Your ideas for a Reforged campaign?

As much as I would have appreciated a more modern lore to keep up with the latest lore; I also think the original WC3 should be preserved and retained as a time capsule/relic of the past to satisfy both the purists and the WoW fanboys.

So I think two campaign options would be available: the Classic and Reforged campaisngs… in Reforged graphics of course.

If you were to lead the designing and writing for the Reforged campaign how would you do it? Here’s mine:

  1. General
  • No more doodad vomits; use the new doodads as varied background design of structures/buildings instead of basic village buildings literally stacked on each other randomly.
  • Obviously, more terrain/map change in line with WoW map
  1. Exodus of the Horde
  • Pretty much the same except Thrall first rallies his Orcs and raids the Lordaeron Internment Camp to kill Karamyn Langston and to rescue Grom Hellscream and the other Warsong Orcs. Then Grom tells Thrall of some ships docked in Southshore that seems to be less guarded and so they invade Southshore and hijack the ships away.
  • Thrall and his group lands in Sen’jin Isle, same as usual; but make the enemies into actual Kul Tiran soldiers + Tidesages + Hydromancers + Human Priests + Marines
  • Same issue with the Murlocs but add rock throwing Dragon Turtles and rename Sea Witch into Zar’jira.
  1. The Scourge of Lordaeron
  • Same issue of Arthas and the Blackrock Clan but while the Alliance attacks Blackrock Camp. Add a second enemy base of Alteraci Bandits that just do troubles to the player. Maybe add another optional quest to blow up some Boulders to expose the two enemy bases to each other and have them attack each other. Also a new model for Feranor Steeltoe.
  • Same issue of Arthas and the Cult of the Damned except maybe add another “Uther” ally named Highlord Taelen Fordring who guards Hearthglen (and make the attacks stronger and harder; maybe make a “Taelen must not die” main quest too). Maybe add an optional quest to kill the undead in some nearby forest and clear it to build the Northridge Lumber Mill; and another to send in some peasants to a crossroads to build the Hearthglen Tower.
  • This is where the “Reforged” Culling should go; in Classic, bring back the original chapter there.. Maybe replace the Castle doodad in the Reforged Culling with a Cathedral doodad too.
  • Same issue again with Arthas and Northrend maybe change it so the first Northrend Chapter would be defeating the Scourge base near Drak’tharon Keep and forge an alliance with the Drakkari. Then Arthas accuses them (alongside Human Trappers, Polar Furbolgs, and Tuskarr mercenaries) of destroying the ships which causes them to forever distrust anyone else forever (even to the future Argent Dawn and Ebon Blade.)
  1. Path of the Damned
  • Add some High Elf Priests with the Silverhand Remnants to reflect Anasterian sending in cadres of Priests after hearing that Terenas died.
  • In Into the Realm Eternal, make it so Arthas interrogates Nathanos Marris in Darrowshire and then kills him after receiving only taunts. Then the Scourge sweeps through Corrin’s Crossing and then first encounters Sylvanas (who was supposed to visit Nathanos) and then later to the minor Human villages until the Elven base just outside The Elfgate.
  • In Key of the Three Moons, Dar’khan Drathir comes to help Arthas who promises him to help reach the Sunwell in exchange for power and later, when Sylvanas destroys the bridge, Arthas orders his ghouls to form a makeshift bridge to cross to the other side. There’s three places that house the shards for the Key of the Three Moons: An’owyn, An’daroth, and An’telas, but they are protected with Runestones that damages nearby undead. Bring Dar’khan to the Runestones to disable them and for the player to attack the bases safely. Add Velonara, Koltira, and Cyndia Hawkspear as enemy heroes
  • This is where the “Reforged” Fall of Silvermoon should go; in Classic, bring back the original chapter there.. Maybe add more doodads and use Arcane Golems, High Elf Ballistae and add Belo’vir Salonar, Vandellor, and some generic High Elf Paladins.
  • In Blackrock and Roll Too, replace one of the Blackrock factions with an Argus Wake base consisting of Bandits, Orc Warlocks, Rogue Wizards, and Rogue Priests led by Darbel Montrose. Also replace Mazrigos and Thok’feroth with WC2 Death Knight models and spells
  • This is where the “Reforged” Siege of Dalaran should go; in Classic, bring back the original chapter there.. Maybe make the city more lively with more doodads. And of course, make the 3 Archmages static, and give them their own models. And probably add Drenden as an enemy hero in the second base
  • In Under the Burning Sky, replace the generic Archmages with more named characters such as Rhonin, Ansirem Runeweaver, Vereesa Windrunner, and Modera.
  1. Invasion of Kalimdor and Eternity’s End
  • Nothing much worthy of “reforging” I think. Just give Khadgar, Lothar, and Califax their deserved unique models. And probably replace Mystics with Priestesses, and add fleeing Night Elf civilians from the Demons and the Scourge
  1. Terror of the Tides
  • Probably add fleeing Night Elf civilians running away from the Murguls and the Naga
  • Reforge The Broken Isles, Wrath of the Betrayer, Balancing the Scales in such a way we see more prominent Suramar ruins like ruined academies, Highborne houses, etc. Probably add some Highmountain Tauren, Nightfallen and Vrykul creeps. In Balancing the Scales, maybe add an optional quest to destroy a Naga base before reaching Maiev that gets you allies from Bradensbrook
  • Reforge The Tomb of Sargeras in such a way that the interiors are still as beautiful and illustrious like in Legion (but still show signs of corruption and fel infestations)
  • Reforge Shards of the Alliance in such a way we see cameos of Rhonin and Vereesa Windrunner rallying Kirin Tor and High Elf survivors while the player is still protecting the caravan and holding off the Scourge on the way though. Maybe add some feral Worgen as random creeps, and probably show the Gilneas Gate as a cameo/easter egg.
  1. Curse of the Blood Elves
  • Move all the (semi-)Reforged campaigns here and bring back the original chapters there.
  • Reforge Gates of the Abyss in such a way we see some cameos of the Sons of Lothar survivors in form of Mercenary camps. Also give the Draenei’s Boulder Towers their own model since it uses the Quel’thalas crest.
  • Reforge Lord of Outland in such a way it looks like the Black Temple. Also replace some heroes with Teron Gorefiend, Tagar Spinebreaker, Kar’gath Bladefist, Zuluhed the Whackd and Ragnok Bloodweaver
  1. Legacy of the Damned
  • Reforge King Arthas in such a way that the Dreadlords talk in the Lordaeron Gardens (behind the City Keep) and the chapter takes place around Brill with three exits leading to the Tirisfal Glades, Western Plaguelands, and Northern Lordaeron Coast. Add names to the Mountain King -> Krohm Dawnhammer, as well as the two Archmages -> Doan and Arellas Fireleaf. Maybe also make an extra cinematic where Daelin Proudmoore arrives to pick up survivors including Dagren the Orcslayer
  • Reforge The Flight from Lordaeron in such a way that the opening cutscene start in the Lordaeron Throne room and the chapter is a maze from the actual Lordaeron layout.
  • Reforge The Dark Lady in such a way that Sylvanas recalls the Alteraci’s betrayal and hardships in the Second War but she still uses the Blackthorn Bandits as slaves anyway.
  • Hmm… give the talking Dragonhawk Rider in Return to Northrend a name… Captain Sandoval/Talandar maybe?
  • Reforge Dreadlord’s Fall in such a way that the chapter actually takes place in the Lordaeron City entrance and outer square
  • Reforge A New Power in Lordaeron in such a way that the chapter actually takes place within the Lordaeron City inner square
  • Reforge A Symphony of Frost and Flame in such a way that we see more cameos like Lana’thel wielding Thalorien’s Quel’delar

These are just my ideas for the suggested extra Reforged campaign though I’ll welcome any more ideas


One thing that always kinda urked me was the dark spear trolls with Grom during the lumber mission.

I don’t see why any would have followed him on that mission, it was a forced labour task for attacking humans (trolls didn’t do this).

Not to mention they don’t drink the blood either, their ONLY involvment in that mission is one witch doctor sensing the fountain.

This could easily have been changed to a shaman senses it. The Warsong clan are THE clan for raiders so any argument about anti air is null also tbh

That’s one i really hoped was addressed in refunded.


At least they added something like caging them in the next chapters. That’s something.

the end of eternity should reap the reapers’ chambers or give them dialogues. Not that they are simply.

It would give him more power or perhaps return hero to Captain, Shandris and Naisha. I would say something else like the Naga guards.

and in general more dialogues between pj.


Well these are all changes we were expecting when they said they would update the maps to align more with the current warcraft lore. All of that got scrapped, so don’t get your hopes up of such changes being made.

Unless they will make a new campaign. After going back on their promises i think it would not hurt making a new campaign about something from the current warcraft lore and then offer it to players for free as an apology

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I think that making the “real Reforged” campaigns will have to be done by proffesional map makers because obviously Blizz doesnt give a damn.


Bumping this after watching more of grubby doing campaign.

Considering we got new models for individual paladins (including others like silvermoon king and banshee sylvanas who even became a hero with non generic banshee abilities) it seems extremely lazy that the same wasnt done for orcs in blackrock and roll who just use normal blademaster and outland where its just fel Grom.

Would have been cool for Grom to actually get a unique and more fitting toolkit aswell rather than the blademaster kit. He was obviously given that as part of the “campaign is a tutorial” deal where all heroes are how they are in multiplayer (Jaina Am, Furion KotG).
This was understandable in original wc3 because we only had RoC, but with TFT being merged into one big campaign for reforged the blademaster “tutorial” is covered by Samuro in rexxar/orc campaign.

The latter part i feel is very important because it would help remove the misconception that Grom was a blademaster (which ofc he wasn’t) and it’s a not exactly much work involved plus sylvanas banshee hero. He could even have filled the pitlord “tutorial” by having his kit minus rain of fire which would be crit then maybe even gains rain of fire as extra with fel version.
Anyone who plays HotS has surely saw this posted alot when Grom is requested as a new hero.


I heard Lemonsky’s contract ended in the making of arts, they said in the (unofficial) AMA in reddit that they made 70% of the models and icons.

We also didn’t have a Dreadlord tutorial as well; the closest we had is Varimathras who is an amalgamation of a Dreadlord + Pit Lord. Therefore I agree Grom’s skillset should be changed to somewhat Shockwave, Howl of Terror, Critical Strike/Cleaving Attack, and Bladestorm

Tamplier fixed Dalaran and now he is fixing Silvermoon i gave him a map me and my bro were making changes layout wise. I would like if more of us would band together to make the real reforged campaigns not this mess we got. The thing that makes me angry is that some of the models that are missing, no Kul tiran models the most, at least as reskins or something so model wise the game was released incomplete like with everything else.

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Added some few more

This sounds good, but Nathanos didn’t get killed by Arthas in the lore. Nathanos was killed by an abomination known as Ramstein the Gorger.

This is also good, but by the time of the Third War, all of the Death Knights that fought with the Horde were killed by the Alliance or turned into Liches by Kil’jaeden, so there wouldn’t be any working with the Blackrock Clan.

Baron Isiden Perenolde never became a Death Knight. The last sighting of Isiden was in Gilneas, where he was taking asylum as the Alliance sorted out what would happen with Alterac.

The only hero that should not be on that list is Teron Gorefiend as he was a disembodied spirit when Illidan took over the Black Temple, his original physical body having been slain by Turalyon. He did not reclaim his body until the events of the Burning Crusade.

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If you want me to play the campaign your going to have to make it actually look good and worthy of a 2020 rpg videogame. Playing 30 minutes of a watered down RTS just for a hideous 30-45 second cutscene just ain’t going to cut it for me dawg.

It would take way too much time and resources for them to do it right. That time and money would actually improve the multiplayer aspect of the game so how about we focus on that for once?

Honestly they should just redo the wc3 story in a wow expansion. Cause what they did with Reforged is just a freaking mess that no one wants to play

It’s more of a headcanon, actually. thought of it because he was never seen again after Day of the Dragon so it’s most likely he just got sent away the Gate after, and just settled around in Southern Lordaeron. Then Arthas recognizes him and raises him as a Death Knight after killing him.

It’s even more fitting given that one of the generic Death Knight names are Baron Perenolde.

But anyway; if anything, I removed it now

Sir Anduin Lothar died to a horde ambush of ogres and trolls on the shores of Blackrock Spire.

No he didn’t…

He was killed in single combat by Orgrim Doomhammer.

I was talking about that cinematic where they kill Medivh

Propaganda clearly. I saw it with my own eyes.

Hmm… maybe not killed by Arthas directly but rather left by him and/or threw into the Ramstein and the Scourge leaving him to their mercy

I still think there’s some more few hiding after Gul’dan and Orgrimm’s defeat. Also, not all Death Knights in Outland were turned into Liches; there’s Teron Gorefiend and Ragnok Bloodweaver

I would like them to design new heroes for campaign. Grom would me a good start.


This is what Blizzard promised at first, and that they do not make the excuse of “as we talked about in the last Blizzcon…” a year passed from one Blizzcon to another in which there was complete silence, they have to do it and without excuses, it costs them what it has to cost them, because to me the disappointment is not easily solved and the prestige of the company is not easily recovered either.