Being brainless fan of old lore is stupid

Correct me if im wrong but wasn’t one of the marketing tag lines “The classic campaign reforged and remastered” or something like that. I do understand people being disappointed since reforged does sound more like a remake than a remaster. Although im satisfied with what we are getting in the end I would have liked to see a reforged campaign. More character development for some people. Or just to see more of them. Jaina, Antonidas, Garithos, Vol’Jin hey Shandris is Tyrandes stepdaughter and she doesn’t do anything(she is like a general or something). I know they are making new maps for certain parts which is fantastic honestly the Quel’Thalas missions were pretty meh(I replayed the campaign 2 months ago).


You make several good points, although I think you amke one flaw. The 5 other demigods are actually not “invented” for the mount Hyjal quest hub, but were even existant pre-WoW. This comes to show in RAzorfen Kraul/Downs with the huge body of the Agamaggan which the entire instance of Razorfen Downs is located in i believe. Anyways, all your other points still stand and they are definitely some good points.


It is better.

Then perhaps you might be better off posting in the forums that do support your native language.

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I prefer to keep the Classic campaign there, as a reskinned legacy content; though I also prefer the inconsistencies there fixed, update terrain and some plot holes addressed, maybe we could add some slight cutscenes to flesh out some characters; but the main Classic story is to be still there

My biggest gripes were the sudden appearance of the Highmountain, the Dream Grove, and the Vault of the Wardens in Suramar region. The rest I don’t care

But still, I prefer if we could just bet our $40 to wait or demand for a future update for an additional Reforged campaign where almost all campaigns are updated.

To make WC3 even gooder Help me pool whatever inconsistencies you find so Blizzard could fix them here:

And if we help address the plot holes, we could make WC3 the goodest:

never played WoW but I’m pretty sure Sylvanus is the most hated character right now


WoW lore is terrible, messy, jumbled crap as a result of “LiVe SerViCe” needs. They basically need to churn out ideas and updates to keep people subscribed, some of the stuff that comes out of that is terrible.(TIME TRAVELING ORCS WITH HUMAN COLOURED SKIN)(DRAENEI ARE ACTUALLY GOOD EREDAR THAT TURNED INTO PIRANHA MEN BECAUSE THEY INHALED TOO MANY BAD VIBES) etc.
MMO is just a bad format for storytelling compared to single player games imo.
That said, I welcome a genuine reforged, which is what I think we’re getting. Looking at the art, they clearly weren’t aiming for WoW, but something all it’s own, that’s what I would want with the story and the cinematics.

I mean, I don’t want them to George Lucas it, but I see nothing wrong with expanding on things that felt rushed or unfinished or lacked polish in the original.

lemme insert these ones here shamelessly; we need to keep these threads up and running for Blizzard to notice:

Are you okay? Have you ever read canon story of the third war? They already did rewrite the story and it was amazing - new canon made this story deep,interesting and emotional - much more than it was originaly



New writing was BAD writing and completely ruined the story.


In wich way? Story that was writen for the Third war is amazing and classic just sucks compare to that


Every way.

Your so-called “improvements” have been written by the same people who’ve been driving Warcraft lore down the crapper since TBC.

I don’t feel like getting into specifics. Just know that I hate roughly 90% of what they’ve done with the lore since then.

You don’t have any arguments to that


Doesn’t matter anyway; even if I did give examples of their bad writing you’d just say I’m wrong. You drink their swill like it’s the best sh-t on the market when in fact it’s not.

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“Rise of the Lich King” is far more emotional than whole RoC and TFT,the scourge is trully horrofying,you can actually feel how massive the Genocide of High elves actually is,how deep down inside Arthas is confused by his own actions but he fights it again and again.You can see true character development in each person,you can feel their relationship,you can understand what was Arthas feeling when he Purged the city…You are really sorry for the people that was killed,and you can really feel why picking Frostmourne was the only way to defeat Mal’ganis


I don’t think that sort of thing is important for an RTS game.

Besides, if you need to read people’s thoughts to feel empathy for them I feel sorry for you.

“that sort of thing” is important for the storytelling and Character development
When you are killing people and ruining whole capitals - you don’t feel empathy because you can’t trully understand the whole pain that Character feels. For you - the whole point of the story doesn’t matter

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Doesn’t matter if it’s RTS,MMO,Movie or the Novel - Character development is what every good story needs - you need to know the person behind the character


That’s not important for an RTS game. Or any game, really.

Lucky for you that novel’s not going anywhere. Go read that if you want to feel sorry for Silvermoon. Leave the rest of us to actually enjoy the damn game.

What if part of people’s enjoyment of the game stems from a well done narrative (both in what the beats are, how they’re executed, and by/with/involving who)?

You know. The campaign.


Why you think that the story in plot game doesn’t matter and not important? That’s literraly what every good story has - Deep,detailed universe and emotional characters


Then more power to them. But I’d have to call them masochists if they think being forced to regret what they’re doing in that game is somehow fun.

The point of games is to have fun, after all, and I don’t think I’ll enjoy being the bad guy if I’m made to feel sorry for the people I just slaughtered.