Games not shown in match history

Besides lifetime stats are not updating (my profile says 0-3 lifetime stats since release of w3 reforged) and some games are not taken into account in regard to MMR (0) or are shown as win although I loss or other way around, also some games are not shown at all in match history (4V4) and also it takes sometimes long time that match history is updated at all.

Please fix.

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Absolutely the same!!! Lifetime stats on EU server is showing statistic from the USA server. The same situation at ASIA seerver. All statistic has been taken from USA Gate. And it has been stuck completely now… I Still can play games at USA Gate and its counting there but it can not switch to another gate’s statistic! That happened after i tried PTR and then it autoswitched to America’s server, where i played few games, but when i had been switching to EU this bug accured. Please FIX THAT!!!

this actually is the issue for my account, thanks for that hint!

seems like my profile shows lifetime stats of america region, but I play on europe.

just tried it out, playing one game on america region and now i can see 0-4 (lost the game) instead of 0-3, so my account needs somehow to be fixed and linked to europe region instead of america.

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still the same today… 24-feb-24

they will never bring wc3 on a decent lvl… everything is bugged… people abusing the system to be shown high in ladder… and theres is no information from blizzard to ever fix that game