What happened to the graphics?

Thank you, King. I was wondering about that.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.



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The old trailer & website graphics are a lot worse, I agree. But most people here are talking about the culling demo from last Blizzcon which had a much different look to the current version and the website images/trailer.


I just saw here that graphics details are locked in “medium” for all players. So, I hope it explains the bad rendering :

More than a matter of taste, environnement and visual effects are definitely better tweaked in the 2018 demo. Also, the trees were animated, which was totally new.
Now, everything seems like a small patch on old Warcraft 3.

I agree with you, but here is my answer :


Nice find. Medium in Starcraft 2 has no advanced lighting and particle effects. It is likely the same here.



Yes, the settings being locked to “medium” makes a LOT more sense. We need to spread the word on this.


The culling demo graphics were much the same as the trailer and screenshots. Aside from the added grass it had the same ground texture resolution problems and lighting on buildings and environments that looked very dull and plastic-y. I think people are mistaking the differences between map palettes as changes. I’m sure if we were to see the culling campaign mission in the latest build it would look similarly improved.


If you call metal armor now looking like plastic “improved,” then sure.


I don’t think metal armour looks plastic now, but as I said in a previous post I think the unit lighting needs improvement.

The metal armor looks plastic to me.

It was a lot shinier and more metallic before. Now it just looks gray.


Granted all beta footage I’ve seen is from streams and videos, but I seemed to notice the opposite. That metal was very shimmery and reflective myself.

I get where you’re coming from, the lighting on the units isn’t as high fidelity now. If I were to guess the reason it was probably downgraded for performance reasons, funny since the performance is still rather poor.

I’ve been avoiding beta footage because most of it is from the datamined client.

The still images I’ve seen of the individual models definitely looked plastic to me.

This is what happens when the I don’t want anything changed kids get to express their opinion. Game still looks nice though but I also prefer the 2018 blizzcon demo looks.


Guess some graphical options are forced to medium because they didn’t optimized them at all or something?

I feel like Textures, models, animations being set to medium with 3 options only being there (low-medium-high) is a pretty big deal.

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I mean, there’s only three options in Classic War3 as well.

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Yeah, i mean that changing medium to high would probably make a difference to overall look. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully this gets sorted out before launch.

Exactly, that’s why I’m optimistic now.

Are there screenshots of what this game looks like on the lowest settings with all options turned off?

And don’t troll me with SD WC3 screenshots.