News Update From Blizzard (PLEASE READ)

• 1. General:

  • Warcraft 3 Reforged is still set to come out in 2019*, the release date announcement will come soon.
  • The game will receive additional content after launch, but “not necessarily campaigns”.
  • They’re currently in a “polishing” stage.
  • Performance improvements will come closer to release.

• 2. Beta:

  • All people who pre-purchased Reforged will get access into the beta. They are still rolling out BETA waves.
  • First in line are people who bought the Spoils of War edition, then normal edition, then Virtual Ticket.
  • Undead race will become available in live the BETA next Tuesday.
  • Night Elves will be ready for testing in 2 weeks.
  • The World Editor and Custom Games are coming to the live BETA within a week or two.
  • 3v3, 4v4 and FFA are also coming next week.
  • The BETA will also include an old graphics option.

• 3. Multiplayer & Balance:

  • Ladder will not be available on release, it will come in the first post-launch update.
  • Reforged will feature a global matchmaking system just like Starcraft Remastered.
  • The team is very interested in community feedback on matchmaking.
  • The game will feature both race and game mode specific MMR.
  • Arranged teams are coming back.
  • They’re considering community made maps for multiplayer.
  • There are no plans to add a 5th playable race to multiplayer.
  • The 12 unit selection limit will not be increased in multiplayer.
  • An Observer Mode with a zoom-out feature is coming.
  • Balancing is hard - they admit they’ve made some mistakes in 2018, when balancing they’re looking at how the game feels and make changes on a case-by-case basis, trying to preserve race uniqueness and ensure that both pro-players and casuals have an enjoyable experience.
  • Overall they feel like the balance is in a pretty good place, but some issues still need to be adressed (like Turtle Rock close spawns).

• 4. Readability, art & sound:

  • The team has heard the feedback about readability issues.
  • They’re working on improving silhouettes and team colors.
  • They’re adding team-colored health bars to improve visibility.
  • Heroes will have a special health bar to make them stand out a bit more.
  • Mountain King will be made bigger.
  • Blademaster’s running animation will be changed to look more like in the original.
  • Animations are a bit limited, because they had to match classic timings.
  • All named heroes (from the campaigns) will have their own models.
  • All unit models will be unique.
  • In total there are over 2200 new models.
  • UI and menus aren’t final.
  • Classic chain sounds and UI elements remain in the client.
  • They’re keeping the original unit voice overs.
  • There’s some new music being added to Reforged.

• 5. Campaign and story:

  • Cutscenes from the Blizzcon 2018 demo (The Culling of Stratholme) were scrapped.
  • They are returning to old-style cinematic mode cutscenes, some with new camera angles, lightning and terrain.
  • Cinematics will get a remaster with higher resolution and better quality.
  • In contrast to the Polygon article they’ve hinted at some changes to the campaigns.
  • They want the campaign to “bridge” into WoW.
  • Reign of Chaos, Frozen Throne & Rexxar campaign will be available at release.
  • There’s a special “story mode” difficulty in the campaign for WoW players (players not famillar with RTS
  • The Arthas vs. Illidan cinematic has been reforged.

• 6. Mapmaking:

  • They’re excited to see what the community does with the improved editor features.
  • Some features they’ve mentioned is changing a unit’s health and new camera tools.
  • We will get an option to change the 12-unit selection limit in custom games.
  • No plans to allow mapmakers to monetize their maps.

There is too much misinformation and lack of clarity on the current intends of Blizzard for Warcraft 3 Reforged.

This news is posted in TheHiveWorkShop i decided to bring it here so people get to read it, because blizzard isn’t communicating and its hurting the community.

Personal thoughts: i’m fine with this. seems balanced to what both sides of the community want.

please comment so the thread doesn’t die and more people are informed.

Hi guys, i took a peak at where i took this from, aka hive workshop and found news that were highlighted as update.

Additional news Updated.

  • Ladder WILL be available on release. UPDATED
  • Cutscenes from the Blizzcon 2018 demo (The Culling of Stratholme) were scrapped. However more than 8 campaign maps have been significantly redesigned. UPDATED
  • The World Editor and Custom Games are coming to the live BETA on Tuesday 5th Nov. UPDATED

On this note, i’d like to point out something i’m excited about myself, it isn’t an update its mentioned in the upper post but no one seemed to pay attention. so maybe i can give it some hype here.

  • We will get an option to change the 12-unit selection limit in custom games.

yall know how big this is ? i’m flipping pumped for this.


but y blizzard. None the less, great job at putting all the information in one place for everyone!


Yeah, why the hell did they scap the culling cutscenes in order to return to the old cutscene style ? This new cutscene was gorgeous. The old cutscenes are very poor and outdated. We need to know why such a decision Blizzard. This is very sad.


The why is because the realized how little time they have left, it still makes me angry though, it would’ve been a GREAT addition to the game.


Most likely because they realized they had no time to remake all cutscenes like that in the timeframe that they had. With 2019 target release still in place, there is no way to remake all cutscenes in WC3: RoC and TFT like that, it would require much longer time/bigger team to get it done. So they decided to scrap it in order to have more “unified” look to the cutscenes.


‘‘Undead race will become available in live the BETA next Tuesday’’

Does this mean tomorrow? Or Next week Tuesday?


I looked up the article on the hive because I was curious about the point:

It’s in their article, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about post-launch content, unless we’re talking new melee maps. Some brief searching also hasn’t revealed anything. Any idea where this point originates from or what possible content they’re hinting at?


I have no idea man, I don’t care about the retcons - I just care about this. All I want is them to reforge the cutscene and give em more polish. It breaks my heart to know its not gonna happen…


I think is tomorrow.

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Great! good to know

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Your words from the official page, Blizzard, these words appeared there along with the opening of the pre-order:
40+ hours of epic gameplay, with 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes
This is your promise. You can’t just take and refuse what you wrote on the product page, Blizzard.


They better not mix Random team with Arranged team

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Why! why would you scrap cutscenes


I guess by twisting the truth “We add some new gestures, making Thrall stand instead of riding his wolf all the time and add some new lighting and camera angels”, they can technically say they “reforged” the in-game cutscenes…cause thats literally what they are saying right now. Its neat way for them to still advertise that the ingame-cutscenes have been redone, despite not making them like they planned originally…


It seems like a lot but it’s nothing actually, that stuff should come with an upgrade in graphics anyway no need to pinpoint every minor detail. And story mode difficulty, like normal wasn’t easy enough lol. The only good thing about this news is the new music.

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Haven’t people already linked that Hive thread? What’s the point of this thread? Is stormknight just trolling now?

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the new Cutscenes style from the Blizzcon 2018 demo were gorgeous! i just don’t get it!
that was the biggest selling point!
have you heard the reaction of the crowd when we saw that?
and all of that for the multiplayer players?! they don’t really care about the single players! they maybe will play the campaign once or twice and that’s it!
CLASSIC TEAM there are alot of us who played warcraft since the very beginning from 1994 who wants this campaign reforged as promised.
please give us a classic campaign for the purists and the reforged campaign for the single players, WE BEG YOU FOR THAT!!!


Nice. Exactly what i wanted it to be. Thank god blizzard listened to us.

Question, will the 12 unit cap be increased in campaign as well?

They seemed somewhat vague about that.

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Lol, either you’re trolling or you need help.