Reforged to Blizzcon or Bye forever

If there’s no announcement about Reforged at Blizzcon in February, that’s going to change in the near future.
I will switch to DreamHeaven as soon as a game appears there.
Because they will certainly deliver a good game.

Then I’ll leave Blizzard forever.
Because I won’t let them fool me for over 1 year.


They might do something for the One Year Anniversary, 28 - 29 January, but that is only a speculation, of course. Who knows?


If you don’t have much to lose (A pre built community of dedicated people and whatnot) you mightaswell go.

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They didn’t do anything good with Reforged in anniversary for 15 years of wc3! What do you expect of one year of destroying war3? They couldn’t keep announced thigs from blizzcon 2018 and you expect from them to remember somehow the most shameful release date?


I expect nothing but somehow I know I will be disappointed again.


somehow I still keep a little hope to save this game. as same as what happened when Diablo Immortal announced which ruin all legacy of Diablo’s work. next BlizzCon they rescued the community by announcing Diablo 4, who knows!


I’m with you man I’m not giving it any longer then that; been very patient now it’s time to refund.


I don’t take it as a good sign that in J. Allen Brack’s Blizzconline announcement video, all the games were mentioned and covered except warcraft 3 reforged . . .


Well if they don’t announce a big and I mean BIG fix at blizzconline than I will just place everything I have related to Blizzard into a nice “witches bottle” as my mother calls it and hope that Blizzard gets Month after month of landslide financial hardship forcing Activision to cut their loses and get rid of blizzard, and if Dreamhaven buys blizzard and announces they will undo this nightmare and make up for it than I will destroy said witches bottle. I mean my mother put one together against 3 young men who bullied me for most of my life and they are now the ones being bullied So it must work. I don’t believe in coincidences, just like I don’t believe in NO win situations.


the game is dead.

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Here’s what i’m hoping about what will happen. Blizzard will realise that it’s been northing but a bad reputation and a money loss and they’ll then sell the cds and allow those who have the games already from years ago to play the real warcraft 3 again which would make blizzard trust able again

I sorry to burst your bubble, but Blizzard is technically no longer in charge, Activision is. They bought blizzard out I don’t know how long ago. The only possible way for blizzard to start earning the fans trust back is the be sold by Activision to someone else (Hope AND Prey its Dreamhaven if and when it happens) and for J. Allen Brack to either get fired or just leave the company. If they get sold they can do what needs to be done to get us back. Until than Activision is basically calling the shots now.

I say this because (if you all remember back at blizzcon 2019) that fake apology J. Allen Brack made, was just PR talk. He said “WE will do better going forward. Our actions are going to matter more than any of these words.” any one remember that? Well Warcraft 3 Reforged is still a 0.6 on the metacritic score. If the devs really read the forum’s and did THEIR REASERCH they would see that and look at their boss and say “Look we need more resources to save this game. If you can’t give that too us or wont than we will let the fans know and we will leave”. Having the whole dev team tell us that the corrupter has cut the cord so to speak and than announce the whole dev team is leaving Blizzard and moving to say Dreamhaven might just be what blizzard need to wake up. having an whole development team leave the company and go to a company that has some of the former vets of Blizzard would not be good for business. Hell 9/10 diehard fans would see that and that start questioning. If that than spread to the other games like starcraft 2 or diablo than “Huston we have a problem”. let us hope this scenario actually happens soon. The sooner Dev team start leaving to work for dreamhaven the sooner sales take a dive, the sooner Activision realizes the fans just “torpedoed their ship” and its time to abandon it or be taken down with it.


I always keep seeing this. DreamHeaven? What’s that?

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What wow failed to become.

At least he feels the same frustration we all feeling

Don’t be so hard in Blizzard. They only earn 6.5 billion USD a year and you can imagine it is hard to compete with a bunch of volunteers of W3Champions that put in hours after their actual job and family life, even if you had a 2 year lead.

The fact is: whatever the F blizzard now pushes, it will look like a joke compared to what the community themselves have build. They (Blizzard) basically gave up on this game and lets the community have it. Though, for legal reasons, they will never admit that.


A new company started by Mike Morhaime recently. It’s already got several former Blizzard employees working for it.

Basically, it’s shaping up to be the spiritual successor to Blizzard Entertainment and one of their goals is to, and I’m paraphrasing here, not sell their souls to larger corporations and keep their focus on making good games.


Yes but If they had the spine to Delay the game further and Say its not Ready, and list the features still not implemented. I honest to god think they would not have had the type of backlash they have gotten. Yes they may have had impatient Children complaining but nothing like what they got.

Exactly. I only hope that The Reforge Dev up and quit and join Dreamhaven. than the other Game’s and their Dev’s follow suit after each game ends up with a year or more of hardship, below normal sales, and below average player actually playing the game world wide except in a few countries full of diehards. Maybe than Blizz will wake up and see their company is digging its own grave.

I still wish Morhaime had taken the StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo IP’s with him when he left. We could have gotten something decent out of those from Dreamhaven.


Well we can only hope that Vicarious Visions will do a better job than Lemonsky

There could be a tiny shell of a chance we could see some progress on Reforged since the article says:

Vicarious Visions team of about 200 people will be employees of Blizzard and "fully dedicated to existing Blizzard games and initiatives

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