Slow model animations/movement

The game runs at stable 60fps without issues on my rig, however all units seem to move at around 30fps or even less. I’m not sure if it’s just how animations are made but the units seem to be much slower than the rest of the game, and they stutter. Why aren’t animations as smooth as in Starcraft 2 or Heroes of the Storm? Why can’t whole game run at 60fps stable? I’ve lowered graphics and resolution and the result was the same. Rain, camera movement, water effects etc are 60fps+ while units themselves only move at about 30fps or less… It just looks ugly and annoying. I hope this will get fixed.


this has been explored in the beta - ill link the thread. theres a video inside!


ingame animations seem to be missing frames or have stuttery playback while the editor shows smooth animations.

this is true for reforged as well as wc3 classic, all the way back to very old versions - i tested 1.20.

this should be updated or fixed, as it looks really not great with everything else running smooth at over 100 fps on a high refresh rate display.

this will also help the not optimal readability of the game. its a serious consideration for esport aswell.

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