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Ulduar not Updating in Armory (1)
Display on the armory Bug (1)
Forum profile bug (not an armory bug) (3)
Swapped character 1 post now I can't swap back (2)
Eternal traveler's mog set not showing on the forums (1)
[BUG] Regarding Post Counts! (1)
Activity number way off (1)
Unable to pre-purchase or add payment method (3)
Guild Summary pages appear to be down/broken (1)
Forum and store issues (1)
Somehow lost the ability to post in General Discussion (1)
I can like posts even though I have no game time (1)
Still no class specific forums on US site for classic (1)
Forum Bug: Blue Tracker moves to wrong post (2)
Cannot subscribe (2)
Forum Character Selection Issues (1)
Forum navigation seems to be broken (1)
Raid Progress not updating for select raids (2)
I can't change the character I use for forum posting (1)
Mythic keystones not updated (1)
Timewalking information typo (1)
Ignore option still missing, and needed (1)
Missing Faction on Character Page (2)
Blizzard Gallery Art Store (5)
Virtual Ticket yeti mog made me naked (5)
Unable to participate in discussions (5)
Forum Quote bug (1)
Can't create posts nor reply in other forums? (8)
I can't post on the forums (1)
Missing characters in profile (3)