Warcraft III: Reforged PTR Patch Notes - Version 1.32.8

Honestly, burrow should be removed from beetles.


Lol… really Blizzard? even pros are complaining with how bad this has become can’t you see you’re literally kicking a dead game at this point…

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Does the only balance change mean that according to Blizzard the balance is perfect and we can take no other steps to improve? XD Thats absurd, Blizzard has ZERO clue on what to do with this game xD


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its not meta. meta is set by pro’s . not by noobs or semi’s

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Tnx for the heads up, could you also include the following when going live:

  • Massive amount of desyncs (about 11%) in 4on4 RT


  • Joinbugs which result in losses in the to-be profiles
  • Fulborg Mountain: left bottom spawn aggro’s on scout farms
  • Last refuge: murlock camp and troll camp on north side are often aggro’ed by each other
  • Gnoll Wood: 7/8 oclock shop gnoll camp may aggro nearby green camp
  • Fulborg Mountain: still drops rings +2 (reported over 2 months ago).
  • High latency games for no apparent reason (I presume 3 EU + 1 Asian can still select asian server).
  • Invisible units in classic settings have increased transparency compared to actual classic; making it more difficult to see if, for example, blademaster, priestess or mortars are really invisible
  • Rejuvenation ability is poorly visible when casted upon friendly units.
  • Synergy: shop creeps on the right side of mid may aggro nearby gnoll camp or vice versa
  • Centaur grove: troll camp close to north of tavern attacks rallied units
  • Various maps stilld do not have critters
  • Many various chat channels, all named ’ w3 general’ exist
  • Custom games are not cross realm hosting, appears that versus games still are, causing lower player base for CGs and high ping games for competetive players)
  • Replays still flip ascending/descending order after watching one
  • Many clicks needed to even go watch a replay if not directly after the game
  • Report functionality only available directly after game, but also seems lame (not ever I’ve heard any action was taken based on potential reports; does this even do anything?)
  • Blizzard observer no longers appears in all replays
  • Replays still show own chat twice
  • Unable to see which race my AT allies have selected
  • Many clicks needed to host a game, veto maps e.g. -> very ineffective use of space / allround terrible UI outside of the game
  • Custom game map previews still not available
  • Read messages still appears as new in the blizzard launcher social tab
  • Single ISP package loss causes disconnects --> where is the classic grace period or 2008 functionality to rejoin a game?
  • Campaign settings still only saved locally in a 2020 game
  • Basic game commands such to check time still don’t work

Creep AI has been altered;
e.g. Maruk Deepseers now summon minnions when aggro’ed, instead when damaged
e.g. scorpions on fulborg mountain now persistently keep targetting grunts over wolves, even refocus after succesful redirect (no posion by creeps, i.e. poison spread section of the AI does not apply here).
e.g. trolls have a hart time obeying the mechics/laws relative to other creeps, altho all creeps seem slow in reponse compared to classic.
Not saying this is not allowed; but at least transparently disclose this information.

Please note these are just from the top of my head and some must be literally a couple of minutes of works to fix and have been reported multiple months ago. Please hire some additional interns, we want this game to be good. Tnx.


Wow those are some GIANT Crypt Lord nerfs…

Players already have him figured out. Human can just steal the beetles with breakers, use magic sentry for invis detection. All you need is 1 caster near base and you will get a constant flow of free exp from summons. Human can just go Gryphon/Dragonhawk, use Cloud against UD towers and harass Acolytes while Creeping the map. TH000 already showed how to do it. Thats why asians were not playing CL. Orc just abuses mass Troll Berserkers with Spirit Link since that unit is too strong anyway.

How about you nerf overtuned units instead?

Archers -15 HP and -1 damage from Marksmanship. Elf has been playing mass Archers for so long against Orc. Now they start playing Orb of Venom, Archers + MG vs Human and Mass Archers also works against Undead. The unit is overtuned and should never have been buffed. Making the same unit all game is terrible design and boring to watch.

Troll Headhunters need their HP buff reverted. Go back to 345 Hp instead of 375. They already received a range increase, which is what everyone suggested. Now Troll Berserkers have stats of 3 supply unit but cost 2 supply and low ressources. This unit is massively overpowered, way too high stats for too little cost. Orc can just spam it vs UD and deny Destroyers (which you also nerfed, along with statues) to make UD vs Orc matchup worse than it was, and Orc has been destroying UD since forever.

Things missing in this patch:

  • Gargoyle AI still not fixed, still attacking ground over Air. You promised this would get fixed with Reforged, but you lied.
  • Hero skins from campaign not available in multiplayer even though you advertise it. Another giant lie.
  • No ladder, no profiles, no clans, not automated tournaments
  • Frost Wyrms are still garbage unit. Remove Sacrificial Pit requirement, increase attack range, reduce stats slightly, reduce cost and supply cost to make it more accessible.
  • Necromancers are still a garbage unit. Make a proper rework. Build up from the last one. Cripple, Raise Dead, Unholy Frenzy (not the incite one). Buff Cripple, reduce mana cost, make it a useful spell. Reduce HP drain on unholy frenzy.
  • Give meat Wagons armor upgrades, they don’t benefit from any armor upgrades. But Demolishers do. Increase their HP. They are the worst siege unit in the game and no one uses them.
  • Make Animate Dead a non-Gargabe ultimate. Raised units need full abilities, full upgrades if researched. Last more than 45 seconds, not be invulnerable so they can tank damage but immune to dispel.

^ Your post is a typical example of so much bias that anyone who reads it both knows your race and your temper : (


Nerf MK clap dmg or cd more nerf idk but this too nerfed.
So now undead: nerf acolyte remove 1 armor to 0 and attack from 9-10 to 7-8 that units or workers at acolye guys from Blizzard or what is this? nerf acolyte. Look it how acolyte can easy kill in 1 vs 1 archer lol and 100 acolytes vs 100 archers 100 archer lose lol! Worker kill unit wtf this is
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H6v4YV8zeY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqLkKKZYjT0&list=PL72mFHQ9oosvQ3iU-SsPWt7SAJVV3lAb7&index=4 and nerf hp regen for acolyte on blight from 4 to 2 in per second this imbalance guys.
So also nerf DL damage by carrion swarm and Lich nerf nova slow because this hero have so many spells nerf damage or slow at this hero and frost armor and slow: Armor3/5/7 this so huge guys for 1 hero because every game all races plays vs 3 undead heroes so for what for undead army? Also nerf Crypt Lord thx for clown fiesta after 1.32 patch and nerf Carrion Beetles nerf this joke. Also nerf speed by gargs or nerf this unit because all races cant overtake they with air army. So also nerf Necromancer and nerf Ice tower zikkurat and necropolis nerubian ice and remove armor for zikkurats from 5 to 3 maybe idk and gold cost for necropolis from 225 to 260. Also nerf Sacrificial Skull do it cold cost big from 50 to 100 or 85 idk and Rod of Necromancy Skeleton Warrior Hit Points decreased from 180 to 160 please because for human so hard defend in base or on expand.
So now about orc needed more nerf stomp at TC because 1s cd was no good needed more nerf cd or damage idk but nerf this. Also guys back fortified on t3 because orc have Reinforced Defenses and Spiked Barricades on T2 it’s too much for one race. And i just dont understand for what was that nerf guys : Devour can target Mountain Giants without Resistant Skin. Because all elf platers 1) grade Resistant Skin 2) massed Mountain Giants, so i think needed delete this for Kodo beast.
Please guys from the balance team do this I just want the game to be balanced and everyone was on equal terms.

Dude archers no needed nerf for they needed buff hp and +1 damage from Marksmanship

the videos are stone old and acolytes got nerfed again since the good times when proxy aka forward necropolis acolyte dreadlord was fun and playable.

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My name is Matt. I’m glad most of the kinks to Warcraft Reforged have been solved but I have a suggestion for your developers. I enjoy maps where players do not know where their adversaries are coming from (meaning more than two mines can serve as starting bases in 1v1). Currently, there are only Nomad Isles, Twisted Meadows and Turtle Rock. Previously, there were several other medium and large maps in 1v1 including Hidden Temple and Centaur Grove. Could some more large maps please be added back in? The matchmaking algorithm also skips the 3 available maps disproportionately compared to small maps. Thank you.

Hello dear blizzard developpers.
I like much war3, and looking for make AI script, but the AI tester dont work right now (always orc appear and the script even dont run during the AI tester)
will be so glad to got corrected!

thanks you!

Damn Blizz, how can u continue ignoring the community for 7 month now? i am rly impressed by your GREAT COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT you patch exactly the stuff the community has asked for: oh wait…and there is w3champions

At least it’s better then last patch with the music only playing once fix. :joy:

The editor is also buggy:

  1. Is not in German.
  2. Adding a sound causes the editor to crash
  3. Is not in German.
  4. Is not in German.
  5. Is not in German.
  6. Is not in German.
  7. Is not in German.
  8. Has not been in German for 8 months.
  9. That was in German for years.
  10. That was in German for years.

Correct. These unskilled forum posters think they know better.

CL is meta now.

120 beat Focus on GCS in EI with CL first.
And beat Focus and Lyn in AWL with CL.

Happy is taking losses to sudden surge of Undead players in this patch including Krav/xLord/etc.

WFZ/120/Infi/Lawliet/TH000/Lyn all go Crypt Lord in Netease ladder now.

If anything, the players that claim ‘it’s not meta’ are the real noobs who don’t follow pro scene.

Asia simply adapted slower than Europe: Europe was just playing the meta ahead of its time.
Even Grubby is complaining how imbalanced Crypt Lord is now stating that the game is decided by ‘Undead playing bad’ and not the opponent playing better cause it seems there’s no counter in certain MU in certain maps.

The fact that you get an entire army of units at start of game is a mistake in this game. There has to be some sort of penalty. And with acolytes/gold mine/frost tower being superior in comparison to other races when it comes for expanding in this game, these undead heroes that make expanding easy early game is breaking game balance.

If you want CL and DL in the game as first heroes, you need to nerf UD expoes (the cost of making one and the effectiveness of frost tower and the ridiculous health regen of acolytes along with the 600 hp towers [and its repair rate]).
Also, no race should be able to summon an army at start of game: or at least, each race should have some weakness.


who cares about the editor not being in german?

does the editor change daily so you can’t remember what each function does?
do you forget to speak english as soon as you start the editor?

This is a better fix then nerfing it all together.