Blizzard, Your art style is perfect! Don't change it


I would really enjoy it if they could add periodically new hero skins (like in HotS)


Which person that still plays wc3 in 2018 asked for ‘better graphics’ ? except for the failures of life that are completely stuck with wc3, like grubby, like b2w. Nobody.

This ‘product’ is aimed specifically and strictly at new players. because as many people as possible have to buy your modern art project disguised as a game. Utter and disgusting cashgrab, this product should have been massively ill-received, even worse than diablo mobile. But thanks to again, the losers of the community, grubby & cassandra, b2w, this product is undeservedly encouraged by most people that cannot actually think for themselves.

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We all, well, in particular, I for sure loved Warcraft 3 for the atmosphere, overtaking the darkness, all these clouds, sounds of thunder, sparkling lightning, contrast (black places on the characters depicting shadows), mysteriousness, but in the mission of the Stratholme where Arthas kills the inhabitants of the city In the original, it was presented in very dark tones, with heavy rain, and even during the day it seemed that the rays of light did not make their way onto these doomed lands … In the reformed one we see very bright tones no contrast no darkness tee, no rain, everything is so fun and bright, so fun to kill innocent people, right? … By the way, the thunderstorm was delivered to minecraft, and so it seems to me that now even there the thunderstorm is epic, thunder and lightning are more atmospheric than reforged even in cinematic, seriously, compare … I really hope that Blizzard will add normal tones to the game and, most importantly, the weather effect of thunderstorms will be delivered in a decent form, a gloomy, epic rain, goose bumps causing thunder on the skin and sharp, epic sparkling lightning. I really hope so. (because the sounds of thunderstorms in blue-tinted forged, well, very bad, it can not even be called a thunderstorm).


You seem cranky. Make sure you eat three meals a day and take time for yourself. Listen to music you enjoy.


The cartoony nature of Warcraft is literally what has kept it alive.


I like the classic style. The new style is also great. The only thing I’d feel would diminish my prise would be if every unit looked epic, like a hero or just not similar to the original model at all.

I’ve only seen images from Blizzcon and those footmen look damn epic, and that’s bad, they look way to special/important. Simpler look on units please.


It’s such a great style. Does anyone know or know someone that has suggested Night elf ground? Undead get dead looking ground however I was thinking it would look cool if blizzard did like a nice root, lively look to the grass for night elf… Wonder if blizzard have considered this


While this is true, it’s partly because he’s simply use to the old style, and right or wrong, I’m sure we will all adjust in time to whatever comes of this. I do think it is less readable (but only minimally as far as this is concerned), because I also think it has to do with how the units stand out from the background. Even though the game is 3D, everything is too sharp and it eliminates any depth of field so it all feels drawn on the same plane to me. WCIII had better blending and shadows and somehow things were easier to differentiate regardless of the individual unit art style chosen.


I agree there is a huge lack of atmosphere here (even with tons of sh*t ablaze), though typically that is something that is added later in development. I hope this is something they will focus in on as it will indefinitely help draw players into this world. However, I have to agree that things are way to bright (almost annoyingly so) and I don’t think it serves the style they ultimately went for, which I’m okay with but it it almost contradicts it. Not sure how this was the choice to run w/ even at this stage as everything is likewise too saturated and sharp. It almost hurts my eyes and makes it hard to get any sense of depth or distinction. There is nowhere for your gaze to relax and draw upon contrast to what you really want or need to focus upon. I feel like I would get tired and eye strained after a game or two. If not asking too much, Blizzard should take notes from Dota 2’s theory on graphical presentation/readability (material that is open to the public). it also applies to the same kind of game in many respects (3/4 bird’s eye camera view - RTS) The way they went about things from an esthetics design standpoint beautifully complimented not only the feel of Dota 2 but helped you to visually digest a lot of information very quickly, not only information for game play, but to quickly read the essence of a given unit or hero at a glance. I think Blizzard could learn something from taking into account some of these considerations.


Dota 2 understood the importance of color and unit distinction (i read their design guide) but in my opinion they still messed it up. Not completely, but it isnt as good as it could be. It’s probably teamcolor related as the heroes in Dota just dont have clear colors to them. I also think that the lack of hero glow makes it much harder.


You say those people speak for a vocal minority, yet you claim to speak for the rest of us? Also sometimes a lower minority knows better than a tasteless majority who swallows up anything that has been spoon fed to them.

Low poly does not equate lower quality. The Mona Lisa looks perfectly fine to me but someone like you would probably say its too blurry and it may looked good back in the 1500’s.

What makes the 2002 graphics so special is that they work in a abstract way. The models have been created in a way so that they look good and stylish from an isometric angle. The final touch are the very well crafted unit portraits that give them a personality. It is the combination of those two elements that makes the art somewhat unique. Simply look at that arrogant spoiled brat of a prince that is Arthas. His classic portrait says more about his corrupted character than his HD counterpart who looks like a Rockstar mis-casted in the wrong movie.

It is obvious that Reforged has been created with the WoW folks in mind, plus a certain audience from the far east, who likes everything over proportional big. Bringing your game to a new audience is all fine, but personally I think that it should not deviate too much from its original style. I would have preferred slightly more refined models combined with hd textures, instead going totally heavy metal with everything.

But then again this is still beta right? We have not seen the complete game yet.

Blizzard, the art style you’ve chosen is perfect! We want epic looking, glorious battles in full detail not “Warcraft: Whimsyshire”.

Reforged IS Warcraft Whimsyshire at its finest. And nobody wants your generic “epic looking glorious battles” aka Wowfication. So please speak for yourself and stick with your MMO. Seriously, have you ever played Wc3 before? It was always about quality over quantity. So obviously not your thing.


I dislike the art style because it is inconsistent, the units emphasize realism while the buildings/environment emphasize cartoon. Pick one, and stick with it. Its jarring and does not mesh well. Please fix it in either direction.

Cartoon art style worked well at the time(though I probably would have preferred realism then).

Realism looks worse now since you’re trying to use older tech for realism when better graphics are possible. Realism does not age well.

Either way, be consistent.


This is also coming from someone who though the HOTS art style was excellent and well suited to that game. I’m not sure how to implement that in this game and whether it is limited by the engine, but the current version they have shown is not there yet.


agreed 100% blizzard you have done a great job! push the graphics for a realistic look as far as you can. for the 1 % who dont like it they can play the sd version. great job!


If you want to play a cartoon game, go play Diablo 3, or the WarCraft 3 classic.

Realistic graphics don’t age well? Well boohoo we’re about the reset the age of “15 years” to “0 years”.


if i wanted to play a cartoon game id play wc3 reforged where i can make armies of walking pauldrons.


I totally agree with his point, this isn’t 2002 anymore and people look different into how reality is. The game has been alive for such a long time and the remaster will tell how the game will contienue to live forward in a new quality state and year! as how it is, the game will become more beatiful in modern.


From what I heard in the Blizzcon Q&A of War3 Reforged, I believe there should be a mode within reforged game for you to enable to revert to using old assets / models if you choose to dislike the current modern elements of the lovely war3 reforged game.


I kinda agree with this, while the grunt looks pretty cool the face just screams “villian from a pixar movie”, instead of badass grunt.


I know heroes have to be larger than other units for gameplay reasons but I hope blizzard doesn’t make them giants (like in WoW); at least not in cut-scenes and other places where game-play isn’t a factor. I also hope blizzard will try to make the buildings as large as they can while still fitting them within their pathing/collision restrictions (although changing some of the pathing and structure sizes might not be a bad idea) There’s nothing more hokey than seeing a hero half the size of a farm or tower. In summation - smaller units, larger buildings.