Guidlines for reporting issues/bugs

Greetings Denizens of Azeroth,

The team responsible for developing the World of Warcraft community website ( reads these forums frequently. Although we are unable to reply to every thread, we do our best to address as many of the bugs/issues/feedback as possible with future updates.

To help us best address reports, we ask that you please keep the following guidelines in mind.

1. First, try logging character(s) out of the game

Character data is made available to various Blizzard websites upon character log out of World of Warcraft (retuning to the character selection screen). If a character is outdated or missing from a Blizzard website, before reporting an issue, we ask that you please first log into World of Warcraft on the affected character, and then fully log out of the game.

In some instances, such as when creating a new character, you may need to completely exit the game client for data to be updated on the various websites.

2. Clearly describe which website is experiencing the issue

Please expressly state which website is experiencing the issues.

  1. On the forums. (Example
  2. On the WoW Community Website. (Example:

Issues can sometimes affect both the forums and the community website, and we will be able to assist you most quickly if you help us best understand where you are experiencing the issue.

3. Provide complete character details

If logging out of the game/game client does not resolve issues with your WoW haracters on WoW Character Profiles (aka Armory), or missing characters on the forums, please report the issue to us here on the forums.

When reporting an issue related to a specific WoW character, please ensure to mention the affected character(s) by region/realm/name, or if possible, post on the affected character and be specific that the affected character is the one you are posting on.

Following the above guidelines will significantly increase our ability to troubleshoot issues. Thank you for taking the time to report bugs, issues, and feedback.

See you in Azeroth!