New engine for true remaster

I mean, at least I know what I like, I don’t just try to win arguments by picking whatever piece I can and latching onto that, regardless of how true it actually is.

Also nice, childishly throwing some patriotic symbolism in to try to look better :slight_smile:

At least I know how low your bar is set.

Shouldn’t you be playing kick the can? Was a classic back then.

Oh no my standards are quite high, they start at “Wintermaul” and end at “Tower Defense”

Or “DBZ” and end at “Tribute”

Come back to me when Dota or SCII have those, kay?

Some of us play games for gameplay, not for shiny glitter that grows old in a day.

If you can connect.

I mean if you want to keep showing you haven’t actually played the game be my guest, but pointing out day 1 issues that were gone by day 2 isn’t going to make a worthwhile argument.

Pointing out the rest of the issues will do just fine.

Well you’re doing a great job at that aren’t you?

I’ll just keep playing those “broken custom maps” that are somehow not broken. You know, since most of them aren’t.

oh look someone is going to be an armchair lawyer now! How adorable!

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Yes, actually.

I mean, showing your side of the argument doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about by citing things that aren’t reflective of what’s currently in the game really is a great job

Here’s your gold star

I mean i’ll go ahead and make your next argument for you, you’ll say something like “you know what else isn’t currently in the game?” and link the reforged advertisement page.

Proven wrong and multiple times.

Like Blizzard does?

rofl I literally knew you were going to link that.

And when did you prove you know what you’re talking about? When you said things that aren’t currently in the game and instead of denying it you just linked other things that aren’t in the game? :slight_smile:

And on that website?

This video.

This post, right here.

Nothing I said is false. Prove it wrong. Like I proved you wrong to where you’re getting angry and red faced.

Enjoy the crap game, don’t try to say it’s not crap, because nobody will ever, ever believe you.

I think we already got across I don’t actually care about the campaign.

I think we already got across that it doesn’t magically make it objectively a better game.

No, just for you. You personally.

I’m the one who’s red faced? Aren’t you the one who started going in a circle to the point someone could literally guess the next thing you were going to say? To the point you stopped making your own arguments and started linking false advertisement laws?

Like you are?

Arguments that I won and you childishly reject.

Next drone. This one is quite out of things to say.

I mean, of course i’ll respond to the same argument if you give it to me twice. Maybe I won’t answer in a circle if you don’t argue in one?

This isn’t Circle TD after all.

I’m not the one who started cherrypicking points and saying


You contested that they didn’t kill years of custom maps. I proved that they have, and you admitted right here:

Thanks for playing.

So you are also going to argue that 10 == 100?

It’s hard to argue that years of custom maps are killed, while someone is literally playing custom maps that are in some cases years old.

That’s the definition of cherrypicking an argument. Taking something out of context to imply something much greater than it actually was.

I mean I can literally go into wc3 right now and show you lists of custom map lobby’s right now. The proof that custom maps work is literally in eyesight.

You’re overcomplicating you moving your goalpost back.

No, that wasn’t your argument. The original argument was whether any were broken.

Thanks for playing.