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2mo since realm transfer and still no M+ (3)
Skipping while scrolling on the forums (2)
Characters Invisible in Portraits and Armory (15)
Gnome Huge Sword In Front of Face (4)
Halfhill farming plot sprinkler (1)
Achievement Summary bug (2)
Getting false reports? (1)
Can't change character on Forum (2)
No characters show up for forums on 1 of my devices (2)
Your Realms not listing my realm (9)
110 character bookst traits wont change (1)
Website character choice (5)
M+ activity not showing up on Armory (2)
Mythic Keystone Progress on Armory (2)
Mythic Plus not updating on armory (3)
Armory not updating? ( 2 3 ) (41)
Race changed, lost my trust level (2)
Name Change: Is nothing supposed to follow me? (9)
Click on a characters hidden profile, can't click back to thread (2)
Can´t switch to zandalari character in forums (1)
Character Guild Title Bug (2)
Scroll-loading stuck, lose spot in thread (2)
Quote editing (2)
7.3.5; Armory Displaying Char Ach Points ( 2 ) (35)
Zandalari Trolls Not Positioned Correctly in Portaits (1)
Can't join battlegrounds (1)
Realm Status vs Game Status (3)
Unable to purchase Character transfer or faction change (2)
Character not updating on Forums only (2)
Ulduar Status won't update (2)