Reforged to Blizzcon or Bye forever

They won’t.


At least is something. We don’t get news from Blizz nor they will ever announce merging with other studios. Yes or No is better than dead silence that we’ve been put for the last 6 Months+

Problem is, it’s still Activision. Expecting quality from them is like expecting a tornado to stop sucking things up.


There are ways to go to classic with different servers but people just doesn’t do that anymore. Last time I check there was like total of 400 users playing 1.26a or 1.27b.

As for quality I’m fine if I have reconnect option. I don’t mind using classic graphics which 99,99% of the players use Classic Graphics not Reforged


you what?

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It was a quote from the article I posted while I was searching in the internet

I uninstalled and bought 2 of the Original Warcraft 3 Battle Chest sets off of Amazon. there is one prices at $119.99 but if you look at the “New & Used” you can find (right Now) 33 other most of them used, some are Collectible- Very Good or Collectible - Like New from the lowest price being $19.45 and the highest being $139.99. Until Blizz gets their act together I am going to update my battle chest to 1.27b or what ever the one was before the pre reforge crap hit and forced it on the the launcher

They take money from Tencent. I hate that everyone seems to oversee this


I’ll never dig this idolatry about Mike Morhaime we see on the Blizzard community.

What makes people believe Dreamhaven will deliver a good old school game? Don’t forget that Mike Morhaime was one of the major figures behind the decision to sell/destroy the old Blizzard to Activision, all because of GREED.

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I don’t think it is being over seen, more some people don’t know what Tencent is, other, don’t care, while some think that Blizzard is god and can do no wrong.

Some time I with I had a time machine and could going into the past and convince the us government to Ban the sale, trade, and investment to and from all business in Communist’s Governments. That way they can’t push their pathetic censorship views on the free world. Or even better go back in time and so blizzard what will happen if they let Tencent invest in the company, and the merge with Activision, show them this nightmare, the Blizzcon Protest all of it. may than it be different but, I not a Timelord “from the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation Kasterborous” so I have to live with this nightmare.

Maybe Warhammer 40k might come out with a MMORPG like World of Warcraft than I will make the full move over only if i can play as a Chaos Space Marine though “Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Let the Galaxy BURN!”

Who does? DreamHaven? I haven’t seen anything like that in any of the articles I’ve read about them.

No, he wasn’t. The company they HAD sold Blizzard to got rolled into Vivendi Games, which then merged with Activision. I doubt Morhaime had any say in the matter.

That moment when you’re reminded of the fact that Eternal Crusade was a thing that got scrapped and turned into a pile of scheisse…


I did not even know that they made an attempt. Here is to hoping they decide to make a better one.

Though I will be honest. WoW keeps repeating things over and over. I like ESO because it seems they have a Full year of expansion content every year. Plus you can by a property and make it yours. SWTOR does the same thing as far as property goes except its called a Galactic Stronghold. I probably get back into wow if they did something like that By a Property or like Skyrim’s hearthfire by a piece of land and build on it to make it your own. I spend hours doing that.

lemonsky made what they were ordered to do. showcase models. its literally what blizzard ordered. and they delivered great models - they’re just not tuned to be used in a top down RTS.

all the models need is careful texture and shader tuning and crypt fiends need two legs amputated.

if blizzard wanted one 2d/3d artist could have fixed up all the multiplayer relevant models and particle effects in 3-6 months. you dont need a horde of developers to fix reforged graphics. heck, i could do it in my free time if i had the tools and source files.


Honestly it’s unacceptable that they’d even wait that long to make an announcement or status update, even if it is Blizzcon. They already announced that they were working on ladder and profiles months ago, so they should not be waiting to do another status update or PTR patch just to have it coincide with Blizzcon. Now if there really isn’t anything to tell us yet because the development team got scrapped then that’s different, but that would mean more waiting.

Either it’s a bad sign, there won’t be much to announce other than continued plans, or they are really trying to keep it under wraps for a surprise announcement.

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Well. They take money from RIOT openly on their website and RIOT is owned by Tencent by 100%

Sadly, the old Blizzard we know is dead, there are few veterans that are still working but every year they are leaving or Blizzard is kicking them out. Those that left joined other companies that truly care about their customers or formed their own company. Activision and China own Blizzard now. It’s all about money, nothing more, our opinion doesn’t matter anymore. We just can’t leave Blizzard because of the nostalgia.

If Bli$$ard-Activison would sell the rights of Warcraft III to DreamHaven or other old-Blizzard company, formed by veterans, I’m moving instantly to it.


Well, then. I’m not sure what to do with that information.

You know what, screw it. No more new games for me. I’m just gonna keep playing my existing library, considering Tencent probably has their grubby mitts in EVERYTHING and I don’t give enough of a frak about indie studios or their non-IPs to switch to those.


AHHH damn. I was thinking of Frost Giant Studios sorry!!!

Blizzard will have nothing for the Reforged anniversary, nor will they have any announcement at Blizzcon. As a matter of fact, if Blizzard ever releases/updates anything of relevance associated with this game, I will be pleasantly surprised.