Why does Warcraft 3 Reforged look so awful now?!

That the current version of the game does not look as good as what was shown in the 2018 demo.

What this means exactly? Cause i can just think that, if i was going to address this “issue” the only thing i could do is:
1- to give you a copy of the 2018 demo for you to play or

2 - i would just go to my development team, art team, etc and tell them “guys, let’s start all over, scrap beta. People are telling us in the forum that this beta is trash”

If that’s not what you want. Can you guys be more specific about the changes you’re claiming here?

I’m not the OP so I can only give my thoughts. Lighting, terrain, trees, color balance and shadows looked nicer in the demo than from what I have seen of the current beta.

Though I only have footage of other peoples play to go on as I still don’t have access myself.

The lack of access seems to be a bug, though with no official response to any of the threads discussing it, or updates to the (not stickied) beta roll out post for 4 weeks that supposition is mostly based on hear-say.

You could? I’d love that!

You work for Blizzard?

He isnt, Gelinho play the game at 720 30fps…only a lier who dont wanna better graphics because his computer can run the game even in the lowest setting.

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The game will have awesome graphics without your stupid whining and useless agression towards a talented people. Why don’t you give a feedback about REAL things that matter now? Why instead of contructive feedback about cutscenes and canon you’re talking about less important things,such as grepgics and female characters?

Are you talking to your fake account with the only post was for aggre with you?
Was a nice one the other day🤣

Me? I want blizzard to drop the full power of the 4k graphics as soon as possible. You’re delusioning.

You showed a image with your res monitor and fps, stop lier​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you dont remember?
What a funny guys

“As soon as possible” - Means at release date. No one.Ever.Will make.a 4K graphics for a freaking Beta test!

You can play now in 4k,im playing at 1440p 144hz.

Yeah and how’s that related to the fact that i want them to drop the full 4k graphics? Are you so full of yourself and trying so hard to hate that you’re creating bottlenecks in your head? Why wouldn’t i want them to put the best graphics they have?

Because your pc cant handle even the 720p at 60fps, little lier kid.
And 4k is already out… Idk what are you say now.

Kkkkkkk you think i can’t have a pc to run reforged in full graphics? KKKKKKKK wow man you must think you’re the only person in the world with money to buy a proper pc don’t you? Such arrogance.

I dont think, you posted images😘
X_Reforged graphics comparative - Imgur

Here is his post talking about the beta drom 2018 is the same vs 2019 beta :rofl: for who wanna laugh

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Oh so the discussion turned into you guys trying to laugh about my old notebook because of those screenshots? KKKKKKK so low and pitful. Ok if that’s what make you so confident about hating on someone because you don’t have any real argument to support these nonsense threads and hate towards reforged. I’ll have a fix for that. Wait a little.

PS: This already proves my point that what you guys want is not to improve beta or report something constructive but it’s only to spread hate, nonsense and doubt about the project.

So what happen to your 4k? You will change the display to your laptop? Lier lieeeer.
You disturb every post about the graphics with your lier. You need ban

Says the guy who is trying to picture someone as “poor” and to make him a laughing stock. Right. You’re the cool guy kkkkkk. Pitful.

Yeah keep lier, i laugh about your cheap liers.
People think the same as me :slight_smile:

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A lot of this things is missing in this 2019 beta, so lets hope that things of quote back in final release!

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OP doesn’t seem to understand how video compression works. Grubby’s videos are HEAVILY compressed… it doesn’t take a genius to see that…

Here are better examples of what the beta actually looks like in 4k…


And here are some of those “awful” in game models we’re going to have to look at when the game is released… not sure how we’ll manage…

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dude, we play the game so isn’t necessary see a video from that guy