Being brainless fan of old lore is stupid

Stop screaming about “old lore is better”, “no wow lore in reforged plz” etc.
If you want to enjoy old lore - please go to old warcraft 3, why you want to ruin new game? Don’t make WC3 reforged ugly crap like starcraft remastered (without even updating graphics with high-resolution 3d)

Old games must be same, but don’t make new games old. This game must have refreshed lore, I think that opinion of old fans is < than opinion of a lot of people that waiting for something new.
I paid for remake of warcraft 3, fully remake, not remaster or re-skin.
Story needs to be updated, because lore is deprecated. Old lore won’t be destroyed, classic wc3 will exist normally.
But cmon, stop being selfish and force blizzard doing things just because YOU want that. Just because of you game will turn into disappointment. Just let re-write the lore and make game interesting to play for seeing something new.

99% who pre-purchased WC3R are waiting for new campaing, you are only 1% of whiners. Only small amount of people are reading forums. And 90% of comments are negative, because usually satisfied person never going to write something on forums.

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Ok Zoomer



I played wc3 since 2004


Ok Boomer


And I say again what Ive said to others that you were NEVER, at NO POINT going to get fully fleshed out remake…I dont know where the heck you got that idea, because at NO POINT were they going to completely rewrite the lore, completely remake every and all campaign missions and maps and so on. Reforged from the beginning leaned more towards visual remake with SOME minor additions added, rather than complete overhaul/remake that would literally mean they would design the campaigns from scratch, add in heck of lot of new dialogue and perhaps lots of new characters, even if the story itself would follow the same lines as the original. And Reforged was NEVER going to be like that…

WC3: Reforged was from the beginning going to be something bit more than just remaster, but never “full remake”, so you let yourself to be delusional about something that was never promised to you in the first place. Even if Reforged team had gone through the lore additions, the story would have remained 99% the same. I dont understand where the heck some of you get the false idea that Warcraft III’s storyline and lore would have changed that much over the years when it really hasnt.

So this has nothing to do about being “selfish”, its about YOU being delusional and having wrong kind of expectations to begin with.

And if you want entirely new kind of Warcraft RTS experience, then you should ask Blizzard to add in entirely new additional campaigns later on to Reforged or keep asking them to make Warcraft IV…Reforged was NEVER going to be entirely new experience that you seem to want.


Exactly, the best we could have were minor lore updates and fixes, but since this project is a disaster we won’t even get that


The challenge I see with lore in Warcraft is that lore is not the main point if the game. Lore exists to have fun and have a good game. That’s why World of Warcraft story makes decisions for game reasons that don’t make sense in Warcraft III.

For example, in Warcraft III the developers were just having fun and invented the night elves. They created something called Cenarius the Demigod and had Grom and his orcs kill Cenarius to show they had fallen into the demons’ plans.

In World of Warcraft, Mount Hyjal needed a questing hub and they needed something to do, so they appended to the lore that Cenarius is not the only demigod, but actually one of about 5 spirits that can all be resummoned as much as you need after they die. So every player who quests through that area revives Cenarius with a ritual that takes about 5 minutes and the “evil” Grom had done by killing Cenarius is shown to basically not matter.
Likewise, at the end of Warcraft III there is this pivotal moment where Arthas and Illidan fight and Illidan is struck down. Later in WoW, Illidan decides he’s just still OK after being gashed by the soul stealing sword Frostmourne and wanders off to outland to stand in a big room where players can kill him. This lore decision was made because WoW needed a raid and wanted to include Illidan – for fun – not because it makes sense as a narrative when pretty much everything else ever stabbed by Frostmourne died and had its soul sucked out.
You see the same thing with Muradin Bronzebeard. His death is a meaningful part of the Warcraft III story, but in WoW it is undone and declared that he just lost his memory and was hanging out with a bunch of blue skinned ice dwarfs in the mountains after becoming their king, waiting for you the player to go talk to the ice dwarf king and realize it was really Muradin. Yet again, this isn’t a lore decision that was made because it fit the narrative, it was made because it again gets name recognition and makes Muradin a part of WoW while giving the player something fun to do.

I think this is one of the big problems with retconning Warcraft III storyline to fit WoW. If it is undertaken at all, the developers should treat WoW lore with the same respect that WoW treated Warcraft III lore: “It doesn’t matter that much as long as the underlying game is fun.”
There is just no reason to have Warcraft III’s campaign communicate to the player after every major turning point where a character dies: “But he didn’t really die, he’s just having a bad day.” Imagine if Cenarius died, and then Tyrande said, “Quickly sisters, we don’t have the five minutes to revive Cenarius, let us go be angry instead!” Imagine if Muradin fell over after Frostmourne’s pedestal ice shards killed him, and then he got back up and said, “Who am I? Wheeeee” and walked away like in WoW. It would serve no point but to undermine the Warcraft III narrative and its sense of gravity and depth, because Muradin and Cenarius can’t become questing hubs in the Warcraft III story like they did in WoW. And those lore decisions were made to achieve this targeted game element in WoW.

So, I hope that Warcraft III Reforged storyline will reduce the meaningfulness or impactfulness of WoW story in order to make a better and more fun game whenever it needs to. Just like how WoW does it with Warcraft III.


If you want great and fresh lore you should really try out world of Warcraft!


I aggre with a lot of your opinion except this.

From what I understand they gonna replace Wc3 with reforged (for be more detailed: Reforged will have inside old Wc3 and they shut down all the old client and stuff. They copy/paste Wc3 inside the reforged. So they reforged the game).

So you can’t go to the “old Warcraft” they stay in reforged like us they just don’t buy the “reforged” upgrade

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I really don’t undestand why some of the “fans” wants to Ruin the way for this game to be better.Why they ruining the changes that could make a lot for character development and dialogues


Cuz they are marketing experts and after seeing how successful new rts games are they want reforged to be as famous. Basically, they want to kill the game.


Nope, many people here are simply not happy with the storytelling/lore writing in WoW and thats why they are also rightfully afraid that ANY additions by WoW’s currently writing team would suck compared to what was originally there in WC3.

But again to if you think this is what other fan group took away from you, think again…it really comes down to the fact that Reforged team did not have the resources/enough time to do what they originally set out to do and thats because of the decision making that comes from higher ups at Activision-Blizzard. Thats atleast the way I see it, especially if you have seen revent comments where Activision-Blizzard wants the focus of their games to be on in future (mobile games)…


I’ve read a canon WoW Novel a few weeks ago. It’s called “Rise of the Lich King” and it’s basically a Warcraft III recap…Except this novel is far more deep,dark,emotional,extended,with a LOT of amazing character development and story details than the Warcraft III,and I really wish this novel was a canon script to Reforged.But nope,because RTS community ruined the game and it’s obvious


Yep Golden (the creator of the novel) wish to put this detail in reforged but they made a step back. Sigh we were so close

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Golden is the main writer of the Reforged…It’s really sad that she had to work with such a toxic community of purists,and we will never see this amazing story in action…


Dont make me laugh :D…Ive read the novel myself and its easily the WORST of Golden’s work. I liked her writing in Rise of the Horde and Lord of the Clans, but Rise of the Lich King and her writing in WoW utterly sucks balls…

You can go back to playing WoW if you enjoy her writing so much…and again blame us “purists” all you want ( I actually like the though of you thinking that we ruined this for you), but the matter of fact is that they scrapped those plans likely entirely due to lack of time (Activision-Blizzard does not want them to push the release beyond 2019) and lack of resources (Reforged team is relatively small group of ppl inside Blizzard)


The Tragic Description of the Purging of Stratholme,when he put on a helmet so his man wouldn’t see the fear in his eyes. People are begging for Mercy and can’t understand why did their beloved Prince is killing them and burning them alive…

The unstabile mind state of Arthas Death Knight. The way he sees the flashbacks of his past life and deep down wants to be redemed. It’s really reming me about Darth Vader

The Backstory of Arhas and Jaina.How did they met and how they fall in love

How Kael Reacted to the Scourge

And many others amazing scenes and dialogues wich only makes the story better


The game has been in development for 3 (Now 4) years.You really think that they scrapped those plans because just “Lack of time”?
Stop demonizing Blizzard…

They did this not because they didn’t have time - But because most part of Warcraft III is morons,toxics and purists,who’s ruined the game by themselfs
“The new Cutscenes are weird! Characters look like puppets!”,“I miss the old voices!”,“These graphics doesn’t look like Warcraft”,“We don’t need even a small changes!”,“WoW is Trash!”

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And where does it say that it would have been in development for 3-4 years now? Where did you pull out that from? Heck even the Blizzcon demo they had done for last year’s event was something they had SPESIFICALLY done ready for that event only…the rest of the Reforged campaign at that point they had barely even begun to do in my understanding cause like said, they had not re-recorded voice acting at that point, they had not redone other cutscenes and do you realize just how long remaking all ingame cutscenes like that would take, let alone adding in entirely new bits? to do that all in 1 year would require heck of a lot more people only focusing on that than Reforged team has right now.

So ye like I said keep on believing that its all because the fault of “purists”, you really are rather naive if you think that was the real reason. Again Im not demonizing Blizzard Entertainment here, but just talking FACTS about their higher ups at Activision-Blizzard and where they have clearly stated the focus of their games should be…

Its because of Activision-Blizzard that so many people have actually left Blizzard Entertainment recently.


I hate those idiots who’s really can’t see the difference between Activision and Blizzard,and can’t see how much work and soul they’re putting in each of their projects. I really hate those idiots who was triggered by a good mobile game (Just becayse of higher exspectations for Diablo 4),those idiots who was Triggered when politic agatation was streaming at Family-Friendly Card Game Tournament and was banned. I hate those people who was triggered by Make-a-Wish foundation or Overwatch 2 Anouncment