[H]Beat Classic Blues with <Dark Therapy> - AOTC Recruiting (1)
(A) <Solace> - AOTC guild now recruiting! (7)
Looking for Guild :rainbow_flag: (1)
[A][US][Lightbringer] <Rumor Has It> 8/8 H WEEKEND MORNINGS! (1)
[A] <Lose Your Life> 3/8M 8/8H EP LF DPS (18)
[A] <Centered> recruiting for Heroic EP (7/8) (Friday/Saturday Raids) (16)
(A) Disc priest, Mage, and druid looking for aotc weekend raiding guild (1)
<Immortal> T/W 6-9 PST 4/8M TEP (5)
[A] <Needs A Rez> 8/8H LFM for mythic progression (11)
Stuck in Dalaran (1)
[A] <Inertia> (CE) 3/8M LF Mythic Raiders (2)
[A] <Limit Break> Midcore AotC Raid Guild Seeking Tank! (4)
[A] Psychøsis LFM Raiders for Eternal Palace 6/8H 8/8N Tues, Wed 5:30 - 8pm PT (4)
H priest lf M+ group (1)
[A] <Relapse> 8/8H 8/8N Guild seeking new raiders ( 2 ) (26)
[A]<No Moral Compass> Recruiting for heroic raiding (8)
(A) <Solace> - AOTC Guild now recruiting! (2)
Kali Compton guild recruitment (1)
Looking for active guild/discord (1)
[A]<Legends of Sunken Temple> Tues/Thurs 8-11 pm Pacific, 8/8N 4/8H (2)
[A] <Shar Hellven> Tues/Wed 9-11pm Pacific 6/8 H (4)
[A] Druid looking for guild (1)
[A] <Ricos Roughnecks> (5)
[A] Tank looking for Raid Guild (2)
🔥 [A] <The Evolved> AotC T/W 830-1130 PST (2)
[A] 437 Rdruid & 421 Rouge LF 2-day guild (1)
LF people to do anything (2)
Looking for a Guild (3)
[A] Mystic Force LFM Raiders/members (1)