Animation Variety / Quality is Very Disappointing

Just a quick update for everyone: patch 1.32.1 unsurprisingly addressed none of these animation issues.

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to be fair, that “30 fps” issue probably isnt something you slap a quick n dirty fix over it and itll work. at this point blizz is hotfixing the most urgent stuff. the animations are cosmetics compared to the other issues in the game. i sure do hope they’ll do something about it in the next big patch.

This one of the main reasons I am waiting to get this game, noticed the same thing watching YT videos of game play.

Sadly this will probably never be fixed, the company goal has been recurring revenue via subscriptions or in game purchases for a while, which is the reason WC3R was so short on resources during development. BlizzActi Execs do not place a high priority on one-time payment games anymore, the genie has been let of of the bottle with Call of Duty / KING mobile games and WoW subscriptions.

Patch 1.32.2 is out. No unit animation changes were announced.

If you’re hoping for this, you will be waiting till the pig’s fly my friend. Pretty sure their third party studio isn’t on contract anymore.

Let me put it this way, Blizzard right now can’t even be assed to fix the global matchmaking(which probably isn’t supposed to be on), and your hoping for them to animate dozens of new animations?

Besides for a multiplayer game, I think some units having only 1 attack animation improves readability, which Reforged desperately needs.

They fixed Cylone to spin units. It looks prettier… but now it doesn’t scale anymore :<

Welcome to Reforged : D


You’re almost certainly not wrong, but being silent is no way to go about this if you ask me. Promoting awareness on the forums isn’t as good as voting with your wallet, but I still believe it gets more done than silence.

Warcraft III is quite micromanagement heavy, but TTK is fairly long. Even SC2’s melee entities, a game which has a much quicker TTK, have 2+ attack animations. I don’t think having a healthy variety of animations will hinder readability. It breathes life into the game, preventing it from looking repetitive and stale to some degree.


Just wanted to note, that the graphical frozen effects on building from Frost Wyrms is the exact model and texture of Classic - it wasn’t even reforged

Also ramps

Guys, the graphics are good, they will make it run and look better, just be patient.
What i can say is that clearly this project was more complex than they expected.
But this is life, nobody is perfect…maybe that is why i don’t understand the hate on this forums.
Were is the constructive approach???

^ And I dont understand your naivety. Have you ever seen Blizzard, the company that makes great games to have something ‘too difficult’? A remaster, not even a game with latest new VR tech in development. Least of all they could inform of the plans and how long they take.

It’s been ALL OVER, on tweets, by famous streamers and here?

Whatever, no need to reply to the shills. Shill is a shill, all they know are DEVss are the best gooo devs~ And are like smitten, unable to think further,… maybe you are kid. I’ve been taught many years ago to be assertive, critical and basically not an airhead consumer.

i gave plenty of feedback for models and effects with paintovers in the beta. like for example orb of corruption and orb of annihilation looking almost exactly the same. no post, no reaction, no changes. blizzard didnt care and wont care. at this point they wont retouch the textures nor the models on a larger scale because its “done”.

changing colors in particle effects takes a few minutes. if you wanna make it really good and add some more “particle”, let it be an hour of developer time. they decided it was better to leave orb of corruption and annihilation indistinguishable instead.

if they truly wished to improve the game visually, it could be done within minutes or hours. they just dont want to. if you got the source material its a thing of pulling a slider in photoshop or changing a number in the shader setup file, save it and import it into the game.

if i had the source files and wc3 engine tools to do it, id be done with the color correction of the whole game in 1 to 2 weeks. just like pad managed to put together the ladder in just one week.

game development isnt a miracle, its a matter of skill, tools and just doing it. you dont have to throw endless developer hours in for a mediocre outcome like blizzard does. just task the right ppl to do it properly and it will be done properly in a reasonable time frame or really really good with a bigger time investment.

i have no idea who actually does any work at classics team lol. if i was the project lead id have done the color correction myself months ago if no one else did, just to spare my team or myself the embarassment to ship such undercooked hot garbage like reforged is.

if you are a game artist / developer yourself, you just wanna bite ur goddam desk looking at whats (literally not) going on with reforged.


Patch 1.32.3 and the March 23rd hotfix addressed none of these issues.

illidan attack animations, like range hero attack animations. Need fix.

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Good that you have this precise write-up. It may serve for devs or modders as a guide where to fix animations.

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