Warcraft III: Reforged Version 1.36 Patch Now Live

Hi! After patch 1.36 game performance was dropped, fps is extremely low, araund 32-58. Please fix it. THX

R7 5800, 1080ti Vsync on.

Same problem here

SAME PROBLEM, FPS DROP AS HELL since recent patch update.

unplayable , go back to 1.35 now

After the patch, the FPS dropped.

Also, revert the changes to the protection rings. I recently saw a game, Human versus Human, where the MK picked up three rings (+4, +4, +3) even before the second hero was out. He just came and killed everything. He was attacked by Footmen, AM, and Elementals, but he didn’t take any damage. He was just a tank.

Who is in charge of balancing? Hello? All the strength heroes have high HP and low armor. That’s important. And now you’ve greatly buffed them with this drop. Now it’s not a big problem to gather +20 for the same DH. And what will AM with five Footmen do against DH with 25 armor?

P.S. Have you even read the old balance patches? The rings were already buffed; it was just an underestimated item (some people understood its value). Just like the Claws were nerfed (now they can only be sold).

P.S.2. With your changes starting from patch 1.30, you made the game bland. Why did you nerf auras? They were racial specialties. Why did you make races, abilities, and units more similar? Why nerf items? (You got Claws +9, the enemy got Mana +300). And then the question is, how will you deal with Claws and Mana? There was a hunt for them; it was part of the game. Why reduce both of them? Did you achieve balance? No, just staleness. Oh, the Death Knight’s aura movement speed is higher than the Tauren’s aura, let’s trim it and make them equal. Oh, AM regenerates mana too much compared to others, let’s trim it. Oh, the Sorceress slow too much, others don’t have such a skill, let’s trim it… Let’s just leave one race and remove items from the map. In a 2v2 map, you play 1v1 and already know who your opponent is. Why? This game is about reconnaissance.

Create a survey to switch back to the 1.26 balance and make changes from there. Because what you have done cannot be fixed.

Please add comments to your balance changes.

The leg of the chair is too long-
I’ll trim it a little.
Now the leg is different,
I’ll trim it from the other end.
And now this leg-
I’ll trim it a little.
And now this leg…
Oops, I made a little mistake…

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Is blizzard and Playside going to work together? or is playside going to work alone on the Wc3 Reforged? Because if y’all let playside do all the work, isn’t that possibly going to end as bad as before? I mean playside only does android games and here they are going to work on a PC game.

45 to 60 FPS, -62 MMR for a game that I won, PC crashed after clicking on the 1v1 Season stats in my profile. I really didn’t expect Blizzard to “patch” the game and make it worse than it already was.

Whoever is continuing to make patches for this game, please fix this lag…


Not sure if this is something others experienced too but whenever I want to take a look at my season stats the game crashes.

holy cow I think they actually fixed the match recording problem.

It now appears to be true what the MMR screen says “match results will be recieved after all players have left the game” (or it ends). While I have seen the “unable to retrieve data” message, the match does still get recorded when the game concludes. So far, anyway.

My profile stats still don’t show. I have about two hundred games, but my profile shows that I’m at 10-0 and that’s all. Eventually I realized that these are stats from my Americas account that I accidentally opened once, but I don’t want to see them. At least when I’m playing on Europe server. Please, help :frowning:

I t’s not going to retroactively make data that never got recorded appear.

But every game i’ve played since this hotfix has shown up right away or within a short period of time (whenever the game officially ends).

There’s really not a lot of reason to switch regions. All games are global. It tries to match you to people in the region you select, but you’re almost always going to have some players in other regions so it doesn’t matter much in practice.Just pick one and stick with it, and when the reset occurs in june you’ll be back on track. your account data is region specific so if you don’t want to see your NA stats, then don’t connect through the NA gateway.

Well I believe the problem is that this is actually a bug:

Somehow, at least for some profiles, the lifetime stats are actually shown for the wrong region or maybe the issue is that lifetime stats are not counted accross all regions. Not sure how it was intended to work, but since we have global match making my assumption would be that the lifetime stats should then also be shown for all games across all regions.

My EU data was completely fine and I saw all of my games in my profile until I accidentally clicked on NA server. Also, nowadays I always use EU server, but my EU data doesn’t record anyway.

Exactly, this is what I’m talking about. My lifetime stats are bugged.

unfortunately there doesn’t exist any data that would allow them to fix your stats. The only options are to start fresh or ignore the lifetime stats and only look at your season stats. Even if the bug is fixed, that isn’t going to magically make the data correct.

stupid update,. I really didn’t expect Blizzard to “patch” the game and make it worse than it already was.

It was only made worse if you play maps that spawn 5000 units, so I’m totally fine with it

Not 5000,500 untis in a screen

It’s called hyperbole.