Subject to Penalty Under 15 U.S. Code § 54 (False Advertisement Law)

First, understand your rights:

Generally, false advertising laws say that consumers have proved their case if they show: (a) that the advertising was false or misleading; (b) that the falsity was “material,” often meaning the company lied about something important; (c) the consumer saw the false advertisement; and (d) the consumer relied on the false advertising in purchasing the product or service.

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The biggest evidence of False Advertisement (ie “bait and Switch”) is seen here, in The Culling of Stratholme video. Note that Pre-orders were available prior to this footage being seen, and Blizzard allowing this footage out is a form of advertisement:

Hope this educates some people.


_Warcraft III: Reforged

Said footage is still currently being used as advertisement for the game. As well as there is a list reading

“4+ hours of reforged cutscenes” (of which there are roughly over 2 minutes in the form of Arthas vs Illidan’s cutscene)

This borders on the scam. The game is continuing to be sold under these premises Blizzard is no longer delivering on.

I hope they will be held accountable and swiftly so.


i made a lot of trash posts just for the fun but now i have to be serious

yes i really do think what they are doing with reforged is a criminal activity
thats how far things have gone in the gaming industry

its time governments start to involve themselves; just like they did with fallout76



Having Government involved with gaming would mean government influence on game development as in what and how they want the game to be made, even at the expense of artistic vision.

Things like government demanded censorship and such.


From my understanding, the media covered things from the time the cut scene was first shown, till now, the fact that the devs decided to change it, because it was bad, you should document yourself more on the matter.


Blizzard is complete trash nowadays.


i literally dont know where to start to point out how wrong you are
when companies start to break the law the government has to involve itself
no decent human beeing would question that

when fallout 76 was new the company tried to refuse to accept refunds
but it is written in the law that you are allowed to refund things u buy
so the , i think australian, government had to force them to give people refunds

you should grow up and stop beeing a little fanboy


I’m shocked tbh. I mean the game is crap yes, but releasing it without ladder…? Are you kidding me?


With this logic, assume I was to sell you a hoover you really wanted to clean around your house with. When the delivery gets to your door and you open the box, it’s a brush instead, because I decided the hoover was bad.

Well, get to sweeping, you’re not getting your hoover.

Does this sound proper to you?


It was known …

…but how is the game crap? Serious question. Just type everything you think that makes W3 Reforged crap!

I’m waiting.

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My disappointment was immeasurable once I found out there are no “4 hours of reforged cutscenes” apart from tiny bits here and there where an actor crouches or so. The actors don’t even have facial expressions.



All you need to do is take a look at the general forums.

This was my bit. Scrolling isn’t that hard.

There are dozens of topics booming with the negative feedback the game is receiving, don’t pretend there aren’t simply because you don’t share the same qualms.


Your comparison is flawed, when you purchase, let’s say a hoover, from an authorised retailer, you get a receipt of the item you purchased, with a general description, but before you even proceed to buy the item, there are other specification which you might be in your interest to read.

This is different from purchasing a digital item, when you agree to pay a sum for this game for example, on the shop page of the battlenet app, you get system requirements and some description on the game, unless the said cut scene is expressly mentioned on the buyers page, and in fact, is not in the game, then it would be a problem, if not, what you see is what you get, if you followed the devs closely, you would know, as far as things are now, blizz has no contractual obligation to include that cut scene in the game.


_Warcraft III: Reforged

“4+ hours of reforged cutscenes” (of which there are roughly over 2 minutes in the form of Arthas vs Illidan’s cutscene )

Reading comprehension is a difficult thing. You’re not holding Blizzard to the same conditions of scamming you have just now described.


LOL! So all this buzz over a screen-shot ? And how the grass is ugly ? and some cut scenes and angles? Wow! Anything else?

I love the graphics btw …


Depending on your definition of “cut-scene”, a “cut-scene” can be any sequence in a video game that is not interactive, breaking up the gameplay.

Can you prove there are less than 4 hours of cut scenes in the game?

Guess you have a lot of work on your hands, go and play.

Maybe you should check the link I sent. Next to that statement there is this video:

Fully rendered CGI cinematics and cutscenes using the in-game engine are different medias. This was what we were told we would have, this is what we received:

You may be satisfied regardless, but to deny the difference between the advertised product and the delivered one is purely bias in Blizzard’s favour.


You are intentionally being disingenuous here.


Oh so now we are debating the semantics between cinematics and cut-scenes?

All I can say now, nobody cares, im throwing my hands up and laughing, would be a hilarious case to debate in court

Are you from Blizzard stuff? That was not expectation. Single Player mode is disappointment for most of us