Fully Remastered Cinematics IN-GAME

Hello!As we all know the game cinematics are not what we all expected,so because of COVID-19 ( I stay in home) I started to remaster the full game and made my own storyline …I will put here a link to one of my remastered cutscenes,feel free to comment your opinion and let my now if it is worth to remastered the entire game with a 4 HOURS+ Cinematics remastered!!!


I will leave you one video from the actual game to see what I am talking about, this will be the last video until the final release,until then If you don`t mind It will be extremely helpful if you guys keep this post in front lines of the forum,I am sure that this release will make you all happy !


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This Is not spam. This Is my raction


I hope the ROC part will be finished in maximum 2 weeks from now…belive me …those cinematics will be absolutely stunning. I can assure you that every single one of those cinematics will be fully remastered as we all wanted in first place!


Would be better if you worked on yourself rather than on this dumpster-fire during the lockdown period, but as long a you are having fun, who am I to tell you what to do.

Except I don’t know if it’s the game engine or your PC being unable to handle it at a decent framerate. It seems so laggy and you might not get a positive response based on that alone.


probably just his PC dying. He is using bandicam and thats HW heavy.

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Needs more Felguards I think

Also, since you will remaster stuff yourself, I’d like to hear your thoughts on my past post:

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I like it.

I would LOVE if someone, with the interest, skill, and time on their hands, took the campeign maps and redid what needs redoing.
Namely the cutscenes, but other stuff as well, like Anetheron having two different models for his two appearances, and furion being ONLY mounted now, and that kind of thing.
Turned the campeign, as you say, more into what we expected.

As for your own storyline, there is nothing wrong with that. I would, however, keep the two projects seperate, so people who just wanted the campeign with better cutscenes could have that alone.

Also, if it has interest, this guy does video comparisons of the old and new cutscenes. Might be worth checking out if it helps figure out what each version does better than the other…


Well of course I will make 2 different versions , the actual story line remastered ,and my story line …I am thinking about posting the ROC in first place after its done to check your opinion about it,to know if I will beggin remaster TFT as well!


become a pattern. You have to pay at some point to the one who really gives us the content that we paid to Blizzard.

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Really cool cutscene. The camera angel is great and it is something i had expected from this remaster. I don’t know if it is your PC or not but it looks a bit laggy. When custom campaigns come out I would love to see your own storyline campaigns of Warcraft 3

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Am I the only one who noticed the character mouths dont move when they talk in your video?

I checked with Blizzard and they said their campaign missions were made with animated mouths using an editor that they do not provide to players, so yours will always look not as good as theirs… Or something like that. They didn’t say all of that, I’m extrapolating slightly.


Still they look better.
The majority of the Blizzars talks are static talking. It is quite boring.
I prefer the camera movement and trying to show things that we talk about staring at nothing.

It is actualy imposible to make that work…only if blizz make it …and I don`t think this will happen:))


This is what I expected in 2018. I want that back.


And you will have it !I promise!


I hope you won’t change your mind.

Wow, really nice job! I used to tweak with the editor more than 10 years ago but now I can’t remember a thing about Jass :smiley:

You should remove the part where the kids die because Blizzard will never allow that.

Also, how did you do the “Balnazzar assume command” voice?

On the contrary. We have to kill more children. XD
That we are going to do Blizzard’s work. We will not contain them to please them.

I can actually see that people are going to actually Reforge the campaign before Blizzard even finishes it


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