Lifetime stats doesn't show statistic of the correct region

So I already mentioned in other topics that the lifetime stats of my profile Shiblinski#2667 are not updating. Since release of W3 Reforged my profile showed 0-3 in lifetime stats. I played hundreds of games and my lifetime stats didn’t change at all - yeah, there are some games that are still not shown in match history or are counted wrong (win = loss; loss = win), but that’s a different issue.

Today I figured out, thanks to a reply from “NikoMalick” in Games not shown in match history - #3 by Shiblinski-2667 that the issue is as follows:

My lifetime stats showed 0-3 in all regions, I logged in in Europe (my standard region, that is also analogue to my blizzard profile) and played 1 game in season 3. Lifetime stats not updated. When I logged in with region america and played one game, that I actually lost, my lifetime stats were indeed updated to 0-4.

So my assumption is that either lifetime stats are not shown correctly cumulative across all regions or just my profile is connected somehow to the wrong region when it comes to show the lifetime stats. But that would mean that, regardless of the region - in my case europe - always just one region is counted at all and is shown in every region you log in. How can this be fixed or changed and what should be correct since there is global match making? As mentiond, my blizzard account is setup for europe and I normally log in to europe region when playing w3 reforged and the stats are shown from america region. At least wins on europe are counted to portraits correctly, although I see the lifetime stats from america, when logged in at region europe.

Actually got confirmation from customer support, that this seems to be a known issue (Ticket Number EU89503999): (translated)
"Basically, the display is based on the region that is played the most. I also see internally that you mainly play on EU. If this is displayed differently in the game, it is unfortunately not comprehensible from here.

I have looked at the forum posts, but unfortunately I could find comparable reports in our database. Unfortunately, customer support has no way to check or change this."

So please dear developers fix this or provide the possibility that users can change the region that shall be shown themselves! :slight_smile:


Yes, Please, Fix that! Its common bug for alot of users!

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Same problem here, I changed from Europe to America for some games and now my stats of Europe aren’t shown anymore.

So, any updates? How we can deal with this bug?

Seems like nobody cares^^

A large portion of players are on W3Champions, which is free of the issues BNET has. It’s not that they don’t care, they just have a much better solution.

Wins are not counted, my counter stay same or increase with maximum +1 or +2 wins / day

I have the same bug unfortunately. Activision Blizzard please help

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I have the very same problem. My profile stats shown are the ones I have in America’s region. I had always played most of my games in Europe region, but since I once played in America’s it always shows America’s stats, no matter what region I log into.

I am afraid most (if not all) players experience the same bug after they once played in a different region than their first one.

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Try out W3Champions. It’s highly unlikely this will be fixed as these issues have persisted since patch 1.33.

woah, how did you get a reply from cs about a known issue? All my tickets about wc3 are met with we do not have a way to communicate with the classic team on bugs/issues. Many servers went down with the last hotfix (Nov 23’) and still no updates or posts about it

Still an issue… I have my US lifetime stats visible for my main EU account. C’mon blizzfart…

Problem still exists. Please help US!

So new pacthes are coming. Dear BLIZZARD, Please, FIX THE LIFESTATS BUG FOR EURO SERVER!

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Yeap, issue still not fixed after one year of posting this. Also reforged is out over 4 years now and there are still such issues… kinda sad.

Hey everyone , I have same issue since 1 month and reading some of you are facing it a year now doesnt sound very optimistic… Interesting I have friends who play both region Americas and Europe and never had such a problem. My happened from the 1st game I played in Americas…
I wrote to Blizzard Forum but this is what they replied:

“This forum is for technical support on the Legacy Games — very old games such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. There aren’t many W3R players that come here… and since the takeover by Microsoft at the end of January 2024, there haven’t been many posts by Blizzard.”

Then they redirected me here :smiley: