Campaign/Unique models that are yet to appear

So far here’s the campaign/unique models that aren’t live yet (in no particular order), how would you expect them to look like in campaign? Here’s how I think they should look

  1. Califax from Brothers in Blood
  • I expect him to have some sort of a Warden-ish armor
  1. Duke Lionheart from Enemies at the Gate
  • I expect him to look almost the same with Halakh but his main coat would be decorated with some medals or a duke uniform like an 18th century french uniform.
  1. Guardian of the Deep from To Tame a Land
  • A sea giant with Makrura armor would look cool
  1. Sea King from To Tame a Land
  • Absolute king unit if he would ever wear skinned hydra pelt
  1. Skeleton Lord from The Oracle
  • A skeleton Warden perhaps, since Stonetalon Peak used to be a Night Elf territory
  1. Skeleton King from A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
  • A skeleton with some crown and some tall spiked phalanx shield
  1. Captain Thornby from Old Hatreds
  • A refined captain with a Theramore crest on his shield
  1. Zerx Hydromon from Old Hatreds
  • This Archmage suits well some Kul Tiran colors and some fringes on his shoulder pads like Daelin Proudmoore
  1. Mystic from Brothers in Blood
  • This unit must and should be a Druid
  1. Murloc Ritualist from To Tame a Land
  • I expect this unit to have some water staff and some shell trinkets
  1. Baelgun Flamebeard from Into the Shadow Web Caverns
  • Would be nice if his armor would be a bit snowed and his avatar form also had glowing runes like Muradin
  1. Militia Commander from King Arthas, Royal Guards from The Crossing
  • I expect this unit to be almost the same as a Knight but with a Captain Helm and a Shield on his left hand instead of the sword, almost similar to the WC2 Paladin
  1. Militia Captain from King Arthas
  • I expect this unit to be some tight leather patched unit but with some some armor and a Captain helm
  1. Militia Spearman from King Arthas
  • I expect this unit to be some Militia but with the equipment of a Brigand
  1. Lord Blackthorn from The Dark Lady
  • I expect this unit to retain the original classic Bandit Lord model but still reforged and polished, but also with insignia and crests of Alterac on his armor (since the mercenary camps were orange and it was said that the survivng Alteraci managed to loot Lordaeron when it was Scourged, implying greatly he is one of those Alteraci bandits)
  1. Murloc Tidal Lord from The Dark Lady
  • This unit should have some skull staff and some grimoire like a Necromancer since it can cast Death Coil to match the “deathly” theme of this mini-boss
  1. Deathlord from To Tame a Land
  • This unit should be changed to a unique Death Knight model since lorewise it is a Death Knight
  1. Eldritch Deathlord from Old Hatreds
  • Same as #17, it should also be a Death Knight
  1. Feranor Steeltoe from Blackrock and Roll
  • Please give him a single dwarf blacksmith model, would be really nice for mapmakers

The rest, like Theramore Elites, Mug’thol, Kor’gall, Krag’jin, Zul’rogg, Outland Arena bosses, special creeps, and others I forgot to mention or just not important to mention, should also have unique models

How about yours? I’m curious on how you want them to look like in Reforged


I want to see Baine and Sen’jin with unique models!


Blood Elf structures to replace human one for most of the blood elf campaign in The Frozen Throne.

Town Hall
Lumber Mill


I’m not sure it’s worth the time to create new models for such minor characters.

It might be overkill, but they’ve already made some unique models for minor only seen once characters. If they plan on making more this is a nice list.


Jennalla Deemspring, the Draenei Demolisher, the random creeps in Misconcepcions


What the heck are even druids doing in such a place?

Joan of Arc, lol. Come on. Stop the fantasies…

Bring back mushroom, ragged Draenei buildings, not the Eredar ones :\

The hornyposts got me. I edited out the girl part now

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If all of these got unique models that would be amazing for map makers

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I just had to realize: there’s still no unique model yet for Salramm the Fleshcrafter and Meathook


Falric and Marwyn would be nice, or otherwise an unique unit for Luc Valonforth other than the standard captain model.





I guess Thassarian too, since he was the 4th Captain I think?

Also, added Feranor Steeltoe from Blackrock and Roll

And I just realized there’s no unique models yet for Meathook and Salramm the Fleshcrafter from the 2018 Demo

And there’s no unique model yet for Jubei’thos, Mazrigos, Thok’feroth, Khanzo, Haomarush, and Genjuros


We still miss two Reign of Chaos units. Ballista and Catapult… I hope they dont go the lazy route and give us glaive throwers and demolishers for RoC campaign…


They do exist as neutral units.

and it doesn’t even have the orcish nor the kaldorei design

I hope they give the Ballista to the High and blood elvens and the glaive throwers to the Night Elfs.

The catapults could be used by the old Horde and the demolishers the thralls horde.


Here’s something new: I hope Sylvanas’ Dark Minions are zombie-ish similar to Forsaken (no it’s not a WoW thing she literally called the released undead Forsaken in the last Sylvanas chapter)

Also, I hope Nightmare Cenarius’ treants are also… Nightmare Treants.

I also hope they have High and Blood Elf versions whereas not the paints are blue and red respectively

So, what? Where does it say the Forsaken have to be the same as in WoW?
Skeletons do well. I don’t mind the zombies though but they’ll look too sluggish and mindless.

nothing really :smiley:, just for the sake of new models to play with

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I’d like to link to my posts here

Basically, what units and heroes should get unique models, icons, soundsets and whatnot. Also, what units and heroes I’d like to see in Reforged sometime.

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