not fair. Fix this Blizz and maybe resto druid would be viable in PvP. Maybe Rejuvenation would feel effective and Nourish wouldn’t be shoved down our throats. Another comparison is Dream Breath 11,000 mana cost hitting five people and healing 8,940 a tick lasting basically a super rejuvenation for 1/2 the cost for 16 seconds.

To put into perspective a rejuvenation costs 6,000 mana lasts 17 seconds and to put 5 of them that’s 30,000. That is insanely not fair at all.

  • Mana cost Reduction on Rejuvenation by 50%-75%.


  • Duration Increased

Lifebloom should sit at 21 seconds per initial cast, not 15 seconds.

  • Mana cost Reduction on Life bloom by 50%.


  • Remove Nourish and give us double swift mend.


  • Cooldown reduced

Down to 45 seconds from one minute like it was!!! WHEN THE SPELL CAME OUT!


  • Verdancy remove its dependency on Efflorence.

Tranquil Mind Baked into Flash Clarity Talent

  • Merge the abilities

Waking Dream baked into Yseras Gift

  • Merge the abilities

Luxriant Soil, Budding Leaves, Embrace of the Dream

  • Change the Nodes to 1-point talents from 2 points.

Change Dreamstate

To be cast while moving tranquility, immune to knockback, and reduced cd by 60 seconds.

That way one is a defensive improved Tranq and one is mobility. But at this point, I would just want the one effect and be able to move with tranquility and the damage reduction and scrap dream state.

Resto druid FIXED!! :smiley:

Moonkinform, Catform, Bearform

Add a passive when your Feral, Balance, or Guardian that you are able to use spells Rejuvenation, swift mend, lifebloom in your Specialization form.