Warcraft III Reforged PTR Updated - Version 1.32.8


wow … just wow


I thought there would be no patch.

Ladder? Custom Campaigns? New skins?


Probably in two years i guess.

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fix the low fps


Some times I wonder if they’re aware of certain bugs and could fix them right now but don’t just so they have something to fill the next months patch notes with.

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I am still waiting for custom campaigns.


Sweet! Maybe they might add the ranks in this upcoming patch down the track too!

edit: Hi Devs, I checked out the neat visual updates and I think they’re fantastic! Keep up the good-work! Also I’ve ran into a low-key minor thing that might need to be tinkered or checked out in the future. It’s something to do with resolutions. I got a high powered monitor and I like to play it to the maxed size resolution where the graphics are amazing, but for some reason it’s always a bit off for me to play it. Awhile ago I’ve complained about big monitors could be a problem and wanted a monitor that was a bit more smaller so I can see the whole screen within my peripherals, and also it always felt less responsive if I played it at full screen resolution.

I disregarded and totally forgot about the configuration problems about the ordeal of resolutions after buying a better top of the art monitor, which was only available as the same size as the previous big monitor I owned. I also thought because it was a better monitor that it would fix some feeling that makes it off-responsive somehow for being too big. The new monitor has improved my game-play quality and skills tremendously, but when reaching higher levels, it becomes even more obvious that there’s something not in sync. So I lowered the monitor resolution down (and did it for HOTS too) and it makes a world of a difference, it’s more responsive as well, but it makes the graphics a bit cartoonish or not as good on both games. This could be a similar reason to why top players play classic with lower resolution as well. Remember, at higher levels of play, every intricate thing, detail and moments matters and you can feel and see it. There might be a slight off sync if played with too big of a resolution?

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Ok, I was hoping Grubby would post a quick review on the PTR, but alas, he hasn’t. I don’t normally do it because I got lag, and streaming just adds a new dimension of lag on top of it. Still, I took the time to record a game-play vs normal AI, as I waited wayyy too long to find an opponent in the PTR. I played generically and safe, and kept my strats out of it just incase I get invited to dreamhack tourney one day. One more thing, it MAY look smoother and good on the video for some reason, but during live game-play for me, It’s very slow and delayish, and in intense fights it gets really choppy and low-key delays for me. I’d love to have proper formation with tanks in the front, and range behind and kite 99% of the time, but that’s hard with the high ping. Infact, if you watch the vid, you can see me move faster than the game itself as I want to be, but the game won’t let me lol.

Oh yeah! One more thing! Rexxar and Misha walks out of the bar only to find an Orc encampment nearby. They had to make an unruly alliance with the UD. Will they survive and fight their way out of the encampment and make it back to Lordaeron?

Please Blizzard, give us 20-100 ping! I really want to take down these WC GODS Happy, Grubby and Moon, and GODDESSES ToD.

TLDR for those that want to skim it fast and see the icons:

12:05 is when I chained the Destroyer’s damage from the statues. I made some splash damage up top.

14:30 is when I used the armor scroll in a better view. In my honest opinion, I love it! However, the old icon scroll gets in the way a bit. They should make the old armor scroll icon smaller, less brighter and stay in place for 1 second, otherwise I could just buy 2 scrolls and use them as a flash bomb lol.

Kaivax can you please urge in your team meetings and superiors the desync issue? There are multiple, seperate topics opened on this.

This one is from me, it also quantifies the issue to about 11% games ruined in 4on4 where people just drop out against their will. Today I played 8 games (2on2 AT) and 2 of these games someone dropped out. Just by luck this was versus AT teams and their allies confirmed they dropped out.

Other topics are



It was also reported to Ryan (Kan?) on W3United discord on 31st of may, 1st of june, 2nd of june, 5th of june, 7th of june, 17th of june, 23rd of june (3 seperate occurances), 24th of june (specific for CGs), 26th of june, 7th of july, 9th of july, 10th of july, 11th of july, 1st of august, and of course I notified it today because it seems the message has not come through yet.

I’ve also made a support ticket but your customer care staff was unable to fix the game for the player base.

This has to be fixed.

woops, I only realized you can play vs AI through single-player and have 0 ping. The main thing is though, at least you can see what playing with 200 ping is like. I wanted to mention it just incase players out there are wondering if you get 200 ping if you play vs AI. I just picked the wrong mode and hosted a map vs AI instead of playing against them in single player. I forgot single player mode existed.

They already addressed this before with the post about the desync finder they made.

There’s a few things to take into consideration though:

Right now:
1)Coronavirus is causing internet to be unstable everywhere so peoples internet going away for a second is enough to desync (I believe), this could be one of the causes so fixing desyncs still will desync the game sometimes.

2)In addition to the game errors causing desyncs another thing is reconnection, if they are maybe working on reconnection (which would even help people with unstable connections get back in the game), this will most surely either come in 1.33 (big patch) or maybe a slightly later patch but I expect them to maybe inform us when 1.33 hits if it doesn’t come then.

They obviously know about the issue but it will most definitely not come in a 1.32.x patch those are just temporary fixes till 1.33 comes

The Blood Wizard… is the entire work on WC3 outsourced to people, who don’t speak English and don’t know the original names for the characters and units?

LoL, I am wondering what new names we’re gonna get for those… I mean, if those features ever come back…


I think he means Renegade Wizards defeated by Kael’thas as he tried to repair observatories during HumanEx mission “Misconceptions”

That are vast assumptions and track record is not on your side. They also failed to get all maps to drop rings +3 instead of rings +2, this patch happened 1.5 years ago. They just lazy AF. This is a 2020 game, release was postponed, and after 8 months we still lack basic functionallity from legacy; e.g. the ability to play games.

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