Why does Warcraft 3 Reforged look so awful now?!

Reforged looks horrible.

The only reason I considered buying this in the first place was to make custom games with the World Editor again, but even that is starting to look pretty lame as the new graphical options are worse than I had hoped they’d be.

The terraining is a perfect example. It looks like such a low effort rushjob. My only hope is that they DO NOT release this in 2019 but it seems like they have locked themselves into doing that with their pre-order promise. Shortsighted, to say the least.


The game graphics needs look like The Culling demo from Blizzcon2018 again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beta is not a release version…

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I am tired of this… PEOPLE! THIS IS THE DAMN BETA… OR ALPHA. ITS NOT A RELEASED PRODUCT FFS. We had already had a solid build in 2018… what, u want to say that they didnt do anything for a whole year and just made the graphics worse on purpose? right…

I’m tired of these people - It’s obvious that we will get a perfect game in a few weeks

yeah sure I heard a airy godmother who can turn pumpkins to chariot is heading the project keep dreaming.


Imagine if the next update have adjusts to bring back the 2018 graphics, will be so nice :blush:

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Yes! Will be really good! Imagine if the Custom Games patch comes with the graphics update! Will be perfect, this day will be so much fun. And this will be good too to test if the game will run smooth with the adjustments! All of that just before the release, to help with the beta feedback! The release day will be the glorious :wink:

well guys, I dont think that Grubby even played with max settings. He only got a new pc recently…

I’m playing the game at max settings right now. When I tell you the graphics is bad it means it’s bad.


As long as the game looks sharp and has great performance i don’t care about the graphic style or one effect or another.

Purists chase who wants better graphics. These purists want to ruin the future of Warcraft 3 Reforged, just because the game was known for the old fanbase, if the game has a lot of improvements, this game will become very famous and mainstream, that’s the fear of purists, that the game will be so famous and the Their feeling of being the original fanbase will be gone and all kinds of players will appear and become fans as well. Purists are selfish, they want bad graphics to scare off new players, that’s very shameful!


I am not expecting that they would deliver the campaign, At least please keep the new UI, AM I greedy?

The UI from Demo is perfect! Very useful to see more the Screen!
Now in this UI from the Beta is so big and cut a big part screen size! I want the UI from Demo! And the Graphics from Demo too.


The UI shown in the demo have more potential for the readability of the screen!


Yes, need a option to change this UI or adjust the Size! But the ideal is receive the UI from the demo, looks so perfect like something really new.

I hope for new UI like from 2018. Hate thenone we got now and… God damn it where is the game??? 2 weeks for the years end… No xmas presents?!

If we need wait more for all the promised content, is better wait more and get everything they promised before. The game still needing fix so many things…


This 2019 beta looks like a old game with updated models! This is so sad and bad to the future of this game. Please improve the Graphics,Terrain,UI,Cliffs,Shaders,Lighting and those things to looks like the level of the awesome 2018 demo!


Playing reforged in 4k with a i9 and a 2080. Looks great IMO.