PTR 1.32.8 feedback

Hi people i just want to give feedback about new PTR patch…

I will focuse on this few changes :

Apart of balance team that in my opinion is doing great job to the game promoting more diversity in strategies heroes units 2base play and overall gameplay…

I don’t get what is going on with blizzard support for this game… :smiley:

Dragonhawk Rider’s Aerial Shackles is more visible and in terms of looks it look average…

Faerie Dragon’s Mana Flare looks like something from Wow its not more visible (compare to original) where Faerie dragons glows much more and you see when he shots clearly…

Blizzard graphic team need to keep in mind that this is RTS not MMO so abilities need to be clear and not just look good.

Destroyer’s Orb of Annihilation don’t look good at all its not more visible it doesn’t do splash like original spell and all around look terrible…(compared to original spell)

Protection Scroll is more visible compare to older one but it’s bugged effects stay in place where you cast scroll :smiley:

I dont know what is going on while Quenching ppl overhaul almost complete game lightning assets,trees,water,grass,Units and heroes visibility changes…

After half of year we got 4 new spells that look like trash and half of them are bugged…:smiley: it’s really ironics what blizzard is doing to this epic game…

Sad but true :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you kidding me man? I literally downloaded the PTR to see what it’s all about. I’m not the type to download PTRs to ruin my own surprise, or just in case they change stuff around, but this? This was worth it! The splash damage and its aoe effect from the Destroyers are awesome! The upgraded armor icon scroll looks modern with the moving visual artwork shield icon. It’s almost like a modern rts visual art-work. Now I’mma check what the faerie dragon is all about, so I better not be impressed by it, or your post will be a complete waste of time for me for making me download the PTR and going through build-orders vs computer and all.

I’m impressed. Faerie dragons are awesome. Nuff said.

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(I am not downloading the 30gb of the PTR)


edit: I looked into it, but it doesn’t save my previous replay before-hand with the Destros and the armor icon. It only shows my previous replay which is the NE faerie one. I think someone else will post the cool pics soon though.

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it’s actually only 500mb. i guess reading patch notes is not your thing.
blizzard changed the way how classic/reforged/ptr share the same assets. reforged is the base and then for ptr u r going to download only the differences between reforged and ptr which is usually only a bunch of mega byte.

Hey bud, I took the time to make a vid of game-play with the icon armor scroll and Destroyer’s splash damage. Dat one’s for you bud. It’s in the other thread though.

true words, a few more months and dev from quenchin probably does all campaigns and spells himself in his free time if he continues while blizzard gives us monthly fixes which we need like almost none from instead of giving us useful features or monthly skins