[A] <Relapse> 9/9N 9/9H Guild seeking new raiders (13)
[A] <Needs A Rez> 2/2H 2/9M 9/9H Sat/Sun 5:30p-8:30p (5)
401 Frost Mage looking (1)
[A] <Lose Your Life>1/2H COS 9/9H BoD LF DPS (13)
Psychøsis Recruiting Raiders/Casuals (2)
Well of Souls quest work with Mythic HFC? (2)
[A] 4 raiders lf morning/early afternoon raid guild (1)
[A] <Casual Plus> Tu/Th 8-1030PM PST LFM (5)
[A] Heartbreakers 9/9H LFM M+, Casual Raiders (1)
Delete no longer needed (2)
[A] Psychøsis LFM raiders for BoDA 5/9H Tues, Wed 5:30 - 8pm PT (6)
<PKAAWW> Recruiting for Raid Team (1)
[A] <Shar Hellven> Tues/Wed 9-11pm Pacific (1)
384 Priest LF Raiding/M+ guild (3)
[A] <Centered> recruiting for BoD (Friday/Saturday Raids) (12)
<arcadious> [a] variety semi-casual - lightbringer (1)
[A] <Limit Break> AotC & Mythic+ guild LF Boomkin & Healer (2)
(H) Canadian Bacon casual guild lfm (1)
Duplicate, Delete please! (1)
[A] <Rumor Has It> WEEKEND MORNINGS! (1)
[A]<Resident Kabuki Theatre> 6/9M LFM (1)
[A] <Legends of Sunken Temple> LFM for Battle of Dazar’alor (16)
[A] No Moral Compass Recruiting. for Battle for Dazar'alor ( 2 ) (24)
[A] <Inertia> 2/9M T/W 8-11PM PST LF WW & RDPS (11)
The Watch (Alliance) (3)
3 instances of battlenet app (1)
(H) Area 52 Tues/Weds Evening LF DPS (1)
Delete......jhftyjuhfgtyjj (1)
<Rumor Has It> WEEKEND MORNINGS! (1)
[A]<Resident Kabuki Theatre> 4/9M LFM (1)