New engine for true remaster

What loss?

The part of your brain that realizes how ridiculous a situation you’re in is.

Revolve the money you spend around your brain, not the other way around. You don’t have to philosophically change because you feel it would otherwise waste $30. Next.

I mean, my philosophy is simple

I’d pay 30$ to play custom maps, like wintermaul, DBZ tribute, green circle td/trollforged, maps that do not exist elsewhere.

I could also play zerg infestation, RP maps, LOAP, Werewolf, Custom Castle Defense, Random Farm TD, Pimp my Peon (??), Footman Frenzy, WMW, and Civilization Wars, and that’s just based on the list of custom games currently being hosted

I’ve spent nearly 2-3 weeks being pretty satisfied with just Wintermauls, Green TD, and DBZ TD. When I get bored of those, I will have a collection of other games to try. Many of which do not exist on SCII or Dota 2.

Does that sound like a waste of 30$ to you? When someone can get weeks of gameplay out of 30$?

Yes, we didn’t get everything that was promised, but Warcraft III is still Warcraft III

I’ve already realized that.

Cute, you can’t even read one paragraph :slight_smile:

P.S.: Since we talked there is now Dark Deeds, Zombies, Helm’s Deep, Pokemon World, Farm TD, Legion TD…

Custom Hero Survival, Line Wars, Barrens TD, Jurrasic Park Survival, Island Defense, TW RPG, Daemonic Sword OPRG, Tree Tag

Naruto Ninpou Reforged Battleships (apparently not a good game for leavers), Stronghold TD, Uther Party

It’s gonna take months to get through all these games

You’re right. Because the game is broken.

And the cherry on top?

Sad. Disingenuous. Fake.

You lie as much as Blizzard does.

El terreno y los arboles son mucho mejores. Blizzard en verdad son unos lentos.

If you actually played the game, you’d know most of this has nothing to do with the maps listed.

-Some guy gets an error message: Can I find a game that’s forum doesn’t have this?

-Guy wanting a custom game blacklist: This has never been okay. I don’t even think it was possible prior to reforged either.

-Game is dying: yeah yeah

-Can’t play classic wc3: Guy who missed the several threads explaining how to play classic wc3

-Online game’s never start: can’t say i’ve seen it, was probably a server issue, second post says it was already being looked into.

-ingame friendlist is still broken: Doesn’t stop me from playing custom games, but honestly i haven’t really touched it much.

-Pro players report: don’t care about pro players

-Custom Campaigns: yes it’s a shame. Supposedly they’re looking into it but yes it would be great if they worked. None of the maps I listed are custom campaigns.

-Fix the ping: I’m not even on EU so I can’t really say anything about this.

Of course wc3 reforged has it’s issues. But custom games still work, and are still fun to play. I haven’t lied about anything, and I can’t say you have either. But you’ve definitely been disingenous. You care more about proving your point than you do about the merits of the argument. You can pile as many negative things as you can but if you can’t actually tie them to custom games (in particular, the list of custom games I gave, since all of them had hosted lobby’s as we were talking yesterday ) then you really don’t have an argument.

You’re just arguing the sky is falling at this point. Yeah, it’s not as great as it could be, not as great as it should be. But it’s still fun and it still offers gameplay that no other game currently has.

I still stand by you shouldn’t make arguments on a game you haven’t played. You can try to do all the research you want, but you don’t actually have the first hand experience to know whether that research has anything to do with what we’re talking about.

Like yeah, parts of the game are broken, woopty doo. Does it mean I can’t play Wintermaul? No? Then I guess I don’t have any reason to care.

Game’s trash and you accept that, got it.

many of the things are selectively excluded from your enjoyment for the sake of the argument

That’s a pretty childish response. People are playing the game and enjoying it, just not the parts you are listing as broken. But as long as you can find parts of the game broken you’ll just consider it trash?

And all this for a game that once again, you haven’t played. Why are you even here at this point? Just bored at work as well with nothing better to do? You certainly aren’t here to try to improve the game. It could go the way of no man’s sky and you’d still call the game trash.

And yes, I’m excluding things from the argument. Because they have nothing to do with the argument i’ve been making since the very beginning. I’m playing custom games, virtually none of the things you listed have anything to do with custom games.

Again, if you actually had any first hand experience with the game, you’d be able to know what research you’ve made is not actually of any merit to the discussion.

You’re effectively just a parot at this point this point with no mind of your own, making arguments based on no experience of your own.

so is selectively not caring about certain things to pass off a game being better.

You’re putting too much effort into something that doesn’t call for it.

A debate doesn’t make a game factually better.

About custom games, the original argument was that 18 years of custom games broke. That was proven correct. You were selective there, as well.

It’s not childish at all. Do you even know how the custom map system works?

the vast majority of custom games don’t play the same. The vast majority of custom games don’t play the same as Warcraft 3.

A person back in the day could think RTS games were terrible, but they’d still love warcraft 3 because they liked Dota.

This is the kind of game where you can selectively not care about certain things. Because not everything has anything to do with why you’re playing it. I don’t need matchmaking to work to play wintermaul, because it never had matchmaking to begin with.

I don’t need the friends list to work, because at the end of the day i’m going to host a lobby for a custom game anyway.

I don’t care what pro players think, because i’m not playing the melee mode, i’m not playing any competitive mode.

Aren’t you being selective as well though? I’ve listed a large number of still working games but in your mind 90% is as good as 0%.

I continue to fall back on: You shouldn’t make arguments based on something you don’t actually have any experience with. You don’t play the game.

lol 90%.

Okay dude, I feel like I’m arguing with someone who supports Caesar’s legion.

Okay, why don’t you show me your experience then?

Tell me a custom game you play that no longer works.

We can continue the argument once you’ve done that.

Just one, that’s all.

Why don’t you stop ignoring experiences of others?

Those experiences of others, which are not fake, is what caused me to not buy the game like an actual smart person.

Today, I challenge you to go to the worst neighborhood in town, find the lowest rated restaurant, and eat there.

It’s not that i’m ignoring their experiences, it’s rather their experiences have nothing to do with the argument being said.

Again, you yourself lack the experience to use your research properly.

That makes no sense.

Okay, well let’s start with

[Pro Players report Blizzard don’t read any feedback]

How does this relate to custom games?

I thought you wanted to stay focused?

I’m quite focused. I’m explaining that you are using research without the experience to actually know the merits of your research. Even if we have to go topic by topic and explain why they have nothing to do with custom games.

This is basically the equivalent of arguing an Algebra equation with someone who only knows 1st grade math. You can pull all the research you want but if you’re showing square root equations while talking about algebra, then even if the research itself is sound, it’s still being used incorrectly.