Unfinished graphics of reforged

ok the community doesn’t want changes and blizzard paid attention to it and that’s why … changed absolutely everything to add bugs.

Yes of course it is the fault of the community.

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So, the “community” asked for no changes? I wonder what the extremely low scores, severe criticisms of 99.9% of players mean …
Only a madman prefers the current graphics over the Demo graphics. His comment makes no sense and what Blizz did was completely hateful.


I won’t teach you how to read or interpret a text. If the replies i’ve shown until now are not of people saying they don’t care about or don’t want the new graphics then there’s nothing more i can say to you. I won’t stay here trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced nor can deal with facts, it’s like talking to a door. If you want to deny the proofs even when they’re in front of your eyes i suggest you to get medical help. If

are not people telling to scrap the changes and clearly saying #Nonochanges, then pay a visit to your psychiatrist. You are denying the reality, denying facts and only crazy people do that. You said

None of the links you provided asked for #nonochanges. Are you this desperate to defend Reforged? That you would post blatant lies?

YOU are the one clearly lying. Go waste someone else’s time.

Probably because they are unfishished.

Not only that, Reforged doesn’t even cause sensations that are pleasing to Blizzard’s coffers.

How funny it is, that you linked a thread, that was speaking up FOR changes in lore. And, by the way, this link is talking about LORE, NOT GRAPHICS. And even then, you found two comments, at least one of which is arguably trolling. Again, you are not providing what you claim there’s plenty of. You are still a liar.


Exactly ni chang was only Lore.
Because the current lore is bad we don’t trust the writing team.

I don’t know where you are coming from, but this is not true for advertisement in Germany. Especially for food there is a big difference between what is shown on the packing and what actually is inside… It is more of a ‘this is how your product may look if you add certain ingredients and add special decorations and prepare it in a certain way’ version than a promise. As blizzard did with their product this is also stated as a serving suggestion, but clearly often you didn’t even see their product but photoshopped stock pictures.
An advertisement is never a promise nor is a preview trailer one!

Nevertheless they had a clause saying that the product is not finished and things can change, which kills all ‘they promised…’ arguments. They probably had problems with their different GFX eating even more ressources than atm or whatsoever…

I like the new GFX for playing the campaign and SP or custom games, because the HD models really are looking impressive and way better than these 100 poly old models (although I really liked the old GFX and the art style), BUT it really makes it harder to recognize and differentiate between your and your enemy units in big fights. I agree that this is a big issue in a MP game and that because of this issue they are not as suitable as old GFX.

This is what was asked of you. You haven’t been able to produce that. LOL…

These ones are a little better, but I must admit I was really laughing when you quoted this “Honestly graphics are not priority but pathing” as an example of people being against the graphic changes

Denying what facts? What hatred? Resorting to insults now? Look at what you are linking. Are you even reading those comments, and threads? Look:

As someone who’s looking forward to the classic lore just as much as the classic gameplay

Again talking about the lore. And this comment is the closest one you managed to find…

so I’d suggest instead an option to disable the 12 unit selection limit

Talking about unit selection limit. And he’s ok with this limit being changed as long as there’s an option to switch between…

Just to clarify, I’m not opposed to updating graphics at all.

The post is criticizing the new graphics, not claiming he doesn’t want the changes. He was perfectly for changes, just that the artstyle would fit Warcraft better.

Whether you like HOTS or not. The new map, Alterac Pass, showed respect and upgrade to the Warcraft III old art style. In a totally different game they show respect.

Same thing as before. Not saying that he doesn’t want change, but a more fitting new graphical style.

Same. The graphics don’t look good. I prefer the current graphics. The cutscene looks weird.

Where did this guy say he doesn’t want changes? Again, criticizing current new graphics.

And the same is with the last one. You are literally quoting every single person criticizing anything about Reforged… Most of those people you are quoting are not even against changes, especially in graphics. They are asking for fixes, for something, that fits better.

Only two of your links even had this “#no changes”… And even then, they merely wanted an option to switch between old and new. Something that Blizz promised to implement.

Not only does this make you look disingenuous, but you also resorted to insult me… Great job to make yourself look mature and your arguments - valid… Not.


I won’t go back in the past to make people say exactly what you’re asking now. But i’ve shown many comments that say the same. And i won’t teach you how to read a text or interpret one. Regarding the comment you quoted, i’ve shown comments that both don’t care and don’t want the new graphics, i’m pretty sure you saw it but you prefer to deny they exist. Again i won’t teach you how to read or interpret a text, so good luck with your stubborness and denial. This is a medical issue, you should seek help.

Lie as much as you want, the hashtag is there, the comments of people saying that they don’t want the changes are there, you just need to read it. Denying reality is a sign of mental illness. Get help. And that’s enough, if your next replies will be just you saying youre not seeing what it’s in front of your eyes i’ll ignore.

I requoted every link you showed me. I am not denying anything. I am literally showing you what those threads, and comments, linked by you, are saying.

You did not even bother to read them before quoting, didn’t you?


Your rants about mental illness, medical issues seriously strike me as a psychological projection. Ironically, yea: you do need to learn how to read and interpret text, apparently.


It seems to me that YOU need help, because for some day you can’t understand what this topic is, and what I ask you to give as an example, and give out completely different things for you, just like a Blizzard.


Right, don’t mix things up now… We were talking about the 2018 trailer which clearly stated that the product is not final. After the presentation also someone was interviewed and clearly stating that the final product can still change. It was a first showoff and announcement trailer. False advertisement only applies when advertising an already finished product with major differences between the advertised product and the actual product and can’t be applied to announcement trailers!

You are talking now about the trailer which was advertising the game on their website and has been removed (for a good purpose) since shortly after the release, aren’t you?

You are talking now about the trailer which was advertising the game on their website and has been removed (for a good purpose) since shortly after the release, aren’t you?

Yes, i dont have the exact date when it was taken down, but it was something like 2 weeks after release. So it was online before and after release, with no “not final” disclaimer but a “buy now” button right next to it, clearly advertising features and content not in the game.

backup: X___https://i.redd.it/bj03go7e4de41.jpg

After reading your posts, I think you’re the last person to be suggesting medical help to others.


Blizzcon 2018 Demo lighting: Blizzcon 2018 ReShade (final version (for now))