Performance - Stuttering with Reforged Graphics - edit: found the cause, asset caching issues. please read

As of today i have to report that for me the performance from the beta to the release version didnt improve at all. Reforged graphics cause insane stuttering and hangs and freezes while navigating the map or building.

classic graphics are fine and run stutter free insane fps - which is nice!

heres a video from the beta

system specs:

AMD Threadripper 2920X @ 4,2 Ghz allcore - local ram allocation mode
MSI X399 Creation
4x8GB DDR4 3600 CL16
RX Vega 56 @ Vega 64 Bios OC Watercooled - 20.1.4 Driver Version
Adata SX8200 1TB
Windows 10 1909

EDIT: found the issue. its asset caching.

it works like this:

i can cache the whole map by scrolling over it. from there on the whole map will be smooth, no matther how hard you scroll or click it.

then, building a structure flushes the cache and everything needs to reload. you can scroll the whole map again to build the cache, and its smooth again. build something -> cache flushed, everything needs to reload and it stutters again.


If true one have to wonder why the cache simply ain’t updated on changes rather than flushed and have to be repopulated consuming far more resources… its just lazy coding to put it mildly.


this problem seems to appear on amd graphics cards mostly.

intel nvidia configs seem to be fine most of the time. it can be a problem tied to something completely else and the amd hardware is just a random factor tho, as i dont see how the asset caching should be a problem on gpu A and not on gpu B.

anyway, the devs should have a better idea where to look for the problem.

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Having the same problem - AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM, 5700XT, etc. Haven’t had a current game have any issues (DoTA, Hearthstone, etc.). Not impressed so far with Blizzard.


please try this:

i can cache the whole map by scrolling over it. from there on the whole map will be smooth, no matther how hard you scroll or click it.

then, building a structure flushes the cache and everything needs to reload. you can scroll the whole map again to build the cache, and its smooth again. build something -> cache flushed, everything needs to reload and it stutters again.

host yourself booty bay, its a small map and easy to scroll over to build the cache. can you replicate it?

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wow thanks for your post. this actually might be the reason for my microfreezes aswell… if it is, i hope blizzard can fix it fast !! your findings definitely need to be seen and acknowledged by blizzard. i hope someone from blizz will see this and give a blue post on this matter

edit: i just watched your video. your stuttering is shocking. its much better for me. i only get one microfreeze, as in drop below 60fps every few seconds and not constantly !! but your problem and mine might be from the same issue. i noticed that moving the game to my hdd makes my microfreeze much worse. i’m running the game on an nvme ssd, samsung 960 evo so that might be the reason why its stuttering much less for me compared to you

running off of an nvme drive aswell - and a pretty fast one at that.

does your stuttering correlate to moving the screen on the map? like, does it stutter when you dont do anything, just looking at one place?

or is it stuttering while scrolling the map, just less hard drops and less frequent?

I am having the same issue. I’m also using an AMD card. I notice the stuttering on building and destroying buildings during the campaign. This does not occur with classic graphics enabled. Hoping this gets fixed soon.



for me its as said only one little stutter once every few seconds. sometimes only once every 30 seconds but its still horribly annoying because the game otherwise runs flawlessly at 60fps and 16.6ms frametimes.

this one stutter is a microfreeze and drop below 60fps for a second (just writing this again for blizzard in hope someone sees it and this will be fixed. otherwise despite all the massive downgrades i like the game. if the grass would be higher quality i wouldn’t have anything to complain graphically. the grass though looks really trashy… in the blizzcon demo it looked a million times better!! also unit animations stuttering should be fixed because it feels like their animations run at 30fps looool)

now to answer your questions. this one stutter i have is always there, regardless of what i do… if i don’t move the camera, don’t move the mouse it happens aswell. but more rarely. if i build something or do stuff it happens more often.

i just tried the campaign and i actually was able to start the first prologue mission (before it was instafailed) and this issue wasn’t present in that campaign mission. after than on the second campaign mission this issue started happening, first time when i wanted to build something.

by now (i’m actually very knowledgable about all this stuff, i’m regularly fixing most games to run flawlessly because devs mostly can’t, though this one i wasn’t able to fix with none of my tricks. that said, i know them all, setting a game to a different priority through the registry, setting a game to use large page files, all the nvinspector fixes etc) i’m pretty sure the thread author here is right and it has something to do with cache flashing all the time… its the most logic explanation and thus this is something that is unfixable from our perspective. only the devs can fix this and i hope they will.

to further answer your question, on scrolling the map i don’t have any stutters, its buttersmooth even with the biggest maps fully revealed. the only stutter i have is the one freeze every few seconds and it happens regardless of what i do

I have been able to replicate this on any map ive tried. I am glad that someone took the time to figure out what the problem was so amd or blizz devs ( idk who would be responsible for caching issues) It also seems to happen for me whenever I finish building a unit as well.

its blizz who is responsible as its a problem within the engine of the game. its also not only for amd users. i’ve an nvidia gpu (GTX 980ti) and as said i have this issue aswell but much less severe…

the wc3r devs need to clean up their engine and fix the cache flushing. its easy to fix this, i’Ve seen it fixed many times before in other games. those unity engine games often have problems like this which leads to a performance degradation over time and also to stutters and i’ve seen this being fixed by amateurish devs so i would be shocked if blizzard won’t fix it

I’m having the same problem on a i7 and a nvidia GTX1070.
I will try to move the instalation to my SSD… maybe that can reduce the problem.

please be more specific - which problem?

can you solve you map suttering with caching the assets?

I already moved it to SSD and installed 20.1.4 AMD drivers. No improvement with the frame drops described above, like when destroying buildings. But general FPS stability seems a bit improved with the new drivers.

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same problem…
seems like noone cares rly :frowning:

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This is it.

This is the issue Blizzard should be looking at right now. Contrary to most opinions out there, I love the new reforged assets - I just can’t bare to play with them due to the stuttering.

I’m experiencing the same issues as you @Duskstalker where if the camera remains motionless, fps is a constant 100+ in Campaign/Versus/whatever. However, moving the camera around or creating/destroying buildings will consistently cause stuttering like the video above, with frame hitches as long as 1.5 seconds.

I also realized that some sort of caching was going on behind the scenes as areas that I previously scrolled the camera over would no longer have frame stutter issues. However I am not so sure that building something is directly responsible for “clearing” this cache, as just waiting around long enough also does the trick.

Specs for reference:

Windows 10 (1903)
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB
AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-Core Processor 3.60GHz
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

  • Driver: Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.1.4 (which was released TODAY that allegedly had WC3 Reforged targeted improvements)

It’s unacceptable that top-of-the-line hardware is poorly supported on a brand new “Reforged” game.

I can only hope that someone on the Classic team sees this post (be it a Dev or QA or Production) and takes action or at least addresses it somehow, because the game is only playable with classic assets. Can’t even play the game with the reforged content.


Is this stutter MP only? coz campaing works flawlessly for me (only time game hitches is when checkpoint/autosave is made)

I bought the game yesterday. I have the same issue as you. I am in an amd graphic cards and ryzen proc

as blizzard deemed it necessary to mute my forums account for one day for requesting some kind of reaction to this issue, im pulling out of here. instead of muting me for one day, someone could have used that time to get into this thread and let us know they’re working on it.
this situation is utterly ridiculous and i dont care for the reasons behind all these shenanigans due to internals of blizzard and their service handling or “communication” guidelines or whatever - its their problem, not ours.

all i cared for is this game getting fixed, and since this issue has persisted and being reported since the very first beta days, i can only conclude they dont care at all, with force.

shoutout to torelef, who was the only one ever posting anything on the beta forums.

im trying to get my refund now, as the reforged graphics are unplayable for me, blizz is clearly not interested in all of this so im not interested in donating $40 towards blizzard.

judge whether you want to sit it out or get your money back. i, personally, have seen enough.

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As I posted on the AMD thread in the technical forum, I have already refunded because the game is totally unplayable with my 5700 XT. The stuttering really does ruin the experience.

Since the very first days of November this game breaking issue had been raised to the developers’ attention and even though acknowledged, there is still no concrete roadmap to fix it (it is not even tracked in the known issues, for crying out loud!).

It sucks a lot to read that the players who try to help the community get muted.

At this point there’s really nothing left to do other than refunding.

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