Why does Warcraft 3 Reforged look so awful now?!

:thinking: Are people just blind nowadays? There’s a side by side comparison

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he put 3 different thing and he don’t even notice that, what a lol guy.
Wowhead is different that beta 2019 and 2018. lol.

What are you talking about? The top picture on my post is literally from the 2018 beta. The bottom is what we have now. Now you’re just in denial. You’ll see eventually

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You guys must be seriously retarded… you’re literally complaining that the game looks awful because of a “light mist” that doesn’t appear over everything in the beta? And because the positioning of the light source that’s casting shadows on everything has moved over like 30 degrees?

This is the source of all the complaining?

Also… you understand that this game was kept alive all these years from multiplayer. While the single player campaign is nice, if that’s all we’re focusing on, this was have been a dead game over a decade ago. The washed out “realistic” colors does NOT WORK in multiplayer… obviously…

Does it look nice in a single player mission where humans are running around fighting undead? Uh huh… Does it work when ud are fighting ud in a 2v2? No… no it doesn’t.

This is the problem with feedback, you guys aren’t developers, you’re not taking everything into account, because you have the convenience of sitting back and whining about the 1 thing you want to see while completely discounting what a million other people want. Stop acting like insufferable children…


Where i said ‘’ light mist ‘’ little thing ?

You guys are talking about those dumb screenshots, and the only real differences is the missing fog and angle of the shadows. What else is different?

This is why I linked 4k videos and shots to the high res models. When it comes to actual model detail and textures, they look amazing… so what are the complaints exactly???

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i repeat my question, where i said ‘’ light mist ‘’, little thing?

You need to be more specific in what you’re asking, I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Again, where i said ‘’ light mist ‘’ ?

I didn’t say you said that… the complain from you guys seems to be that the beta in 2019 doesn’t look like the blizzcon footage.

So I said… OK, well look at them side by side and tell me what’s different that you don’t like. We both have 2 functioning eyeballs… what looks different?

All I can see that’s different is a light fog in the 2018 that covers everything, that is not there in the 2019 beta, and the angle and opacity of shadows.

… what else are you guys whining about exactly?

Such waste of time you are…

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I’m a waste of time because I just reduced your complaint down to a simple lighting effect that Blizzard toggled off, an effect that you don’t even know if they will turn back on or not, an effect that may or may not be unique to specific maps in the game?

You need to think before you speak. The game isn’t finish… calm the f&^ down.

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I will don’t waste my time with you, stop comment me.


This must be fake news. We all know Bliz doesn’t put tails on dreadlords now.

This is from wowhead dude, …

Bastianpp those are the same models used in the game…


There is nothing wrong with how these unit models look…

You came very late man, we talked about this
even i maked a ticket like 7 days ago ~, because the graphics look different than 2018 demo and 2019 beta.
This is wowhead channel if you wanna see more models and etc.
This is my last reply to you.

‘’ Hey there Bastián!

Thank you for your reply and for adding the additional details on the exact issue! :slight_smile:

The graphics shown in the linked video appear to be model viewer footage, as such details in lighting, reflection etc.can differ from ingame footage.

We recommend to send our development team feedback regarding the models/ingame graphic using our WC3: Reforged forums at https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/warcraft3/c/general-discussion

I hope, this helps, have a good week! ‘’

yeah this was a thing made in current beta editor.

I agree. I would also use the recently released Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition as a word of caution. That game looks like a smudgy mess if you turn the graphics up to max. There is a very specific set of settings that you can use where the game looks great though, and obviously Blizzard are trying to avoid these kinds of problems.

Having said that, I do think the terrain looks very bad to the point of being out of place. The map format probably needs some enhancements, even if it won’t work retroactively for existing maps. I also think the terrain can take a little bit of desaturation and clutter. It just needs to not appear brighter and clearer than the units, and that was essentially the problem previously in a nutshell.

The units and buildings look great now. Fix the terrain, fix all the friggin’ bugs, and we’re golden.