Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes - Version 1.32.8


  • Breath of Frost spell effect now displays at full quality in Reforged mode.
  • Tuskarr Trapper projectile is no longer invisible in Classic mode.
  • Adjusted Priestess of the Moon’s positioning within her selection circle in Reforged mode.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Classic mode version of the Blood Wizard to not display.
  • The spell effect for Dragonhawk Rider’s Aerial Shackles is more visible in Reforged mode.
  • The spell effect for Faerie Dragon’s Mana Flare is more visible in Reforged mode.
  • The spell effect for Destroyer’s Orb of Annihilation in Reforged mode is larger, to better fit the area it affects.
  • The spell effect from Protection Scroll is more visible in Reforged mode.
  • Many units that were added in Reforged now have shadows in Classic mode.
  • Rokhan’s selection splat is now centered.
  • Alchemist’s icons now show him as having blue skin.
  • Deep water no longer shows tiles below it, consistent with Classic mode.
  • Portraits for Classic units now have consistent lighting.


  • Added obfuscation to player names in FFA games.
  • Crypt Lord - Level 2 and Level 3 Carrion Beetles hit points reduced from 330/490 to 275/410, and mana cost for Carrion Beetles ability increased from 45 to 50 across all levels.
    • Developers’ notes: While we are not doing a full balance pass in this patch, we do want to add a balance tweak. Although we like that the Crypt Lord has provided a new macro-oriented opener for Undead, we have concerns about how effectively it transitions into the mid-game, specifically with how effectively Level 2 beetles are able to harass enemy workers. At the same time, we’d like to preserve the uniqueness of the beetles; that is, that they are permanent summons and have access to Burrow. Therefore, we’re targeting their ability to tank damage. Reducing beetle hit points will require players to pay more attention to their beetles and reduce their ability to damage before being forced to burrow. Increasing the mana cost of the ability by roughly 11% hits a notable breakpoint at Levels 2 and 3 where a full mana Crypt Lord who casts Impale and then begins to summon Carrion Beetles will now have one less cast of Carrion Beetles before going out of mana. This means it can field 4 beetles at Level 2 during combat and 6 beetles at Level 3 instead of 6 and 8 respectively. This should increase mana tension on the hero and reduce the Crypt Lord’s combat viability in the early game where available mana is at a premium.

Custom Games

  • Adjusted the bottom of the Custom games lobby list to keep games at the bottom of the UI from being blocked by the buttons.
  • Added tooltips for Custom Game creation options.


  • Burrowed Crypt Fiends no longer retain their Web ability after being reanimated via Animate Dead.
    • Developers’ notes: This was a legacy bug. While a corner case scenario, it only happened to Crypt Fiends who were literally burrowed, killed then had Animate Dead cast on them, we still wanted to address this since it went against the rules of how Animate Dead is supposed to work.
  • Added a tooltip to the Disease Cloud ability on Plague Ward.

User Interface

  • Added a toast when a replay has been successfully downloaded.

Please note: These PTR Patch Notes are a work in progress and will be updated with further changes before the release of Patch 1.32.8.


The shadows added to a couple of missing standard models has nothing to do with the editor breaking the shadows from custom units btw.

(I saw that you guys forgot to list that you fixed the particle emitter bug for Classic units when iseedeadpeople wasn’t on (wisp portrait lightning for example)). Same with the slight extra transparency on Deep water (SD) making tiles visible underwater, I removed it from my thread as they’re fixed now, but the other 4 bugs are still missing!



How long is it gonna take for you guys to properly nerf this Cryptlord? Every time i read a patch note i feel like somebody wants this game to die… So many players have already retired and more will if you don’t start doing better with those. I’m a full time streamer of WarCraft III and one of the matchups (HU vs UD) makes me wanna quit


Who cares about hitpoints? Beetles are almost mana free. Problems are movement speed and burrow ability.


+1 … totaly agree with you.

I’m no 1v1 expert, but this seems like an odd fix, considering that everyone is complaining about the low beetle mana costs and burrow on lvl 2.

Also, please significantly increase cooldown of transmute and charm. Regards, the FFA community


And decrease cooldown of Firelord ultimate to match Death and Decay/Earthquake cooldown

Decrase mana cost of bladestorm, why bm has to always buy a mana pot to use bladestorm ffs ?!

What? Legendary Shingle can’t stop an ud fast expanding? I am Shocked

ToD is totally right.
If you guys don’t listen to the most of your audience and you can’t make a logical desigions by yourselves maybe you’ll listen to one of the popular streamers of your almost dead game?

Grubby waiting room
Someday he’ll write same post.

Just release a good ladder.

U lost to 6 Uds so far but u cry like if Ud is ruining ur entire live… gosh damnit…

why do you follow me around? You are almost 40. do you even play the game? Seems like your just a fan with no clue

Hate on me if you want but I think UD’s gold concept needs a re-work on top of Crypt Lord. UD all throughout WC3 (up until 1.28) was balanced around the concept of 1 UD == 2 Hu/Elf.

Now that UD can expand better than Hu/Elf, UD should get some vulnerabilities on its gold mine. Considering races like Elf has no counter for late game UD cause Elf lacks a proper Tier 3 unit.

The biggest change I want is the nerubian frost tower. That was to protect UD when UD goes 1 base vs 2 base Elf/Hu. Now that’s no longer the case, UD’s ziggs for both towers (and particularly nerubian) should be nerfed. That’s an AOE stun tower. It feels like a 50 food army when UD kites. It makes UD bases untouchable to enter and creates a boring play in which UD expoes, goes afk all game, then pushes at 80~100 food. And Elf/Hu can do nothing to actually penalize such gameplay.
Also, by adding 50 hp to zigg, ziggs unexpectedly got a repair buff. That’s also causing issues because the building seems almost impossible to destroy currently. It feels small but that small boost I feel is huge in competitive play.

Another thing is the acolytes. I think acolytes regen way too fast currently. The UD gold mine is already super cheap and fast to make along with an AOE frost tower that perma-stuns everyone. You don’t need acolytes to be regen-ing to full hp all the time.

Also, please rework necromancers in this game. No one wants to see 100000 summons in actual gameplay. It’s not fun to vs endless near-zero experience point units that cannot be dispelled because the units summon summons faster than dispel can dispel in this game.

People who play WC3 competitive play because of the micro. If people wanted massive armies just constantly dying and giving no experience points, they would be playing Starcraft instead.

We have gone from a micro game in which losing 1 unit was big in an army of ~12 to a game of “let’s summon endless stuffs that give no experience and just flood the map”: treants, wolves, serpent wards, beetles, skeletons, water elmentals, etc.

Also, piercing in every race is way too overbuffed currently. Everyones massing trolls, archers, rifles, fiends now. Piercing in this game is so overwhelming that tier 1 units have become tier 4 units.
For instance, for the cost of 140, you get a tier 4 troll headhunter. How does that make sense in this game.
All the piercing in this game need a rework (nerf). Piercing shouldn’t counter everything.

In addition, I believe EVERY AOE spell in game should have a damage cap. It makes no sense in today’s gameplay that many AOE spells have damage caps except frost nova, impale, clap, stump, etc. etc.
I hope Blizzard bases off damage caps when looking relative to spells such as breath of fire. Impale should not be impaling an entire 100 food army in fights. It already stuns. At least the damage should be capped out.


On top of all this, I want to ask blizzard,

what is wrong with having more maps available for play.

This games already lacking in maps. While many maps won’t be used for tournament use (cause of balance issues), some relatively ‘stable’ maps in the past could be an option for casual ladder play (that the user can veto out).

  1. Why not have both old Terenas Stand and new Terenas Stand. Those two have different play styles. No need to throw one out just because there’s a new version of it. After all, we are lacking in maps and those two are different enough.
  2. Maps like Secret Valley, Ancient Isles, and others.

That’s an instant 3 more maps to the map pool. Just please don’t add completely broken maps (or huge maps) in 1v1 like Lost Temple or Booty Bay or Plunder Isles.

That’s just my opinion.


Old maps removed because they are hated by almost anybody.

You guys will have to do better than this. This CL meta is BS…cmon

UD can expand better than Hu/Elf,are you joking???

You must be a few patches behind.

This isn’t 1.26 anymore.
Go search on Youtube/Twitch some:
Krav (Crypt Lord) vs Blade, Krav (Crypt Lord) vs Happy (Elf) in TS, Krav (Crypt Lord) vs Tod, Syde (dreadlord) vs Infi, Happy vs XLord (Crypt Lord), Krav (Lich first) vs Saide (Elf) and so on

Going Crypt Lord is basically a free expo. Even Happy complained about it just today about the issue with Crypt Lord and Dread Lord now with UD.
Go to r/wc3 and you can notice Happy stating:

“With CL you can went too far ahead in the beginning. If counter expand would be possible, CL would not be a problem. Because with equal skill CL is worse than standard in late game. However, the problem is you can put expand and control map. Enemy cannot counter expand. That is the trouble. That is current delusion of CL.” -Happy

If you haven’t played w3champions ladder recently, let me sum it up for you. Crypt Lord then expand then AFK all game then push 80~100 food.
Or Dread Lord then expand then swarm on peasants all day and never fully engage until 80~100 food.
And camp behind expansion and frost tower in smaller maps with nothing to creep like EI and go AFK for 20 minutes then all in 100 food push of unlimited skeletons in which the fight lasts less than a minute.

Welcome to the current meta. Thank the lords 120 still prefers DK standard style (cause it wasn’t buffed nor nerfed). But 120 beat Focus already with CL first and Infi stumps on Fly on ladder with CL expansion.
You want other heroes viable like Crypt Lord/Dread Lord? Nerf the UD expansion in some way or the other. Right now, undead just drops a frost tower in ladder and if that frost tower goes up, that’s a ‘secure’ expo.