Re-Reforged Prologue Campaign Project

Hey there, I’ve updated my Re-Reforged prologue campaign with a completely new interlude. It explores Thrall misfortunes in the open seas and the Admiral Proudmore chase for the orcs’ stolen ships which ultimately lead to some Kul Tiras forces being dispersed on the Darkspear islands. If some events are more hinted than properly displayed it’s because there is no actual lore. What you see is my own interpretation of the confusing lore about that, and I hope you can fine it evocative, interesting and of course entertaining.

Now also the third map is released!

You can find a showcase video here:

And the maps of my campaign can be downloaded at Hive Workshop:

Along with this new map, I’ve updated all the maps which now feature no hero-glow during cinematics and full lip-sync. I’ll post additional showcase videos as long as I publish them, but you can already download the maps and play them.

First map (cinematics only showcase):
First map playthrough (no tutorial, hard difficulty):
Second map (cinematics only showcase):
Second map playthrough (no tutorial, hard difficulty):
Third map (cinematics only showcase):
Third map playthrough (hard difficuty):

There is also a video from Jayborino showcasing the second map:

Cheers and have fun!


Wow really impressive work! :muscle: gives much more life to the story. Love the atmosphere that the music provides.

Are you planning to rework the whole campaign? And is it possible to combine with the Quenching mod?


Amazing, downloading it tommorow! Thank you


Fans having to clean the dirt instead. Shame Blizzard.


Esto si que es un trabajo bien hecho, este camino debe seguir Blizzard. Sigue asi amigo!!

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Thank you (to everyone). I’m re-reforging only the prologue campaign for now. It should be compatible with Quenching mod but you are free to try it out and report back to me.

I would be happy to help improve compatibility (for what I can do) if there is any issue.

Some are asking me to re-reforge the entire game but it’s a huge endevour. Maybe with a patreon? I don’t know…


Would you be willing to make it so the campaign could be played in SD mode as well?

Tell me what you think when you’ve played it. You are free to try it with the Quenching mod too and report me back!

I don’t know how it would work in SD, I can try it out. I fear it could be missing some models/animations. After all the idea is to re-reforge it, so of course I’m using HD graphics.

I would think there is a query for such a remake of the in game cinematics.
And people would be willing to pay for it


Any chance you have future plans to maybe rework the human campain? :crossed_fingers:

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Fair enough. My idea was mainly about considering those players who aren’t going to buy Reforged anyway for whatever reason but would still love to support mapmakers and check out their content. Who knows, maybe you could try making a separate set of maps for SD mode specifically?

I’m not talking for the OP here but here are my 2 cents as a map-maker. Making map takes a lot of time. Like a lot. It can take a full day of hard work(10 hours straight) just to make a 30-minute gameplay experience for player(if you’re lucky).
Then comes the testing and that takes a lot of time too. And then you have SD mode which doesn’t always work well with maps made for HD(missing icons, missing models, some CTDs etc.). So you have to fix these issues and test how the map work in SD and HD mode both.(2x time of normal testing)
And on top of that comes the feeling that you could’ve made your HD map better instead of spending time on the SD map.
But on the other hand SD map compatibility means more players because some people don’t have\don’t want to play Reforged.


Warcraft III Reforged - Re Refoged (RR) + Quenching (Blizzcon 18 Graphics MOD)
Cast clean competitive best games gameplay. I continue to shoot the gameplay of interesting matches with new versions of graphic modifications - testing the new version of Quenching mod V1.05 and Warcraft III Re-Refoged (RR Project). Everything works except the first card “RR Prologue 01”, this one did not want to start, just a black screen hangs.


We’ll see, if you share my project or even my videos showcasing the project, stuff like that, I can estimate how many people are truly interested and consider starting a patreon for the other campaign (the prologue will be finished, I believe in at most 6 months, I have a work).

I could have said this myself :wink:

Oh my god thank you mate, it looks amazing! Please, link my project in your description, you would do my project a great favour.

The reason the first mission does not start is the locale. Please play with english locale and it think it will work (report me if it doesn’t). I currently support only english locale but any help in supporting other locales is appreciated (you may not know that but many text are changed and I have to rebuild all locales wts files to make the map work in any locale).


This method worked. Made a demonstration of the full first mission.


It’s a bit buggy cause I got German reforged but it’s amazing so far. Love it. This is what blizz should have done, would def pay for this when custom campaigns are out


Make the whole campaign. Master blades in the skin of a samurai and a new face of Thral: D because it does not suit me. I will buy in a year. Price is not important, it can be 50 $


Agreed :slight_smile: don’t want this game to be Screwed up. Too much history with it

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Ahahah really? So much? xD

Thank you guys!

I’ve released a video showcasing of the first map in the latest version:

Hope you can enjoy the cinematics, more showcase videos to come.
I’ve also added in the first post the video f Jayborino showcasing the map, is anyone is interested!


What did you change to previous version ?