Moderate Expectations!

[Moderate Expectations] is a relatively new guild. We formed at the end of 10.0 and managed to clear AOTC and get many of our raiders KSH. Would like to push a couple mythic bosses once we get a full raid team.

Looking for raiders to help us fill out our team. As our name suggests we’re looking for players with like-minded personalities. We like to joke around and have a good time, but take our boss kills semi-seriously. We were able to build a strong group of players quickly, we’re looking to add to our ranks and try some mythic bosses.

Looking for any players that can potentially hit the right buttons at the right times. And if you enjoy dying on boss fights we have a warlock that can give you a run for your money.

Mainly looking for DH (any spec), Priest healer (comfortable with shadow), Rouge, Hunter, Mage, and an Augmentation Evoker.

We raid Tuesday/Thursday at 6pm PST

Reach out to any of our officers and we can chat!
Hectorican#1659 (Bnet) - Hectorican#8703 (Disc)
Sunblind#11719 (Bnet) - Sunblind (Disc)
Philster#11479 (Bnet) - Phil#9916 (Disc)
Nerdsnipe#1626 (Bnet) - Nerdsnipe#1598

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Can confirm

Great group of people. Always having a good time and clearing high end content!

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Great group, gets stuff done but has fun.

Great group of people, very glad I joined.

Sun likes to touch my wei…wait…this isnt the text Sun told me to copypasta. How do I edit this…

In the 18 years I’ve played this game, no group has come together this quickly to be both fun and productive. A great spot if you want to have some fun, get $#!^ done, and accomplish those seasonal cheeves (AOTC, KSM, KSH)!

Groups kinda cringe

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Played vs some of these guys in new world. throwback

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They kidnapped me.