Unyielding LF 2rdps - Tues/Thur 6 - 9 server

TLDR - 2 nights 6 - 9 pst - LF 1 FULL time healer, 4 dps Ranged any spec class is being considered. DM disbeliever on discord

Unyielding on US-Lightbringer is a semi-casual, progression raiding guild with the vision of becoming one of the most distinguished guilds on the realm both in terms of our raiding accomplishments and our genuine camaraderie.

Currently we are looking for -
2 ranged dps to fill our 30 man roster. We do have slots for people just wanting AoTC - but would pref people interested in doing mythic content as well.

We also will recruit and take anyone just wanting to do mythic + 5 mans any class and spec at this time.

We raid every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6pm to 9pm server time (PDT). We ask every raider to commit to these raid nights. Additionally, we have an attendance optional raid night on Sundays also from 6pm to 9pm server time (PDT) which we use as additional raid time for progression raids, alt raid nights for farm status raid content, achievement runs, organized M+ groups.

Our leadership team and most of our members are >30 years old, so we understand the importance of placing family, health, careers, education, and other real-life commitments before any obligations associated with playing a game. That said, we ask that every potential raider being willing and able to commit to the above raid nights/times barring any unforeseen events. We also ask that raiders provide as much advance notice as possible if they are not going to be able to attend raid.

We establish each week a goal for each raider to make with gear and dps to help push the team further forwards. We do not believe removing people for not achieving goal each week and do work with retaining people. If you do find yourself in a position that you are falling behind , we work with you till you are caught up and ready.

Contact info is Discord - disbeliever

to the top ! still looking for 2rdps.

We are now looking for ranged DPS and healers! 7/9H

9/9 Heroic and pushing into Mythic. Join us!