Blizzard, you proved the naysayers right

I’ve been silent this far throughout the course of the beta, having the flickering hope that you were about to pull a miracle with this release in delivering to expectations.

After all, as most like to say:

“Beta is beta”

I used to share that belief, even when the forums were absolutely boiling with people (rightfully) outraged at the standard you presented the Reforged Beta, because they feared this was how you were going to release this supposed ‘revival of the RTS’.

You made every fear about your quality come true, you proved every doomsayer right. About the light effects, about the shaders, about the lack of some models (DK and DH hero), about nearly everything.

Screenshot taken using max graphics:


Baffled doesn’t come close to describing the scale of my surprise in how low you’ve dropped your bar nor the depth of my disappointment in what I thought would be and you advertised as ‘the great rebirth of a masterpiece’.

Kind regards from someone who liked to define himself a Blizzard fan. For shame.


There is nothing more to say.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how dies a great company.


Im a bit outraged by the graphics and Im not even the type that cares much about looks whether a paladin has high shoulder pads and what not…

And I agree, like if I watch this screenshot right there… ALL it needs is some color toning down. Im watching Grubby stream on campaign how is this UGLY green not bothering anyone??

It annoys me… I saw terenas Stand (it is not lordaeron summer, idk city scape or something) … Classic Terenas Stand dark green looks better than this yellow-green lime color grass. WTF

And trees, some are good others are sooo bad quality

Arent these colors:

MUCH EYE FRIENDLIER… Im saying this as a melee player. Watch at MS Paint Lime Green color for minutes… bright green… well it aint very pleasant.


Quel maledetto doppiaggio napoletano. Per quanto su WoW mi faccia ridere su warcraft 3 mi fa solo star male.

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I can’t play until I finish work.

Saw this post and screenshot and got concerned.

Watched a few mins of Grubby’s campaign stream and got excited - it looks great there?

Now you made the colors lifeless and dull and brown

I guess im going back to just playing Sc2. Shame. I watched a couple of streams and not impressed at all.

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No it doesn’t look great in campaign. Some people can’t even play it.

The graphics even at max are not good.


His stream looks pretty good? Res looks sharp

This doesn’t compare at all with what was showcased at Blizzcon 2018.

No cutscenes using the in-game engine, no improved UI, shaders or lighting, the product advertised is nearly unrecognizeable from what has just been released.

The characters in the portraits lack shadows to such an extent that their faces look dead and plastic.

I stayed up late to get a chance to experience Reforged immediately, this is what I was greeted with. After playing through the first few missions, I got the gist of how things were going to play out and I signed myself off.

I wanted to enjoy the game and be excited, I really did, I’m sorry Blizzard put me in the situation to deliver this kind of feedback while feeling so let down.


I may have less framerates than he does, therefore my game may not run as smooth as his does, but the graphical quality remains the same.

This a shot from above:


My settings set to max (in Italian, but I think it remains understandable):


Admittedly, the map from above doesn’t look as bad as whenever a cutscene plays out (plastic-looking portraits are still there), but it’s still lacking and the cutscenes shouldn’t look anywhere near that awful.

This, this was the quality of the cutscenes that was advertised to us, not what you see in the screenshot.


That screenshot looks good to me to be honest. I appear to be easier to please

Now I know what this game’s graphics remind me of… it reminds me of the PS1 game Jak and Daxter dating 2001.

That may be the case and I envy you on that, but you cannot deny the discrepancy in quality between one version and the other.

Look at the lighting effects on Arthas’ armour in the trailer, how the sunlight reflects on his plates, the shadows that enable his face not to look like a plastic mask.

Let me send you a picture of Arthas’ face as it appears in the actual release for comparison:


I cannot be the only one seeing this.

Yeah - it doesn’t look quite as good, you’re right.

But it’s nothing upsetting for me. Hopefully they patch as they go but I think I’ll be satisfied based on what I’m seeing.

Who knows, that might change when it’s actually in front of me. Can’t play for a while yet.

I’ve said this since the beginning on that goofy looking highlighter green, how some of the orcs looked like dreamworks characters and the oversaturated grass and everything clashed with the higher model detail.
Yet we had tons of people somehow seeing this and screaming for yet more saturation(I guarantee if you were to show these mouth breathers orc models side by side from classic and reforged they’d be surprised to see that the reforged is far MORE saturated and colourful, more similar to WoW.)
Many of the updates to palettes/textures and tilesets were actually increased in brightness and saturation to appeal to these idiots.
They seriously need to add a saturation slider for those of us that want something that isn’t this highlighter colour vomit.(Anime Thrall; never forget.)

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Your AA doesn’t look as strong as mine does, weird.

Is this Gears of War?

I’m on an RTX 2060 with an i5-9600K processor with 16 GB of RAM and the game installed on an SSD. It’s running smooth as silk aside from weird menu stuff that’s more the game than my PC because it’s half-loading load screens sometimes.

I totally expect to run on SSD. Smooth silk is a subjective feeling, what FPS does you rig actually get in what resolution?

Not really when I have vsync on and a stable 60.

With vsync disabled, it’s averaging about 130 FPS at 1920x1080 with full settings.

For me 60 fps is really choppy and not smooth in any regards. As an example I play Starcraft 2 with 144 fps with 144 Hz and FreeSync. Also vsync adds a lot input lag - for me unplayable.

Well then atleast you are not experiencing the broken engine. As I get 40 FPS with settings set on max. Difference is I play in 1440p and not 1080p. But should still not get 1/5 of the frame rate.

I’ll just wait for Blizzard to patch this beta game then.

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