Subject to Penalty Under 15 U.S. Code § 54 (False Advertisement Law)

For you to say that there are 4h of Reforged Cutscenes would indeed be a blatant lie that crumbles the moment you open the campaign.

You are willfully being obtuse to maintain your defence on something undefendable.

The goddamn.



Oh really? so if somebody were to play the old war3 cut-scenes to play near the new cut-scenes from beginning to end, they would look the same?

ignore dio… he didn’t even buy the game…


Guys, Dionysos is just a troll



This is the point.

Look at the videos from the Exodus of the Horde.
The only difference is the fact the game-engine has been graphically updated, but the cutscenes are untouched.


No, I am serious, tell me if Im wrong

Havent bought the game, but I will on sale.

the apologists are wrong just like always. back then when lootbox controversy was a thing all the apologists said it isnt illegal gamble blabla. later all the governments made new laws saying it is illegal gambling. also lots of people defended fallout 76 and now its the same with wc3 reforged.

they will later shut up and pretend that they never said something


Well my man, that’s exactly what a remaster is, your expectations where not what you thought.

Besides, the cinematics are great, why should they change in any way those?

ha!? you don’t want to buy this for $30 and kept your argument to those to dissatisfied for buying it at full price?

your joke really made my day



It’s not what was advertised. It has nothing to do with my flawed expectactions, which were based on false promises that were not delivered.

How does 4h+ hours of reforged cutscenes with an example shown in a trailer video, compare to a completely untouched series of shots from the original game. That is not a overhauled cutscene compared to the example I was shown, where character models were fully rigged and animated, it’s false advertisement, the cutscenes in-game were not touched.


Why is it you think I am joking?

I really want to buy it, but I have other things I need to pay for now, might buy later, besides, I care about the product I buy, of course I don’t want to buy trash, if it is the case.

Clans is literally a back-of-the-box feature advertised on physical copies, yet a forced patch is removing it. If you want to sue, thats the easier case.

“Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”
gA3caXk.jpg at imgur for a picture of the back of the box.

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because you only want to buy it ‘when it on sale’ which means you don’t want to spend the whole S30. yet you argue to those who feel the game didn’t worth for the price.

if that’s not a joke, i don’t know what it is :joy:


It is what it is, a “trailer”, as far as I know, “Trailers” are mostly used for advertising, and it isn’t in any way necessary the product which the trailer advertises, be like the trailer, like for example, I would get angry over dragon age origins because it looks nothing like the trailer, that would be not quite smart to say the least.

If you were led to believe every cut-scene in the game would look like the trailer, that’s your own fault.

I belive everybody is sore now because their expectations were probably too high, and blizzard is to blame for that.

I had no expectations, except for the game to be exactly like the old one with better graphics.

the only reason I dont buy the game now is because im broke and I need the money for other more immediate things, lol

reasons and reasons… you have more than a year to pre-order it, don’t tell me you don’t have 30 dollar to spare in that time being…

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It was shown at the demo.

It was advertised as “an in-game cutscene using the in-game engine”

That was showcased and advertised, as part of the game.

I am fully aware that CGI trailers are not equivalent to actual gameplay, obviously, but in this particular occasion the cutscenes, not the cinematics, were advertised and shown as such.

When the product was delivered, that was no longer true, it was no longer in-game and the cutscenes were no longer to the same standard this one in the demo was.

It is not my fault for having flawed expectactions on a company that gave us false promises.


You had 4 months for that. This game is not reskin just as you imagine. This is REFORGED, new wind into w3…

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You are just troll who doesn’t even have $ 30 and you argue with people who are disappointed with the purchase. Think about your behavior