Animation Variety / Quality is Very Disappointing

it really says something about current blizzard ability to produce anything when they can’t be bothered to properly develop a remaster of one of the games that helped catapult their popularity, but i guess now that they are a multibillion company patherned with activision and have hundreds of employees and the fact that technology has improved so much since then that asking for some actual effort and work to be put into this mess of a remaster is just too much too ask, why even bother to make it? a quick cashcrab? are they really lacking money that desperately? why make something objectively worse than the original game when you can just actually play the original game? oh wait that’s right, you can’t because WC3 classic doesn’t exist anymore, its all reforged now, if you have the original game after today they force you to update your old instalation with 30GB of disgusting textures and models even if you didn’t even bought reforged in the first place, all you are paying 30 bucks for is for the ability to actually turn the new graphics on, wich you shouldn’t do anyways because they are terrible, what a mess, shouldnt have never started messing with WC3 again


Or atleast they shouldnt have shut down the working version till this was properly working as intended

we have a bug report boys, lets upvote to raise awareness:

even playing a solo match… my units were jerky as all hell and they would stutter around in combat my fps was in the 60-80s just fine but i was seeing glitchy movement and graininess all over the place on things making this mess not worth my time.

I mean i’m pretty sure most of the special hero units, and generic hero units share the same skeletal rig. So how hard is it for them to give him animation 2. I think it’s a unpolished oversight TBH.

One that will be rectified, hopefully. It just seems like they didn’t even play test their game. Off-topic, but even the campaign maps have stuttering issues in certain areas that are clouted with doodads and destructibles. I have a GTX 1080, OCd, with a processor OCd to 4.7GHz and I’m experiencing issues.

The game feels like it was put together by an amateur team.

Looking at the credits, looks like it was mostly outsourced by a Malaysian company called Lemon Sky. Now they have a deep portfolio working on games like Spiderman PS4, Uncharted, Gears of War etc. But it appears to be mostly on “assets” This game doesn’t have that Blizzard polish at all. I guess Blizzard is mostly outsourcing now with no real creative people in charge. What’s real disappointing, is this was the chance to show potential interest in a WC4 but i can see the executives thinking a lackluster sales = no real interest in the genre. But will neglect to take any of the blame on lackluster product they themselves produced. One that is definitely rubbing people the wrong way.


to be fair, outsourcing the models isnt automatically bad. i think the models are pretty good, plus blizz probably couldnt do them on their own as wc3 has ALOOOT of models. thats insane work hours to redo all the models. its several thousands.


Yeah, it’s just that it’s like this team of designers is lacking a very important - something - when it comes to remodelling this very specific game. To watch this game is like if you were given the task to inspect a painting by a painter you were very familiar with, only to discover it’s an obvious fake. Something is OFF. The models lack the finesse and sense of colour the originals had.

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The Troll Berserker having his “berserker” animation cut annoys my in particular, because I used those spell anims for my customs/altered melees, you know, the troll berserker, who used to have a berserker animation, and now only has two spell throws that are identical.
(Not as bad as the warlord who has two default standing animations for both spell slots.)


To be fair, it probably wasn’t Blizzard copy/pasting animations.

It was just an intern at the Chinese company they outsourced development to.

Well, not directly, but it still has Blizzard’s name all over it. It’s not ‘Blizzard quality’ and that’s what matters.

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sigh… i guess refund is the right answer, why should i keep this game if the old one still way better? even the campaign maps are still EXACTLY the same as old one, i bet they just imported the old one.

Well it’s totally understandable - this tiny indie studio ran over budget and had to make some minor sacrifices.

no,some maps that you can play in beta but you can’t play in this version.

That’s what it feels like. ‘Blizzard quality’ has become a shallow statement and Blizzard itself shelled this game out as if it were an overambitious indie studio that didn’t actually have the time, resources and tact to pull it off.

Currently playing through the Founding of Durotar and watching Rexxar, with his two axes; one in each hand, swipe away at enemies using only one attack animation with one of his arms.

Blizzard quality
10 / 10

Have you checked out the “classic” graphics option in reforged client. They messed up classic as well. Color are off, everything seems more translucent, movement animations are off. They ruined classic and made a hot mess out of reforged. There is no good version of wc3 anymore except via netease which will prob dissappear as well. This game is dead.

Apparently an issue was fixed with the Blademaster and Tauren Chieftain’s animations during development. Perhaps it isn’t impossible for Blizzard to fix the animation issues with the models in the release version?

My hopes, of course, won’t be held high, but we’ll have to wait and see. They have quite a few models to go through.

It’s just SO lazy, my goodness


Yes , attack animations seem lazy and are not that good. I’d like to point out Grommash, Infernal and the Grunt’s normal attack animation. Seems off