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BFA Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread ( 2 3 4 ) (60)

Hello, Rather than making a single thread for every typo please post your typos and grammatical errors in this megathread. QA will regularly monitor this thread and document the bugs internally. There won’t be a whole …

8.1.5 Known Issues & Information ( 2 3 ) (45)

The 8.1.5 content update is now live. Please read on for a list of known issues that we’re working on, and further information about the update. As always, Blizzard Customer Support is here for you! If you don’t see you…

New Graphics APIs in 8.1.5 ( 2 ) (28)

In 8.1.5, we are making some improvements to how World of Warcraft uses DirectX. In essence, our old DirectX 11 is now called DirectX 11 Legacy, and our new DirectX 11 is multi-threaded. More details on each DirectX vers…

World of Warcraft supports DirectX 12 on Windows 7 (16)

After we saw the performance gains of using multi-threaded rendering in DirectX 12 for the initial Tides of Vengeance update, we worked together with Microsoft and our hardware vendors to bring similar performance gains …

Unable to Fish in Frostfire Ridge (3)
Darkshore general chat missing (9)
Hunter pets losing abilities when changing spec (1)
Potion of Ten Draughts (2)
Ritual of Doom (5)
Multiple clients triggering various store product delivered toasts (7)
Vol'dun Phasing bug During incursion (1)
Dark Portal is Broken (10)
Mistweaver animation...incompatibility? (1)
Epic Garrison Followers Duplicating Abilities 3/4 this week (1)
Tricks of the Trade Invalid Target (3)
Voidwalker not dismissing (1)
Master of the Elements (1)
Stuck at loading screen (entering Nazmir) (1)
Well timed strafing bug (2)
Boon of Bwonsamdi is somehow interupting DH Eye Beam channel (1)
Launch Button Missing (5)
BUG: Dismissed pets keeps reappearing (6)
Vash'jir Hivemind vendor glitch (1)
Glorious harvest bugged (1)
Chromaggus Loot Table Bugged (1)
Don't Kill the Fat One bugged (1)
[BUG] Black Screen When Stepping In Bad *NOT TECH ISSUE* (1)
Highmountain Legion Assault Stuck in place bug (4)
Brawler's guild no rep after win (1)
Master of elements still broken MONTHS later (1)