I've paid for a Remake Not a reskin

The question is. If I reimburse me, do they give me the money? or give me credits for Blizzard?


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I’m pretty sure they give you your money back.


I don’t even like WoW but this bait-and-switch tactic is just sickening. All we want is a new take on the game, new graphics, new lore, new UI, basically everything that was promised in 2018. None of us asked for a Warcraft 3 HD edition.



Ten more caracetares.

mmm blizzard scammer.


This, is exactly what I feel about this whole Warcraft 3: Not Reforged bait-and-switch ordeal


I agree a lot with OP, I got Reforged mostly because of the idea of retcons to match WoW lore and the new matching geography and the new voice acting, I was very excited when I saw the datamined Anesterian model holding Felo’melorne and was so disheartened when I heard they cut basically everything, at least they said they will change geography a bit with major cities but still, all I can hope for now is a map maker to do what those guys couldn’t like always, map makers are the reason this game is awesome.


I think characters such as Anasterian will still be added. Apparently Dalaran and Silvermoon will be changed quite a bit.

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Yep, but it would seem he’ll just serve as a glorified unit with generic voice lines. There will be no weight to his appearance without acknowledging Arthas.


The truth. I hated Armies of Azeroth because it was just an HD skin pack. Mind you - not changing body blocking, I mean changing the campaign!

Oh, hi, Yousef! Know you from Marshmalo’s maps!


AOA was only announced to be a reskin, why hated it XD ?
But I agree with all of you.

There is a new petition:
http: // chng.it/sNFNVghtG6

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Never pay for anything that you cannot see already finished in front of you. Otherwise, you set up yourself to be swindled.


Weird how that is almost entirely what this is now, really. AoA was already out there. Now we essentially have the same project but just done by Blizzard in an official capacity.

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To be fair, Reforged models blow Armies out of the water. And I much prefer the bright colours of the original WC3, not the desaturated mess of SC2.

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I see you aren’t great at researching before commenting. Cutscene changes are confirmed, they were confirmed by Back2Warcraft and again confirmed by the panel.

They didn’t want to strive too far from the original, so they have dialed it down, this is coming from Pete Stillwell. Minor story changes but retconning and no major changes such as making Sylvanas and Jaina bigger parts.

The only thing I’ve heard are that there won’t be new voices. But in what context? Do we know that, is that clarified upon?

Rebalancing is still happening.

A reskin implies only texture changes, which is factually wrong. The only one you have decieved is yourself hoping on a hate train of non-facts. Atleast get angry at something that is true instead of a bunch of loosely interpreted articles and tweets.


I totally agree, I’ve been playing Warcraft 3 since its released all the way back. I don’t see what is the matter with fixing up the camera angles and adding a few lines of dialogue to make the story tie together better


$40 for updated graphics of my favourite game is fine with me.


From what I have seen on the beta, the redone models look fantastic and well detailed, but this is a bit awkward isn’t it? What’s going to happen with Anasterian? Is he just not going to show up in the campaign? Are there not going to be any new voiceovers for ANY unit in the game at all?

Will female satyrs just use the male satyr voice? Will Anasterian just use the human paladin unit quotes? What about high elf archmages?

I was hoping we’d see new, and useful voice sets for units like Felguards and Archimonde. New voice sets would have been fantastic for editor’s. That’s just, gone now?


100% agree. They pitched this “Reforged” version as a retelling of the story that stood side by side with WoW in the modern age. Now they’ve been shouted down by the purists who want the same game with a lick of paint on it.

And yes, I played the original WC3 when it was current and I wanted this too. I have fond memories of the original but I want what I was promised.


fear mongering…

Welcome to the forums in a nutshell. Filled with people who rather rage than provide anything constructive.

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