Reforged where are the contents missing?

I’m always waiting for the content Blizzard promised.
and when I look at the date it’s almost 10 months ago and Blizzard doesn’t do anything.
Except for Blancepatch, which I don’t care about.

The following content is still missing:
-There are no more updates (last on 08/19/2020)
-New interface.
-New campaigns.
-Custom campaigns.
-reconnect feature.
-IRC style chat system.
-Adjustable hotkeys (not via text file)
-an improved editor.
-Editor in German (was like that before)
-New Editor feature a map protection system.
-The Classic speech output.
-a new main menu (looks like diced together)
-Shop (for skins and co)
-Character Skins (what’s in the game is ridiculous.)
-The graphic that was shown in 2018 where everything looked better.

Yeah, I know Blizzard didn’t promise all of that.
But I miss these things in the game.

Reforged = where there is nothing new, except new graphics for 30 €


Reforged = where there is something less…


the editor is already improved. it is easy to create heroes and there is more trigger options.

Haha I just created a thread myself since I did not notice you also made one